3 Best Business Schools in Kuwait

Kuwait is located in Western Asia and is one of the top exporters of oil. The country experienced a significant modernization until the 1980s since the discovery of commercial quantities of oil reserves in 1938. The country’s accelerated progress halted when Kuwait’s stock market crashed in the 1980s and when Iraq invaded the country in 1990. The invasion ended through the intervention of the United States-led military in 1991.

Kuwait’s economy is still one of the top global performers. As home to the sixth-largest oil reserves, Kuwait has a World Bank high-income economy and the highest valued currency in the world. It also has the nineteenth highest per capita income and the seventh most prosperous country in the world per capita. Though the economy is dominated by the petroleum industry, accounting to 90% of the state income, financial services take up the remaining percentage.

Aside from such strength and stability of a petroleum-based economy, Kuwait has recently experienced a significant rise in business startups. Education is a crucial contributor to the success of future business leaders, and Kuwait does not deviate from this fact. It is why choosing the top schools for business programs is an essential first step to build an achievement-driven career, particularly in Kuwait, where businesses show up-and-coming trends. In this article, we will be going over the top business schools in Kuwait.

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Best Business Schools in Kuwait

1. Kuwait University – College of Business Administration

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  • Degrees offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s
  • Language of Instruction: English or Arabic

Kuwait University’s College of Business Administration received its AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) accreditation in 2005. As a result, Kuwait University Business School is considered the best business school in Kuwait. With its dedication to providing excellent education to aspiring business professionals, the school ensures that students are guided by relevant and timely curricula, distinctly designed to allow practical exposure in the industry. The school’s Center of Excellence in Management also accommodates students to pursue research and develop powerful leadership tools.

Despite the school being the top choice for business programs, the College of Business Administration at Kuwait University is yet to offer doctorate programs. For now, undergraduate students have various specializations to choose from depending on their target field. Professionals also take Master’s programs in the university to meet the demands of the highly competitive, albeit rewarding, corporate world. With the increased demand for business programs in the country, the Kuwait University College of Business Administration meets the needs for exemplary business graduates, making it the top school in the country.

2. The College of Business and Economics at American University of Kuwait

The American University of Kuwait with its College of Business and Economics offers a holistic style of teaching to its undergraduate students, ensuring that emotional and moral faculties develop along with their intellect. This top business school in Kuwait has brought American-style education to the country, preparing students to a borderless industry while providing the opportunity to handle diversity challenges. The school’s faculty members from different academic backgrounds deliver the carefully structured-curricula effectively while conducting scholarly research in various areas.

While Master’s and PhD programs are currently out of the picture for students at the College of Business and Economics, the Bachelor’s programs cannot be easily dismissed. Undergraduate students have a vast selection of fields for specialization, and the teaching methodology is globally contentious. Indeed, the school’s focus on a limited number of programs guarantees heightened efforts to produce internationally competent professionals and future researchers.

3. Maastricht School of Management Kuwait

We end our list of best business schools in Kuwait with the Maastricht School of Management Kuwait. Established in 2003, this business school is dedicated to providing globally-inspired education for professionals looking to upgrade their business and leadership skills. The school received its AMBA (Association of MBAs) accreditation in 2006, sealing its place in the list of internationally renowned business schools. It is also the first provider of MBA in the country.

While the school does not offer degrees other than the Master’s program, its selection of specialization is specifically curated to produce globally prepared executives. Moreover, the class schedules and schoolwork ensure that students have sufficient time for completion while fulfilling their career aspirations. With the school’s commitment to put the students’ best interest first while guaranteeing that their present work obligations are not compromised, Maastricht School of Management indeed is one of the top business schools in Kuwait.


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