5 Best Business Schools in Ukraine

Ukraine is a mysterious country with a large territory and rich folk culture, and its affordable living costs attract many expatriates to work and live there. Ukraine might not be a synonym for strong economic performance in the past, but this country is working hard to change that, and it needs skilled professionals to achieve this.

To train students into professionals, Ukraine has many world-class educational institutions designed to educate and train. Tempted to study in this country? Here are the best business schools in Ukraine.

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Top Business Schools in Ukraine

1. The International Management Institute (MIM-Kyiv)

  • MIM-Kyiv Page
  • Degrees offered: MBA, DBA
  • Language of instruction: English, Ukrainian, Russian

Ranked as Ukraine’s best business school by Eduniversal rankings, the International Management Institute (MIM-Kyiv) is here to deliver outstanding education and research. MIM values the ability to apply theories to practice. Instead of a Ph.D. program, MIM offers a DBA that prepares its students for both an academic career as well as one in business.

With the international mindset being a crucial value of the institute, MIM incorporates global experiences in its programs. International modules are mandatory and together with partner institutions, they provide international experiences for students in both academic and practical aspects.

With corporate projects, MIM is able to help companies with their problems by teaching and training managers and employees and offering consulting services. This way, students have the opportunity to work on real-life cases, and MIM gets to share managerial knowledge with the world. With all these great attributes, MIM-Kyiv is certainly a leading business school in Ukraine.

2. International Institute of Business (IIB)

  • IIB Page
  • Degrees offered: MBA
  • Language of instruction: English, Ukrainian, Russian

Next on the list is the International Institute of Business (IIB). This institution is focused on the application of knowledge, and it conducts applied researches and offers practical education to achieve its goals. Started as a non-profit institution aiming to share knowledge, IIB retains its original mission and disseminates knowledge on an international level.

With a belief that effectiveness is crucial to advance economic growth, being effective is a central value of IIB. It provides effective solutions to clients through its consulting services, and its programs are also effective in terms of passing on knowledge and skills.

It is accredited by AMBA, which is one of the three most prestigious accreditations business schools can receive worldwide. IIB continues to improve its programs and deliver great research, and it will not be long until it is also one of the top business schools in Ukraine that hold the Triple Crown Accreditations.

3. Faculty of International Economics and Management – Kyiv National Economic University (KNEU)

The next recommendation is the Faculty of International Economics and Management within Kyiv National Economic University (KNEU). With “international” in part of its name, it is clear that this is one of the central foci of the faculty. This faculty cultivates the international mindset and boosts the global competitiveness of its students by providing excellent education.

To promote the international mindset, this faculty offers many programs taught only in English as well as international programs. Students partaking in international programs are required to undergo an internship that requires fluency in two foreign languages. The faculty also provides language centers to equip students with the linguistic abilities they need to complete their programs.

With great education, outstanding research, and an international outlook, the Faculty of International Economics and Management within Kyiv National Economic University (KNEU) is certainly one of the best business schools in Ukraine for those who seek education in this field.

4. Kyiv Mohyla Business School (KMBS)

  • KMBS Page
  • Degrees offered: Master’s degree, MBA
  • Language of instruction: English, Ukrainian

The following recommendation on the list is the Kyiv Mohyla Business School (KMBS). The school believes that outstanding developments of individuals can, in turn, bring positive development to their companies, communities, and the world. KMBS prides itself as “a school for leaders who want change,” and delivers excellent programs and research to reach that goal.

Other than its degree programs, KMBS also offers other programs to help people in different stages of their careers. Its short executive programs are developed for business owners and senior managers, and its corporate programs are designed according to clients’ needs. This way, the school can give additional training to more professional, so they can change their companies for the better.

Students learn both in and out of the classroom, as national and international study tours are organized constantly. Striving to make positive changes in the world, KMBS continues to deliver its programs with high standards and train future leaders with an outstanding education.

5. Kyiv School of Economics (KSE)

  • KSE Page
  • Degrees offered: Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, MBA, Ph.D.
  • Language of instruction: Bachelor’s degree (English), master’s degree (English, Ukrainian), MBA (English), Ph.D. (English)

The last on our list of best business schools in Ukraine is the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE). Even though this school has a relatively short history compared to its peers, it already has plenty of experience in educating and training intelligent professionals.

Other than giving students the knowledge and skills they need in their fields of study, KSE also places importance on their global outlook. Most of its programs are delivered in English to help bridge Ukrainian students with the world and attract top international students. KSE also knows the importance of the ability to apply theories to practice. Other than its degree programs, it also offers short term certification programs in Public Procurement Specialist, Procurement Manager, and more. With these programs, KSE produces many certified professionals who contribute positively to Ukraine’s growth.

Founded in 1996, KSE is dedicated to providing world-class education and research. Unsatisfied with Ukraine’s current state, KSE strives to change it for the better by producing competent intellectuals who can help advance the country forward.


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