11 Best Engineering Universities in Germany

Germany is the top country to get an engineering degree. First, because of the variety. Many German universities offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs in different aspects of engineering. For example, automotive engineering, electrical engineering material engineering and bioengineering. Second, because of opportunities to teach engineering. At least five German engineering universities offer full-time engineering courses combined with teaching specialization.

Third, because of great career perspectives. Compared to other European countries, Germany has the highest employment rate for engineers. In other words, graduates with a degree in this field will find a job in no time. Exceptionally brilliant students have all the chances to be offered a position in a German company right after graduation.

Finally, a couple of words about language requirements. The truth is that fluency in German is not always required. Universities of Germany are following the global trend of creating international programs for foreign applicants. These programs are taught completely in English. As for requirements in terms of a job, fluency in German is not always important. Big international companies hire engineers with only basic knowledge of German.

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Top Engineering Universities in Germany

1. Technical University of Berlin

The best engineering university in Germany is the Technical University of Berlin. The engineering program consists of compulsory and elective module-based courses that cover many aspects of car engineering. The diversity in knowledge is seen as an obligatory requirement future engineers should meet. It is understandable because only such professionals will be able to design better cars. Cars that meet all the safety requirements and exceed expectations.

2. RWTH Aachen University

The General Engineering course is based on a special approach. Students are encouraged not to rely too much on current theoretical trends. Instead, their focus of attention is shifted on to fundamental concepts. The concepts that withstood the test of time. The course is structured so that students can devote to independent research as much time as possible.

The Automotive Engineering course is meant for a certain category of professional engineers. Engineers that want to advance their skills by means of more intensive and broader training. After graduation, they will have everything necessary for building a career in the areas of production, research, development and distribution.

3. Technical University of Munich

  • Engineering Program Link: Bachelor/Master
  • Degrees offered: Bachelor, Master
  • Language of Instruction: German

The first two years of the undergraduate degree program are devoted to basic theoretical knowledge in subjects like mathematics and material science. Within the last two semesters, students are free to create their own studying plan and choose one particular field of interest (specialization).

At this engineering university in Germany, students willing to continue studying can apply to a master degree course in mechanical engineering. They create a studying plan in accordance with their needs and interests. Even though the plan is individual, it should include certain modules. For example, main/related/supplementary subjects, practical course and key competencies course.

4. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

  • Engineering Program Link: Bachelor/Master
  • Degrees offered: Bachelor, Master
  • Language of Instructions: English

KIT is one of the most reputable German engineering universities. According to statistics, all its graduates find a job within a very short period after graduation.

The bachelor degree course begins with a preparation semester. This is the time when students cover subjects like chemistry, mathematics physics and English. Recently, a special industry training program has been introduced into the course. The program allows students to improve their career prospects and get acquainted with the industry network persons.

The knowledge obtained and skills developed within the postgraduate degree course can be implemented in a variety of specific fields. For example, aerospace, medical technology and mobility.

5. Darmstadt University of Technology

  • Engineering Program Link: Bachelor/Master
  • Degrees offered: Bachelor, Master
  • Language of Instructions: German

The strongest point of the bachelor degree course is the focus on methods, approaches and theoretical core of the electro-technical and information-technical fields. Knowledge and skills are continuously applied and tested in practice. This is essential for effective preparation of future engineers.

Professional engineers have an opportunity to continue studies within the postgraduate degree program. The higher-level program is structured so that to encourage further research and professional development in the field.

6. Friedrich–Alexander University Erlangen–Nürnberg

This innovative program seeks to prepare students for detecting and solving different issues in the field of computational science. As part of the preparation process, they acquire knowledge in a variety of aspects including applied mathematics and engineering.

Future students also have an option to complete a double-degree course in the specified field at a partner university.

7. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

This engineering university in Germany was established over 500 years ago. Since the very first day of its existence, the institution has been serving the aim of spreading knowledge and educating professional of a high level. Professionals willing to generate ideas for the sake of positive changes.

The software engineering program was created on the basis of a special approach and structure. It combines and focuses on the most important aspects, which are practice, individual study program and development of soft skills. Graduates are fully equipped to build a successful career as leading software engineers.

8. Dresden University of Technology

  • Engineering Program Link: Bachelor/Master
  • Degrees offered: Bachelor, Master
  • Language of Instructions: German

Education in the field of mechanical engineering opens up many job opportunities. Graduates with at least a bachelor degree can easily find a job in industrials sectors. Special attention should be paid to the structure of the course. Having completed compulsory courses, each student receives personal recommendations on the most suitable for him/her field of specialization.

Further studies based on integrated research and teaching aspects aims to provide deeper insight into the mechanical engineering field. The course can be completed either in part-time or full-time format.

9. University of Stuttgart

  • Engineering Program Link: Bachelor/Master
  • Degrees offered: Bachelor, Master
  • Language of Instructions: German

The next on our list of top engineering university in Germany is the University of Stuttgart, which offers two engineering programs. The first program is a basic course providing students with all the knowledge necessary for performing engineering tasks. Besides, students are encouraged to develop the skill of working independently.

The basic course is followed by a master degree program. Complementary courses introduced into the program serve to deepen and diversify the students’ knowledge base. Besides, students are expected to spend a lot of time on intensive training.

10. Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg

  • Engineering Program Link: Bachelor/Master
  • Degrees offered: Bachelor, Master
  • Language of Instructions: Bachelor (German), Master (English)

Before creating the courses included in the programs, the university lecturers took their time to analyze market demands. An analysis allowed them to better shape the educational process and its components. The basic course focuses mainly on theory, scientific methods and approaches of an efficient work process. Apart from learning theory, students are encouraged to practice their skills while working independently. They are never forbidden to show their creativity and share original ideas. They can advance their knowledge and practical skills within the master degree course.

11. Brandenburg University of Technology

  • Engineering Program Link: Bachelor/Master
  • Degrees offered: Bachelor, Master
  • Language of Instructions: German

The final engineering university in Germany is the Brandenburg University of Technology. The course was created for persons willing to get a solid knowledge in the fields of cars and car industry. What makes the course special is the possibility to choose and combine modules to learn within the first 3 semesters. Starting from the 4th semester, students decide independently on what they will study.

As for the postgraduate degree course, it may either be research or practice-oriented.


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