5 Best Countries to Study Engineering

One of the most coveted careers of the 21st century due to the need to adapt to global changes is Engineering. While many countries worldwide offer various programs to their local students, many are still looking to study Engineering abroad. Although there may be some issues with adapting to their destination countries and needing to learn additional languages, yet, students find more life-changing benefits in spending years abroad to finish an Engineering degree. In this article, we will be looking at the best countries to study engineering in.

An Engineering degree requires at least three years to complete, which means staying abroad during those years. Besides the usual things to consider before taking this huge step, such as visa application, tuition fees, school, and scholarships, other essential details can make studying abroad a walk in the park. Thinking ahead and preparing for these things that are usually overlooked can help international students deal with possible challenges in their host country.

Choosing a destination country depends on many factors, not only on the availability of Engineering courses. While some may select a destination for superficial reasons, it is worth looking for the top countries to study Engineering at. This way, staying years abroad will not be in vain, and graduates will have greater life opportunities, on top of the perks the best countries have to offer.

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Things to Keep in Mind While Studying Engineering Abroad

1. Exposure to Innovation

Many global challenges call for the need to improve modern technologies. Countries are producing countless innovations to help solve these global challenges. Meanwhile, some developing countries are yet to keep up with advancements in various industries through some Engineering marvels.

International students consider making worthy contributions to society through innovations and inventions inspired by their host country. While they may learn the latest trends in Engineering and be provided with top-notch education and facilities at a technologically advanced nation, countries with pressing societal issues may offer the inspiration to innovate. Students may find an avenue to express their creativity through their valuable efforts in solving these issues.

2. Travel Opportunities

Modern Engineering accomplishments across the world undoubtedly attract a countless number of tourists. Some of these are the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the Empire State Building in the U.S., and the Millau Viaduct in France. While tourists may feel satisfied looking and taking some pictures, Engineering students may find the experience educational.

It is undeniable that one of the attractive qualities of studying Engineering abroad is to have travel opportunities. A country rich in tourist destinations and cities with modern Engineering marvels already attract Engineering students from different parts of the world. Being close to these structures can wake their inspirations and provide sources of motivation to finish their degrees. Travelling also gives the relaxation and reprieve from stressful activities the students may need at some point in their studies. Lastly, visiting different places offers valuable insights to people they meet, the very consumer of their future careers.

3. Financial Independence

Studying at home might mean having a family, particularly parents, to extend help when needed. Meanwhile, studying abroad means not having anybody close by to approach when problems unexpectedly arise. One of the common concerns that may occur during the students’ stay abroad is finances.

While many schools may offer assistance, it is still essential to be financially independent while spending years in another country. It can mean having side jobs while staying abroad or looking for other means of gaining income for international students. It can also mean living frugally or within a specified budget. Whatever it is, international students are already faced with challenges and trials during their stay abroad because of their studies and, possibly, cultural adjustments. Facing financial problems should not be one of those when it can be prevented through careful consideration and planning.

5 Best Countries to Study Engineering In

1. United States of America

The U.S.A. is one of the countries that exhibit incredible marvels in Engineering. For this reason alone, the United States is the best country to study engineering abroad. From the skyscrapers in New York to historical and cultural structures in Washington D.C. to the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, it is nearly impossible to miss these showcases of Engineering prowess.

The country boasts of universities listed in the top 20 of the world’s best schools in Engineering. Some of the esteemed destinations are the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, also known as MIT, and the University of California referred to as Berkeley. These schools are known as global powerhouses for Engineering professionals. Thus, competition for a spot can be very tight. Another school in the U.S. that is worth considering due to its excellence in various fields, including Engineering, is the University of Stanford. It closely follows MIT in most global rankings for Engineering courses.

2. Australia

Another leading country to study Engineering in is Australia. The continent also has some of the world’s engineering breakthroughs, such as the Sydney Opera House. On top of its tourist destinations, the country also took advantage of its location through innovating solar energy engineering. Another remarkable discovery of Australia is applying engineering in minimizing industrial wastes that are threatening the country. These examples of innovation clearly show that the country focus students on application and practical use rather than vague theoretical concepts.

Some of Australia’s best engineering schools are the University of New South Wales, the University of Melbourne, and the Monash University. The country is also known for its strength in certain fields such as Civil, Mining, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering. These and Australia’s outdoorsy ambiance and stunning nature make it worthy of years of being away from home. It also helps that the country has one of the highest quality of life and mostly uses English in communication.

3. Singapore

Singapore is possibly one of the most innovative in Engineering. The city-state itself is the epitome of engineering marvels. With its small land area, Singapore made it possible to house more than five million people through its sustainable apartment buildings and towers. The small country also has world-class tourist destinations such as the Marina Bay Sands, a glorious superstructure straddling three 55-story high luxurious hotels. This view can surely inspire any Engineering students to create similar wonders.

Singapore’s top schools, the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University, offer the best Engineering programs and provide the best experience to international students. As these schools are highly selective, the Singapore University of Technology and Design is another excellent option. As a result, Singapore makes our list of top countries to study engineering abroad.

4. China

Another notable country in the field of Engineering is China. It is making accelerated progress towards science and technology domination through its focus on Engineering. It makes the country one of the most attractive destinations for a full degree. Some of its wonders in Engineering include the world’s biggest hydroelectric dam called the Three Gorges Dam, the Shanghai Tower, also known as the world’s second-highest building, and its grandest high-speed bullet train. China is also the third country to advance its Engineering to space travels through its space-manned aircraft and orbit rockets.

Some of the country’s leading schools in Engineering are Tsinghua University, Harbin Institute of Technology and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. These schools ensure graduates are global professionals and ready to tackle modern world problems.

5. Sweden

Joining the list of top five countries to study Engineering is Sweden. The country’s capital city, Stockholm, is recognized as the new tech center of Europe, thus provides valuable exposure to Engineering students. Also, the country’s buildings and structures focus on sustainability, Engineering’s answer to global climate and environmental problems.

Sweden’s top universities, the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, the Chalmers University of Technology, and the Lund University, provide the country’s best academic experience. High salaries and bonuses also await Engineering graduates in Sweden.


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