5 Best Engineering Universities in Finland

Studying in Finland is different from other countries because, besides providing some of the best technical institutes to study and research, all Finnish universities are free without any tuition fees whatsoever, as Finland states her education is a fundamental right.

Engineering schools in Finland are ranked amongst the bests worldwide, and they provide excellent opportunities on numerous degrees for international students too. Considering these, here are top engineering universities in Finland.

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Best Engineering Schools in Finland

1. Aalto University

Aalto University was established in 2010 in Espoo as a merger among 3 universities in Finland. With 11,000 current students and 400 professors, it is the 2nd largest university in the country, and also one of the top 150 best worldwide for its study and research quality. Aalto University is considered the best engineering university in Finland.

Students choose between 6 faculties and 30 departments, ranging from technical to arts. The technical studies here requires a completed BSc from other institutes for international students. The school of Engineering contains 3 departments, Electrical Engineering has 6, and Chemical Engineering has 3 departments. There are also 6 doctoral programs. Students also maintain 150 associations here.

Aalto University is very active in research and international involvement. Students come from over 50 countries to study here, including 38% of academic faculty. As for research, the university offers 4 areas of competence and 16 network memberships. It also has 7 centers of excellence including molecular engineering. The QS World University ranked Aalto University 127th best in the world and 142nd best as an engineering institution.

2. Tampere University

Like the Aalto, Tampere University is also the result of a merger between the Tampere University of Technology and the University of Tampere in 2019. Although new, the shared resources made Tampere University one of the best for technical studies and it’s quickly rising on the world rankings.

The university has 6 campuses, consisting of 7 faculties and 19 departments. Currently, 20,600 students are enrolled here, along with 3,550 academic staff. It provides 1,366 Finnish and 441 English programs, and a total of 4,000 annual degrees.

The Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences provides only 1 BSc in English, and 7 in Finnish. But it offers all 6 masters programs in English. Studies are divided into numerous fields. There are 655 fields for technology and natural sciences, and 16 fields for construction. In total, there are 113 masters and 1,545 open degrees.

As a top engineering school in Finland, the research facilities here are growing exponentially, with 117 research groups currently within 3 research networks and 12 research centers, among which 7 are centers of excellence. Research at Tampere University has 71 focus areas. According to the QS Rankings, Tampere University is 409th best worldwide, and 295th best institution for engineering.

3. University of Oulu

The University of Oulu, one of the best engineering schools in Finalnd, was founded in the populous city of Oulu in 1958. It’s one of the best institutions for engineering and architecture, along with medical and other studies in the country. Currently, more than 13,000 students and 3,000 staff are working here.

The university operates within 2 campuses, containing 8 faculties and 4 separate units. It offers 1153 lower degrees, 1502 higher, and 158 doctoral degrees. Among these, 2 faculties are the destinations for engineering students.

The Faculty of Technology (FTech) has 9 departments and the Faculty of IT and Electrical Engineering (ITEE) contains 4 programs. A total of 29 international programs are given in masters, and only 2 international bachelor programs.

The University of Oulu contains 20% international students of all. It has 10 research units within 5 focus areas and had 63 invention disclosures in 2019. The FTech faculty itself has 6 research communities. There are 6 cooperation networks and a total of 2,829 publications as of 2019. The US News ranked the engineering section of this university at 453rd place, and the QS ranked it 380th place, along with 408th best overall.

4. University of Helsinki

  • Engineering Program Link
  • Degrees offered: Bachelors, Masters, and PhD
  • Language of Instruction: Finnish, Swedish, and English

The University of Helsinki is one of the top 150 best universities in the world. Founded in 1640 in Turku and later moved to the populous city of Helsinki, it is the only university in Finland with a LERU (League of European Research Universities) membership.

The university is based on 4 campuses in multiple locations and consists of 31,600 students and 8,100 academic staff. It offers a total of 6,142 degrees in all platforms within 12 faculties. Bachelor programs are in Finnish, except for Bachelor’s programs in science. It offers 35 international masters programs, and 32 doctoral programs within 4 doctoral schools. The 4,700 doctoral students receive 500 doctoral degrees annually.

The University of Helsinki contains 11 research institutes, with 2 museums and 2 libraries. Both the libraries here are the best research libraries in the country. Annually 10,700 publications are done by 1,070 post-doctoral researchers. The US News ranked the university 86th best in the world, and QS ranked it 104th globally and 255th for technical studies.

5. Lappeenranta University of Technology

We end our list of best engineering universities in Finland with the Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT), which was established in 1969 beside lake Saimaa, and it specializes in engineering, energy systems, and business. Currently, 5,300 students and 558 academic staff are working hereunder 2 campuses.

Students can choose from 3 schools or faculties. LUT offers a total of 479 bachelor’s degrees. 308 of them are BSc degrees under 5 technology programs in English. There are 780 master’s degrees with 540 MSc and 56 doctoral programs.

LUT excels at research works despite being a relatively small institution. It has 919 scientific publications under 6 research platforms. There are 5 research fields for engineering doctoral programs alone. Students from 80 countries study here, with 40 doctoral degrees achieved annually. US News ranked LUT at 293rd best overall and 580th best engineering institute in the world.


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