3 Best Master’s in Public Health Programs in Singapore

Singapore is recognized among the countries with the best-developed education system worldwide, considering that their top two universities are listed in the top 15, and their universities and colleges are ranked among the best schools in the world. It is known for its modern skyscrapers and top-rated attractions such as the Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay.

Due to its geographical location, one can enjoy its warm sunny weather all year round. The fast-paced country is very cosmopolitan and welcoming of a diverse society. It is easy to go around the country since they speak different languages, and English is a common language for most people. Singapore is the ideal place for foreign students wanting a diverse and modern higher education experience. In this article, we will be going over the best universities with Master’s in Health Programs in Singapore.

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What much does it cost to study MPH in Singapore?

Singapore has a high cost of living. Although it may vary from lifestyle to lifestyle, on average, you may spend roughly USD 500 to USD 1,500 a month for your daily needs. Rent costs approximately USD 200 to USD 700. You have to consider the location and the type of accommodation you are staying in. If you live in cheaper areas such as Bukit Panjang, you may be able to cut costs down.

In addition to the rent, utilities can cost about USD 50 to USD 100. For food and other leisure expenses, it can cost around USD 400 to USD 800. As for the tuition fee, it depends on the university. At the National University of Singapore, local students have a lower tuition fee of USD 17,322 per year, and for international students, it costs USD 20,203 per year.

What Are the Requirements to Study a Master’s in Public Health?

As most universities expect, it is required to hold a bachelor’s degree in any public health-related course. The degree should be able to match the number of credits and years required in any undergraduate program.

For international students, it is a requirement to obtain an English certificate to show the English proficiency level because the medium of instruction in Singaporean universities is in English. Some other university-specific requirements are, for example, at the Management Development Institute of Singapore, for applicants who are 30 years old and above should have eight years of relevant work experience in the public health sector.

In What Language is the Master’s in Public Health taught in Singapore?

Singapore is known to be globally competitive that welcomes all cultures. Their language of instruction in schools is English. Having a good command of the English language is required to get into a university in Singapore. For international applicants, a TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) must have at least a score of 85 or IELTS Academic (International English Language Testing System) with at least a score of 6.0 on the IELTS Academic test.

However, you have to make sure that the test result is still valid and not expired. This information is from the National University of Singapore. It is always best to check each university’s website for more specific requirements.

Here are three institutions offering a Master’s in Public Health in Singapore:

Top Universities in Singapore with Master’s in Public Health

1. National University of Singapore

The National University of Singapore is the country’s state university which has existed since 1905. It was formed when the University of Singapore and Nanyang University joined forces in 1980. It is the top and oldest university in the country. Today, they have three campuses: Kent Ridge Campus, Bukit Timah Campus, and Outram Campus. The university offers 60 bachelor’s degrees and 154 master’s degrees, doctoral degrees, and graduate diplomas. The National University of Singapore is the best university with the Master’s in Public Health Program in Singapore.

The Master of Public Health is offered for full-time students and part-time students. The full-time program is for one to two years, whereas the part-time program can be completed for two to four months. Joining the program requires medically qualified applicants to have a year of clinical or hospital experience in public health-related fields. If you don’t have medical qualifications, you can still apply provided that you hold a good honors degree or equivalent degree and two years of experience in public health or any health-related work. For international applicants, an additional requirement is an English proficiency test such as TOEFL, IELTS

2. Yale-NUS College

Next on our list of top Master’s in Public Health programs in Singapore is the Yale-NUS College. Yale University and the National University of Singapore are the founding institutions of Yale-NUS College. It was established in 2011, being the first liberal arts college in Singapore and the first institution in Asia collaborating with Yale University. The school is just beside NUS University Town, consisting of predominantly Singaporeans and approximately 50% are international students.

The two degrees covered in the program are the Master of Public Health and Honors in Bachelor of Arts or Honors in Bachelor of Science degree. The Concurrent Degree with Yale School of Public Health is for five years. To get into the program, third-year students at Yale-NUS College should start the application in the first semester. If accepted, the course will begin in the fourth and fifth years.

3. Management Development Institute of Singapore

We end our list of best universities in Singapore with Masters in Public Health with the Management Development Institute of Singapore. This university is a private school founded in 1956, with partners from distinguished universities worldwide. With university collaborations, they are able to provide international standard education. Some courses offered with their collaboration are nursing, life sciences, psychology, information technology, and many more. In addition to their campus in Singapore, they also have campuses in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and Johor, Malaysia.

The Master of Public Health program is under Northumbria University, a reputable university in the United Kingdom. Applicants who are 21 years old and above must hold a health-related bachelor’s degree with at least a lower second (2ii) level or similar. For applicants who are 30 and above, eight years of relevant work experience in the public health sector is required. The program is for one year and costs USD 19,753 for international students and USD 18,179 for local students.


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