8 Best Engineering Universities in Japan

Do you plan to get a degree in the field of engineering? If so, you should pay attention to courses offered by Japanese universities. Japan’s high education institutions are known for high-quality engineering education. Moreover, the process of education is backed by intensive practice. Therefore, graduates easily find an engineering job not only in Japan but in other countries as well. In this article, we will go over the best universities in Japan with great engineering programs.

There is one more thing that makes studying engineering in Japan beneficial. Applicants do not necessarily need to know Japanese to complete an engineering course. In fact, Japan offers a wide range of engineering programs created for international students. These programs are taught completely in English. Bachelor programs aside, Japanese universities offer master’s and even doctoral degree courses in engineering.

Besides, bright international students can get a scholarship from one of Japan’s institutions. It means that scholarship students will have part of their educational expenses covered. Apart from a solid knowledge base, international students will get the experience of living abroad. This is also very important because employees often see this experience as a big advantage.

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Top Engineering Universities in Japan

1. Tokyo Institute of Technology

  • Engineering Program Link: Bachelor/Master/Doctoral
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor, Master, Doctoral
  • Language of Instruction: Bachelor (Japanese) Master, Doctoral (English)

One of the major aims set out by the Tokyo Institute of Technology School of Engineering is to improve the competitiveness of Japanese graduates in the international labor market. The achievement of this aim outlined directions and principles of the programs offered by the school. Within the course of studies, students are being equipped with essential knowledge and tools to perform tasks in the field of engineering.

Throughout the basic course at this Japanese engineering university, students are encouraged to use their knowledge in practice. Besides, the aspects and cases they work with inspire them to use analytical skills and look for possible solutions.

After graduation, qualified professionals can continue their studies on a higher level. The aim of master’s and doctorate degree courses is to help students hone their skills, engage in research activity, and learn more about the field they are working in.

2. Nagoya University

  • Engineering Program Link: Bachelor/Master
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor, Master
  • Language of Instruction: English

Another top engineering university in Japan is Nagayo University. In this school, the structure of the basic course allows students to learn all the theories they will need in the future. Courses like Vehicles Engines and Car Electronics provide core knowledge without which a professional engineer has no chances to achieve success.

Apart from intensive studies, students have an opportunity to practice. The practice is organized in the format of special internship programs. The internship takes place every spring and summer.

The aim of the postgraduate course in automotive engineering is to foster research activity. Students are motivated to expand their knowledge, create new ideas and ways of realizing these ideas. Researches aside, students can spread their knowledge as qualified educators.

3. Kyoto University

The University staff shapes the education process on the basis of certain approaches. These approaches help to educate professionals capable of thinking critically and independently. Besides, students are continuously encouraged to search for innovative, highly valuable ideas. It is the implementation of these ideas in practice that will guarantee a better future for the global society.

Within the postgraduate master course, students participate in internships, conduct experiments and perform a set of different exercises. The focus is shifted from theory to practice, which is essential for becoming a top engineer. The 3-year doctoral course allows students to engage in intensive research activity. Since both programs are popular, the university decided to combine them. The third course available at the University is a blended master-doctoral degree course.

4. Tohoku University

The University of Tohoku is one of the top engineering universities in Japan. This school has been educating students and spreading knowledge for one hundred years. Many of its graduates are now leading professionals in various fields from chemistry to IT and engineering. It was here where thousands of students made the first steps towards their dream.

At present, the School of Engineering offers several courses created for international students. Both of them are designed to educate engineers capable of providing high-quality services. The classes and laboratories are fully equipped to guarantee the best and most effective educational process.

5. The University of Tokyo

  • Engineering Program Link: Master/Doctoral
  • Degrees Offered: Master, Doctoral
  • Language of Instruction: English

These programs are available for international students only. The master course lasts for 2 years while the doctoral degree course takes 3 years to complete. Japanese Ministry of Education offers a Scholarship to exceptionally bright applicants willing to complete an engineering postgraduate course at the University of Tokyo.

Both programs imply a wide range of aspects to study. Students are free to choose a specialization they want to get. The list of specific aspects includes astronautics, electrical engineering, bioengineering, precision engineering, and materials engineering.

6. Hokkaido University

Advanced technologies are now widely applied in many fields of engineering. Yet, there is much to discover and create. Therefore, a demand for professionals capable of thinking outside of the box arises. The basic course available at Hokkaido University was created to satisfy the existing demand.

In fact, the course is based on the principle of creative education. In other words, lecturers encourage students to seek their own, innovative ideas. Ideas that are not restricted by the limits of conventional theories and knowledge.

At this engineering university in Japan, the first year of studies is devoted solely to general education. Within the next two years, students complete sets of common and specialized courses. The 4th year is the time when students are expected to conduct thorough graduation research.

7. Kyushu University

  • Engineering Program Link: Bachelor/Master/Doctoral
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor, Master, Doctoral
  • Language of Instruction: English

Kyushu University is home to one of the oldest engineering universities in Japan. The idea to establish the school was inspired by the desire to create and implement innovations in the fields of technology and science. Effort and hard work converted the engineering department into one of the most prestigious places to study and work in.

Particularly important is the fact that the university strives to develop and maintain international cooperation. This was one of the reasons for creating international engineering programs of different levels. The basic degree implies a number of subjects covering diverse aspects of mechanical and aerospace engineering. Students are endowed with the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for the development of various devices.

The postgraduate degree programs are focused on deeper research in a chosen field. Based on advanced expertise, students are expected to generate new ideas, knowledge, and insights.

8. Osaka University

  • Engineering Program Link: Master/Doctoral
  • Degrees Offered: Master, Doctoral
  • Language of Instruction: English

The final university in our list of best engineering universities is Osaka University. The Engineering faculty of Osaka University makes training and education of professional engineers its main aim. Rapidly occurring changes call for professionals of a new generation. Professionals that are able to fix problems efficiently and effortlessly. Professionals that have a unique vision. Professionals that are capable of generating and implementing ideas in the shortest time possible. All these characteristics describe graduates of Osaka University.

Within the first year of the master’s degree program, students attend lectures and receive instructions essential for future research. The research conducted under the guidance of a professor is scheduled for the 2nd and the 3rd year of studies.

The program of doctoral degree seeks to convert professional engineers into the best scientists who are willing to engage in experiments so that to influence the life of humanity positively.


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