5 Best Law Schools in Switzerland

Switzerland is home to some of the world’s leading organizations and banks. With the advancement of business and banking, Switzerland has a solid educational system. Most of the universities from Switzerland rank top in world universities ranking.

With very high living costs, but relatively very cheap tuition fees, Switzerland is excellent for studying law or most other subjects. Many universities in this country are known worldwide, but only nine of them have a law school.

Today, we’re going to rank the best law schools in Switzerland, so you can make a better decision choosing the best one for your next level of study.

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Top Law Schools in Switzerland

1. University of Zurich

  • Law School Link
  • Degrees offered: Bachelor of Law, Master of Law, and Doctoral Degree
  • Language of Instruction: German (Bachelor’s Degree) / German, English, Spanish, Italian, French (Master’s Degree)

The University of Zurich has the best law school in Switzerland. This is one of the pillar educational institutions that are regularly listed in the world’s top universities list. It has secured its place in the League of European Research Universities and is one of Europe’s leading institutions in research and development.

The institution has over 26000 students studying different subjects and courses. The primary language of instruction is German. For international students German, English, French, Spanish and Italian language is available. However, the primary language of a Bachelor’s degree in German.

The bachelor’s degree builds the students’ foundation by educating them about the scientific and social importance of law and how to implement it in the right way. It brings in-depth knowledge about the responsibilities of a lawyer or law professionals. The course helps students develop socializing and argumentative skills to make them prepared for their upcoming careers.

Their Master’s program gives you freedom of choice on selecting the courses of your interest. The course is designed to equip the students with research and technology to build a successful legal career.

The Bachelor’s and Master’s program consists of 180 and 90 credits, respectively. Both the courses are available as part-time study, while none of them offer a minor subject to study.

2. University of Basel

  • Law School Link
  • Degrees offered: Bachelor of Law, Master of Law, and Doctoral Degree
  • Language of Instruction: German / English

Since 1460, the University of Basel has been the most prestigious university to study in Switzerland. This is the oldest and one of the most renowned universities in the country. It’s known as the hub of legal studies in Switzerland and ranks very well in universities globally and the German region.

With their higher quality of education and advancement in research and technology, this top law school in Switzerland is the favorite among local and international students. Now the university has more than 13000 students from all over the world. Almost 2800+ students are Ph.D. students, and 55% of all the students are female.

Their Bachelor’s and Master’s degree is tailored and designed to better their students’ career. The Bachelor’s program offers fundamental knowledge about the law and how the system works.

The Master’s program is tailored, and students can choose their desired subject. The institution offers a Doctoral Program in various topics such as Law & Robots, Life Sciences Law, Law and Religion, etc.

3. University of Bern

  • Law School Link
  • Degrees offered: Bachelor of Law, Master of Law, and Doctoral Degree
  • Language of Instruction: German

Next on our list of best law schools in Switzerland is the University of Bern. Located in the Swiss capital, this is one of the most renowned and beautiful universities in the country. The institution aims to bring more innovation and knowledge to the world by leading research and development.

The University of Bern aspires to provide higher quality education to its students that they expect from it. It focuses on giving the ultimate value to the student’s career, academic, and personal life.

The Bachelor of Law is considered as a fundamental course to build up the basics of the students. The course is divided into two parts, fundamental and primary courses. Students learn the basics of criminal law, private law, public law, and other fundamental subjects in the introductory part.

In the third semester, the course focuses on deepening knowledge and introducing more advanced topics as well. The system consists of 180 credits with six semesters to complete.

The Master’s program offered by this university has 90 credits and three semesters to be completed. In this course, students choose their desired field of law in which they want to work with. And obtain a special qualification on their elected course.

4. University of Geneva

  • Law School Link
  • Degrees offered: Bachelor Program, Master Program, and Doctorate in Law
  • Language of Instruction: English / French

Situated in 1559 and located in Geneva, Switzerland, this institution has a long tradition of quality education and research. The institution is one of the top favorites among international students. More than 40% of students are from outside of Switzerland.

Regularly ranked among the top 100 universities globally, the University of Geneva has gifted some of the most outstanding leaders and law professionals. M. Manuel Barroso, M. Kofi Annan, Ms. Carla del Ponte, and M. Hans Gert Pöttering are some high profile alumni of this institution.

The university uses both English and French as their language of instruction. It offers a wide range of LL.M programs in the English language, such as LL.M. in International Dispute Settlement, Master of Advanced Studies in Transitional Justice, LL.M. in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, etc.

In French, it has both Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. In the Bachelor program, students must participate in public international law and a one-semester course in the conflict of laws, which lasts one year in total. After that, they can choose their desired subject available in this field.

The institution also offers many 1-year long LL.M programs and Doctorate in Laws in a wide range of topics.

5. University of Lausanne

  • Law School Link
  • Degrees offered: Bachelor of Law, Master of Law, and Doctorate in Law
  • Language of Instruction: French

We end our list of top law schools in Switzerland with the University of Lausanne. This is a reputed university in terms of its quality education and research contributions. Located in the French-speaking region and having a large share of foreign students and staff members, this institution’s primary language is French. However, some postgraduate level courses are taught in English.

The Bachelor of Law degree consists of 180 credits and lasts six semesters. The course is taught in the French language, as it’s an undergraduate program. The course aims to build the foundation of law through highly informative theoretical classes and practical works. All students are personally supervised and mentored for better performance.

In the Master of Law program, students can choose one or two courses from litigation law, international and comparative law, commercial law, public law, labor law, and social security, etc. This three-semester long course consists of 90 credits. The course aims to deepen and master the knowledge and skill acquired in the Baccalaureate.


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