5 Best Law Schools in Sweden

Sweden is one of the countries that enjoy a very high literacy and lower unemployment rate. Studying law in Sweden can be the perfect choice for you if you’re a law student. The country offers excellent institutions and facilities in legal and other subjects.

Swedish universities typically offer two major law degrees for the students, Bachelor of Laws (LLB) or Master of Laws (LLM). Combined, two courses take around 4.5 years to complete.

However, choosing the right school might seem a little daunting at the beginning. In this guide, you’ll learn everything about the best law schools in Sweden and what courses they offer.

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Top Law Schools in Sweden

1. Lund University

  • Law School Link
  • Degrees offered: Swedish professional law degree program, Master’s programs, and Doctoral Studies.
  • Language of Instruction: Swedish/English

Lund University is one of the most prestigious and reputed universities in all over Europe. Named after its own city, the city of Lund in Scania province, the institution ranks in the world’s 100 top universities. Lund University has one of the best law schools in Sweden.

The institution has an alliance with more than 600 universities worldwide and a sizable student body of 42000 students. Their law programs are one of the greatest in Sweden, offering quality courses in Master’s and Doctoral Studies.

The Master’s program is composed to keep theoretical knowledge and practical experience in mind, enabling the students to be more ready for the real world. They also have great scholarship opportunities for international students.

Their international Master’s program consists of ‘European Business Law’ and ‘International Human Rights Law.’ The great part is that both the courses are taught in English with a very small group of students, which ensures a better understanding and one to one communication.

The Swedish Professional Law Degree Programme is a 4.5 years full course with 270 credits to be completed. The first three years of this course are an introduction to the fundamental law, but it leads to an LL.M degree, which awards the students professional qualifications. The degree allows students to be eligible for lawyers, prosecutors, judges, or working in private or public sectors in this field. The program is in the Swedish language.

Other than that, Lund University offers European and International Tax Law, Human Rights Studies, Sociology of Law degrees for the students. On top of that, they have three completely free courses on Coursera for students worldwide.

2. Uppsala University

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  • Degrees offered: Undergraduate and Graduate Level Degree (LL.M), and Doctoral Degree
  • Language of Instruction: Swedish

Next on our list of top law schools in Sweden is Uppsala University, the first-ever university in all the Nordic countries. This prestigious institution has been the top choice for students wanting to study various subjects, including law. The university is laser-focused on research in multiple fields of study. Eight scientists from this university have been awarded the Nobel Prize.

Their law program is a favorite among students worldwide because of the problem-oriented and practical curriculum and research-based study. Students build their foundation with generous support and make their way into the real world with proper knowledge and experience from this institution.

Their law program consists of 270 credits and a full 4.5 years of study duration. The course is divided into two sections, undergraduate and graduate levels.

The first part, undergraduate level, has six semesters and 180 credits. In which the curriculum is the same for all of the students. The goal is to provide the primary and most necessary knowledge to all students to make them ready for more advanced studies at the next level.

At the graduate level, you can choose two courses of your choice. Each of the courses having 48cr makes up a total of 90 credits required to fulfill 270. Other than the LL.M, students have the option for Doctoral Degrees at Uppsala University.

The language of instruction is Swedish. If you’re a student from overseas, it’s required that you have in-depth knowledge of this language.

3. Stockholm University

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  • Degrees offered: Master’s Degree (LL.M), Swedish Master’s of Laws, and Doctoral Studies
  • Language of Instruction: English/Swedish

Founded in 1878, Stockholm University is one of the most traditional and advanced universities in Sweden with a high global reputation. Their department of law is on the top of the list for law students worldwide.

The university offers five Master’s degrees in English, consisting of 60 credits, and the course duration is one year. And the Swedish Master’s of Laws degree consists of 270 credits and is 4.5 years long. The program is taught in the Swedish language. If you’re an overseas student and want to take the LL.M in Swedish, you’ll need to have a law degree from any country outside of Europe and proficiency in the Swedish language.

Other than that, Stockholm University offers LL.D, which is the highest degree in the law and requires a four year full-time study. To be eligible for this degree, candidates must complete their LL.M and a total of 270 credits.

4. University of Gothenburg

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  • Degrees offered: Master’s Degree (LL.M), and Doctoral Studies (LL.D)
  • Language of Instruction: Swedish

The University of Gothenburg is one of the Nordic countries’ largest universities and the third oldest in Sweden. More than 37000 students and 6000+ staff are associated with this institution. A complete Master’s Law program has been offered since 1991, and the University of Gothenburg has one of the best law schools in Sweden.

They have a unique way of teaching students about real-life situations, making them more eligible in the real world. The role-playing, simulations, and advanced use of technology make them different from other institutions.

The university welcomes students from home and abroad for their quality education and advanced courses in legal subjects. If you’re from outside Sweden, you must have proficiency in the Swedish language, as the language of instruction is in this language.

5. Örebro University

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  • Degrees offered: Post Graduate Degrees, and Doctoral Degrees
  • Language of Instruction: English

We end our list of top law schools in Sweden with Örebro University. Located in the state of Örebro, the university is an excellent choice for students from home and abroad. The institution was initially just a branch from Uppsala University. Later it became an independent institution and named after the state.

The university offers great value for students from law and other disciplines because of the wide range of courses and quality education.


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