5 Best Masters In Data Science Programs In The Netherlands

The sudden surge in developing new technologies has led to a great demand for data. For this reason, the interest to study, analyze, and derive relevant insights from data known as data science significantly increases. Who wouldn’t want to become a data scientist who not only specializes in analyzing and interpreting data but also predicts possible future phenomena and developments?

To be in the data science industry, you must master the field by pursuing postgraduate studies. Having a good foundation in data science will potentially help you become an asset to every industry you want to work in. If you have plans to further your studies in data science abroad, you have to consider some factors such as the language of instruction and cost, to name a few.

While there’s no best or worst country for studying Masters in Data Science, the Netherlands is the right host country for international students seeking a unique educational system at an affordable cost. Nine universities in the Netherlands are recognized internationally, so here are some of the best universities in the Netherlands to study Master’s in Data Science.

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Cost of Studying Master’s in Data Science in The Netherlands

Unlike other European countries that have costly tuition fees, tuition fees in the Netherlands are reasonable. However, if you’re an international student, the tuition fee you’ll pay is based on your nationality. If you’re a student who comes from an EU or EEA country, the tuition fee will cost around 1,800 to 4,000 EUR (US$ 2,000 – US$ 4,700) per year. It also applies if you’re a Swiss national. If you belong to a non-EU country and you wish to study masters in the Netherlands, you need around 6,000 to 20,000 EUR (US$ 7,000 – US$ 23,500) per year for the tuition fees alone.

The cost of living for international students in the Netherlands is reasonably affordable. According to the Dutch government, the average expenditure for an international student is between 700 EUR to 1,100 EUR (US$ 800 – US$ 1,100) a month. The amount is enough to pay for your rent, public transport, and insurance, as well as to buy food and clothes.

Universities in the Netherlands with Master’s in Data Science

1. Eindhoven University of Technology

Founded in 1956, The Eindhoven University of Technology has the best Master’s in Data Science programs in the Netherlands. It aims to teach students to be innovative and allow them to create solutions to complex problems. Students are trained to be open-minded, which encourages them to share and exchange ideas openly.

Under the Eindhoven University of Technology is The Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS) with a two-year MSc Data Science and Entrepreneurship has a collaborative approach in business, technology, and analytics. The students are educated as data-science-driven entrepreneurs who can meet world-class standards in creating, developing, and marketing data technologies. Students are encouraged to conduct research and perform presentations in a straightforward manner.

2. University of Amsterdam

Being a public university situated in Amsterdam, Netherlands, it prides itself on being the most comprehensive research university in Europe. The university has produced six Nobel Laureates and public leaders in the Netherlands. Its postgraduate studies for Data Science are a blend of analytics, business, and computer science.

Its goal is to transform its students into data experts upon completion of the Master’s degree. The curriculum focuses on analytics that will tackle statistics, system optimization, and econometrics. Its business course will include big data strategy and implementation, logistics, marketing, law and ethics, finance, digital transformation, consumer behavior, and more. Computer science courses will discuss machine learning, language technology, deep learning, among other things.

3. Erasmus University Rotterdam

Erasmus University Rotterdam is another public university in the Netherlands with Master’s in Data Science and that has been considered in the top 100 universities globally, having gained international fame in terms of education and research in the field of business.

Its curriculum for Data Science centers on applying the techniques in the business side of the program. During the student’s academic years, they are exposed to different business industry disciplines such as entrepreneurship, finance, human resources, organization analysis, marketing, and supply sequences. It also leads the student to venture into their Ph.D. pathway using their strong foundation and research experience.

4. Radboud University

Next on our list of best universities with Masters in Data Science in the Netherlands is the Radboud University, a Roman Catholic university with Data Science as a specialized master’s program in Computer science. The master’s program’s primary focus is research, and it allows students to convert real data into tools and useful insights through software and algorithms. Students will learn the importance of scientific literature in the Research seminars provided in the program. The program also includes the participation of students in research projects of different companies and scientific groups. For the Master’s thesis, students will be given equal chances to conduct their research projects under expert professors and staff guidance. The research topics could be Machine learning, Information retrieval, and the Recommender system or known as Privacy and Law.

The curriculum’s approach is both theoretical and practical, and students have the chance to take a double degree in Computer Science with a master’s program in Artificial intelligence. Taking courses related to Data Science such as language studies, chemistry, or biophysics is encouraged.

5. EIT Urban Mobility

The program highlights current and promising transportation technologies that aim to serve the people and the betterment of logistics. Throughout the curriculum, blended learning is used for entrepreneurship and innovation which is beneficial for students.

It is a two-year program where innovation and entrepreneurship are the main focus during the first year. Students will gain exposure to essential technical skills used for urban mobility challenges. In the second year of the master’s program, more specialized courses regarding technical content, innovation, and entrepreneurship will be available for students to choose from. The students will then perform an individual master’s thesis as a requirement before completion of the course.


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