5 Best Engineering Universities in Denmark

In addition to having some of the best universities in the world, many engineering subjects offered in Danish universities are ranked among the top 20 worldwide ranging from design, technical and architectural topics. Studying in Denmark is also more friendly for international students with relatively low language requirements, and high quality of living.

Here’s an overview of some of Denmark’s best engineering universities, that are renowned and highly ranked, offer the best studying, research facilities, and technological freedom for promoting the growth of knowledge.

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Best Engineering Schools in Denmark

1. Technical University of Denmark

  • Engineering Program Link
  • Degrees offered: BEng, BSc Eng., MEng, MSc Eng., MBA, Dr.techn. (Doctor of Technology), and PhD
  • Language of Instruction: English

Founded in 1829 at Kongens Lyngby, Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is the best engineering school in Denmark. It is also ranked among the best 150 universities worldwide. Currently, 11,200 students are enrolled here, and 6,053 teachers and staffs are there to ensure the best study quality.

DTU contains 3 campuses and 23 departments for technical and natural sciences. Due to the very high international student proportion, all the courses are held in English, with no Danish knowledge requirements. There are 17 BEng, 20 BSc, 31 MSc programs, and 19 Ph.D. schools here. Chemical, civil, and mechanical engineering programs are the highest ranked, often under the best 50.

DTU is also a great place for research and development. Currently, there are 6,008 publications and 59 research groups working relentlessly to invent and improve. As of 2018, there were 50 registered patents and 117 registered inventions. As for international involvement, DTU is very welcoming for international students and it has 1,460 projects with industries.

The Technical University of Denmark scored 103rd best university and 82nd best engineering institution in the world by the QS World University Record.

2. Aalborg University

  • Engineering Program Link
  • Degrees offered: Bachelors, Masters, and PhD
  • Language of Instruction: Bachelors (English, Danish), Masters and Ph.D. (English)

Aalborg University (AAU) is one of the leading institutes in Denmark with broad fields of study, along with a great engineering faculty. Founded in 1974 in the large city of Aalborg, it houses over 19,975 students and 2,044 academic staff.

Students reside in 3 campuses in 3 cities and study under 5 faculties. The Faculty of Engineering and Science contains 5 departments: Built Environment, Mechanical and Manufacturing, Chemistry and Bioscience, Mathematical Science, and Energy Technology. It offers 5 Bachelors and 102 Masters programs containing medical sciences, IT, and humanities too.

The research scopes in AAU is also one of the best in the country, making Aalborg University one of the top engineering schools in Denmark. It has 6,356 research publications, with 57 innovations and 8 patent applications Among the students, 838 Ph.D. students are working under 4 faculties and 4 fields of study. Aalborg University is ranked 305th best university and 109th best engineering institute in the world by the QS. US News ranked its engineering faculty 6th best in the world.

3. Aarhus University

  • Engineering Program Link
  • Degrees offered: Bachelors, Masters, and PhD
  • Language of Instruction: Bachelors (Danish, English), Masters and Ph.D. (English)

Founded in 1928, Aarhus University (AU) is the oldest university in Denmark. It is situated in Aarhus, which is the 2nd largest city in the country, and AU is also one of the largest institutes. Currently, 38,000 students are enrolled here.

Students reside within 5 academic areas and 23 residences and study numerous topics from engineering to humanities. There are 5 faculties here with 26 departments. The Faculty of Science and Technology offers 14 dedicated engineering programs which are all in Danish. Only a total of 4 Bachelor programs are in English. However, there are 6 MSc programs which are all in English, and 33 Ph.D. programs.

Aarhus University excels at research and international collaborations. It has 42 research centers, among which 16 are centers of excellence. It also has 4,000 international students coming from 120 countries. The AU is ranked 147th globally and 197th for engineering study in the world.

4. University of Southern Denmark

  • Engineering Program Link
  • Degrees offered: Bachelors, Masters, and PhD
  • Language of Instruction: Bachelors and Masters (English, Danish), Ph.D. (English)

The University of Southern Denmark (SDU), another top engineering schools in Denmark, was founded in 1998 as a merger between two institutes and is the 3rd largest in Denmark. It houses 27,000 students and 3,800 staff within its 6 campuses located in 6 cities. It is also one of the oldest universities in the country.

There are 5 faculties in SDU, and it offers 6 BSc programs in engineering and 11 MSc of 2 years in engineering. The university charges no tuition fees in English engineering programs for EU citizens. A total of 67 programs are taught in English.

Among the total students, 1 out of 5 is international ones here. The University of Southern Denmark also has 2,000 researchers currently, working under 5 departments, 10 research centers, and 16 research sections. All these are accumulated within 6 research faculties. Research in SDU is one of the best, with constant innovations especially in engineering and medical fields. The US News ranked SDU as the 301st best university and 182nd best for engineering in the world.

5. University of Copenhagen

  • Engineering Program Link
  • Degrees offered: Bachelors, Masters, and PhD
  • Language of Instruction: Bachelors (Danish), Masters and PhD (English)

We end our list of best engineering schools in Denmark with the University of Copenhagen (UCPH), the oldest university in Denmark. It was founded in 1479 in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Currently, 37,493 students are enrolled here, with 5,286 academic staff.

The university has 4 campuses, 3 of which are in the capital. There are 6 faculties with 36 broadly ranged departments. All the undergraduate programs are taught in Danish, but Masters’ programs are internationally available. It offers 53 masters programs along with 6 Ph.D. programs. Each faculty has one dedicated Ph.D. program.

The UCPH has one of the best research facilities in the hemisphere, along with many notable alumni. There are 12,933 research publications, 4,841 researchers, and 3,088 Ph.D. students currently working under 200 research centers. Notable alumni include 9 Nobel laureates, 24 Danish prime ministers, and a United Nations president. The QS record positioned the UCPH at 76th best university in the world.


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