5 Best Law Schools in Florida

Florida, a state located in the United States’ southeastern region, makes an excellent place for a Law degree. The state produces 7% of the country’s board examination passers. More than twenty legal specializations are available, such as Adoption Law, Elder Law, and International Property Law. With these, students have it easier to find a place in the Legal community. By focusing on a specific legal area, future attorneys have a better chance of landing lucrative careers in Florida. In this article, we will be looking at the best law schools in Florida.

Beyond these facts, there are more reasons why Florida makes a great place to pursue a career in Law. The state boasts of a beautiful climate ideal for outdoor activities. Its majestic beaches and lively amusement parks can surely help bring childish fun amidst adult stress. Florida is a multicultural society that provides students an avenue to learn more about different people, which is crucial in their future career in Law.

Sunshine state has some of the top law schools in the United States. While many students might prefer to study close to their home, some take a look at Florida’s world-class universities and decide how studying will be better in the state. Working to get accepted at only the top schools is a crucial mindset to achieve the desired career and success.

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Top Law Schools in Florida

1. University of Florida Levin College of Law

The Fredric G. Levin College of Law, located in Gainesville, is the best law school in Florida. This law school promises a commitment to creating a diverse, dynamic, and professional environment best-suited to learning. Established in 1909, the school has since gone on an upscale trend in providing high-quality education. Its faculty members are among the country’s cream of the crop in the legal field. The school promotes working externships in places aside from Florida, such as New York City or even outside the country.

A total of five degree programs are available in the school, including the country’s first Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.) in Taxation. Besides its academic programs, the school has an excellent global reputation, landing several places within the top 20 law school rankings. With its most lively alumni network in over 50 countries worldwide, known as the Gator Nation, graduates are guaranteed a reliable place in the legal field.

The school’s vibrant and intellectually stimulating community allows students to engage in pro bono hours and volunteer work. More importantly, the school drives individual students to improve their critical thinking, creativity, and communication to share ideas with other community members.

2. Florida State University

Florida State University College of Law, situated in Tallahassee, is another top law school in Florida. It sees preparation for success as its most important mission to students. With this in mind, the university employs world-class faculty members to deliver its wide range of academic programs targeting success in Law, government, and business careers. Its best programs are Business Law, Environment Law, and International Law. It also offers access to clinical programs such as externships, a Business Law Clinic, and a Public Interest Law Center, allowing students to offer free legal representation to low-income community members.

Established in 1966, the university has since come a long way to national recognition. It secured places within the top 20 of multiple university ranking institutions for its academic programs, percentage of bar passers, faculty members, and student quality of life. Above all these, the university helps students to achieve the fulfilling dream of serving the public and making a difference in the world.

3. University of Miami

Located in Coral Gables, the University of Miami School of Law or Miami Law is among the top law schools in Florida. The school values excellence in its scholarship, teaching, and serving students, alumni, and the community, while ensuring innovative leadership in legal education. Miami Law offers programs in 18 areas such as Maritime Law and Health Care Law. Besides its Juris Doctor and L.L.M. degrees, students are set for more academic experiences through its Public Interest and clinical programs.

The Miami Law, founded in 1926, currently extends more than 24,000 alumni across 92 countries, proving its global excellence and competency in Legal studies. These and Miami Law’s unrelenting emphasis on prominence in sharing accomplishments to its community and understanding that its most significant strength is its people makes it worthy of recognition in the legal field.

4. Florida International University

Florida International University College of Law, strategically located in Miami, blends scholarly attention with real-world experiences that ensure students are prepared for modern law practice. Established in 2000, the school offers various degree programs as well as international and graduate studies. To supplement the students’ legal experiences, it also offers clinical programs such as the Carlos A. Costa Immigration and Human Rights Clinic and legal externship programs. Students are encouraged to participate in competition teams, Trial Advocacy Program, and the Pro Bono Program by providing legal services to financially challenged society members.

The university extends as much support as possible to its students through scholarship programs, student organizations, and student services. Finally, its highly supportive alumni provide additional help to students through gifts and sponsorships, on top of the prospect of feeling a more profound sense of belongingness in the legal industry.

5. Stetson University College of Law

We end our list of best law schools in Florida with the Stetson University College of Law. Instituted in 1900, this was Florida’s first law school. Located in Tampa, the college set out to provide an ideal blending of legal doctrines with practical training to its students. Recognized for its trial advocacy and legal writing, Stetson offers strong academic programs in Elder Law, Higher Education Law, and Caribbean Law. Over 30 clinical and externship programs provide students with extensive academic experiences and learnings.

First-year students are automatically considered for Stetson’s scholarships, tremendously helping them overcome financial struggles. The faculty members are equally supportive, too, as they serve as mentors, student organizations advisers, and advocacy teams coaches. Lastly, students have the opportunity to explore the world and extend their network with legal experts while completing their degrees through Stetson’s summer abroad and semester programs.


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