5 Best Law Schools in New York

The power to make a difference. We all want to have a significant contribution to this world but not everyone has the capability to do so. The sad reality is that the world that we’re living in is not a haven for everyone. The dynamics of our society may have changed through the years but it still favors those in the privileged spectrum.

One way to give a voice to the oppressed is to study law. Aside from having the legal capacity to uphold justice, studying law can give you a myriad of career opportunities in various industries.

For those considering a career in law, choosing the right school is an important task. New York City is home to several exceptional law schools. Opportunities in this vibrant city are second to none. The city boasts of it being the hub for business and finance, and students will surely have a multitude of opportunities for externships in different sectors. In this article, we will be looking at the top law schools in New York.

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Best Law Schools in New York

1. Columbia University

Regarded as the most prestigious law school in New York, Columbia Law School, is highly acknowledged for its corporate law and is a member of the Ivy League law schools. It was established in 1858 and has been consistently listed among the top law schools not only in the United States but in the whole world. Columbia Law School has produced several accomplished alumni, including the first Secretary of Treasury, first Chief of Justice, various presidential advisers, politicians, and US Presidents.

The law school comprises several international study centers including the Center for Korean Legal Studies, Center for Japanese Legal Studies, Center for Israeli Legal Studies, Center for Intersectionality and Social Policy Studies, Center for International Commercial and Investment Arbitration, and Center for Institutional and Social Change.

Columbia Law School has one of the best law programs in the United States. Most of the courses use the Socratic method of teaching and the seminars promote a healthy environment for discussion between the students and faculty. The program covers the gripping issues in modern legal scholarship and highlights the conventional issues and latest developments in the law.

2. Cornell University

Cornell Law School of Cornell University was established in 1887 as the school’s department of Law. It is listed as one of the Ivy League law schools in the nation. The law school has been ranked highly by several law school rankings both locally and internationally. It has produced various notable alumni from presidents, secretaries, diplomats to philanthropists, business executives, politicians, and state and federal judges.

Aside from the traditional degree programs, Cornell Law School also offers dual-degree programs in collaboration with other graduate schools at Cornell University. Due to its academic reputation, the law school is highly critical of its applicants. The curriculum tackles a wide range of issues related to American legal education. The Juris Doctor degree program offers four optional concentrations areas including Public Law, General Practice, Advocacy, and Business Law and Regulation.

Students of the Doctor of the Science of Law program will gain a deeper understanding of Comparative Law, American Domestic Law, and International Law.

3. Fordham University

Nestled in the heart of the Big Apple, the Fordham University School of Law is among the top law schools in New York. It is the graduate school of Fordham University, a Jesuit, Catholic educational institution. Through the years, Fordham Law School has been ranked highly in several university law rankings and a huge fraction of the school’s first-time takers are successful in their bar examinations.

Nine of the law school’s programs have been listed in the country’s top 25 including Clinical Training, International Law, Constitutional Law, Trial Advocacy, Criminal Law, Dispute Resolution, Contracts or Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Business or Corporate Law.

4. Cardozo School of Law – Yeshiva University

Founded in 1976, Cardozo School of Law is the law educational institution of Yeshiva University. The law school is named after Benjamin N. Cardozo, an American lawyer who served as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the country. Cardozo was highly renowned for his social consciousness and integrity. Cardozo School of Law encourages diversity and is committed to fostering a conducive and supportive learning environment for everyone, regardless of their cultural backgrounds. The law school has been highly ranked in university rankings especially for its intellectual property program. The distinguished school has produced several respected professionals.

The Juris Doctor program offers courses that focus on legal skills and methods. Students of the Doctor of the Science of Law degree program will be required to produce an advanced dissertation which must be regarded to have an important contribution to legal scholarship.

5. New York University School of Law (NYU Law)

We end our list of best law schools in New York with the New York University School of Law. Established in 1835, the New York University School of Law is the oldest in New York City. Situated in lower Manhattan, it is the law school of New York University. The law school has been consistently listed among the top law schools, locally and internationally. NYU Law offers 16 areas of study, 300 courses, has more than 30 centers, over 80 student groups, and more than 100 faculty staff.

Students of the Master of Laws degree program can choose courses from Intellectual Property to International Criminal Law, International Business Transactions to International Human Rights Law, Constitutional Law to Corporations, Criminal Law to Legal Philosophy, Economic Analysis of Law to Environmental and Energy Law.

The Doctor of Juridical Science program offers studies in several legal fields including Competition Law and Corporations, Environmental and Energy Law, International Law, Intellectual Property, Litigation and Arbitration, and Legal Theory, Tax Law.


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