8 Best Engineering Universities in New Zealand

There are several ways to pursue a career in New Zealand as an engineer. The first way is through immigration. In this case, we are speaking about people that have engineering qualification. The best thing to do is to find a job before one moves to the country. If a qualified engineer works for an international country, the job search will be easier. If the company has branches in New Zealand, it can offer him/her to move there for career purposes. In other words, one won’t have to look for a job.

The second way implies completing an engineering degree in New Zealand. This takes more time. However, the benefits are worth it. Firstly, a person gets an experience of living abroad. Secondly, one obtains an internationally acknowledged degree. Thirdly, one will have more job opportunities in New Zealand.

Whatever path a person chooses, all the time and effort will definitely pay off. There are many great engineering universities in New Zealand. Also, the country is considered very well-off with all locals having access to free healthcare. Moreover, the country is very diverse in terms of cultures and nations. Many of those who have already moved there point out the friendly atmosphere as a benefit. Additionally, one will never have to work overtime. The lifestyle of locals is that of an adequate balance between work and life.

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Top Engineering Universities in New Zealand

1. Auckland University of Technology

  • Engineering Program Link: Bachelor/Master
  • Degrees offered: Bachelor, Master
  • Language of Instruction: English

The truth is that Auckland University is one of the best engineering universities in New Zealand. It is not about national or international acknowledgement. It is not about the structure of courses that puts an emphasis on practice. It is about the approach to education and vision. The lecturers put an emphasis on innovation. They encourage students to think differently and seek for original solutions. It is the perfect environment for young creators willing to develop professionally.

The basic course in engineering technology takes 3 years to complete. However, students have an option to study the course in the part-time format. In this case, the course will take longer to complete. The program is focused on intensive practice. The University of Auckland actively collaborates with many organizations and companies, which provide places for student practice. This is a great opportunity to show skills and talents. Later, some students may receive a job offer from one of these companies and/or organizations.

The postgraduate course is intended for applicants willing to carry out deeper research in a chosen field. Research is one of the university’s strongest sides. In fact, it has become home to many respected research-centers.

2. Lincoln University

The main goal of the program is to train professionals capable of managing natural resources and designing landscapes. Several subjects within the course are focused on ecological engineering and environmental management. It is designed for people that want to preserve and take care of nature.

As part of the program, students are expected to spend one semester at a German university. No fluency in German is required because lectures are taught in English.

3. Massey University of New Zealand

The program was designed to meet the needs of applicants interested in automated systems and robotics. Apart from standard lectures, students are expected to attend workshops. Each of the workshops allows them to develop skills of working with various tools. For example, laser cutters and 3-D printers.

At this engineering university in New Zealand, all classes are taught by practicing professionals. Being guided by these experts, students learn the basics better and faster. They are also inspired to solve problems in their own way, which is an advantageous skill on the labor market.

As part of their practice, students are expected to design and create an original tool. A tool that can contribute to society’s quality of life. After graduation, they can continue working on this project. In some cases, it may turn into a start-up.

4. Manukau Institute of Technology

  • Engineering Program Link: Bachelor/Master
  • Degrees offered: Bachelor, Master
  • Language of Instruction: English

The bachelor degree course in Engineering Technology is accredited by Engineering New Zealand organization. Therefore, all graduates will be able to register and work legally in a number of countries, including Ireland, Hong Kong and the UK.

Apart from the standard set of skills, students acquire and develop skills in several specific fields. These fields are related to thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, materials and heat transfer.

As for the postgraduate course, it provides a deeper insight into mechanical engineering. Applicants are required to have a bachelor degree in the field of engineering. Applicants without prior education may also be eligible. In this case, an exception is made only for those who have experience in engineering.

5. Southern Institute of Technology

The next on our list of top engineering universities in New Zealand is the Southern Institute of Technology. The course is general in its nature. The first year of the course is comprised of 5 compulsory courses. Several elective courses are expected to be chosen.

Within the next two years, more attention is paid to elective courses. Students are free to choose the courses according to their preferred specialization. The specialization is better be based on career plans. The educational course opens up job opportunities in aerospace/mechanical/civil and automotive engineering.

6. The University of Waikato

The postgraduate course is created for several categories of applicants. The first involves persons willing to advance in the field of engineering as professionals. The second includes persons that want to start focusing on research activity. All the applicants should have at least a bachelor degree in engineering to be admitted to this engineering university in New Zealand.

Unlike any other Master’s degree courses, this course takes only one year to complete. However, this time is enough to carry out big research, learn new techniques and expand the knowledge base.

7. Wellington Institute of Technology

With critical thinking ability as a priority, the course puts an emphasis on practice. Each practice-oriented task has a problem at its core. The process of solving this problem forces students to think outside of the box. In the majority of cases, they also need to analyze the issue they are dealing with from a different angle. Preference is given to non-standard ideas.

After choosing the area they wish to advance in, students get knowledge of design techniques in this very area. Additionally, they spend much time working on various projects. From development to completion, students go through all the stages of a project.

All graduates have the right to become members of the Engineering New Zealand organization.

8. Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki

The final university in our list of top engineering universities in New Zealand is the Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki. At this school, the course lasts for 3 years. Students that work and study can choose to complete the course in the part-time format. Future engineers are seen as people willing to contribute to the wellbeing of society. They should be able to assess issues. They should be able to select the knowledge and skills necessary to solve these issues. Most importantly, they should be capable of applying these skills and knowledge.

With these being the main aims, lecturers devote much time to real cases and real-life problems. Willing students can later advance in either civil or mechanical engineering. In fact, the degree opens up many perspectives. These perspectives are linked with career and future studies.


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