3 Best Business Schools in Israel

The State of Israel, a country in Western Asia, is famous for its religious sites and historical tourism. It is common for many to think of Israel when hearing the words Holy Land, with its significance in the foundation of two world religions, Judaism and Christianity.

However, the country has grown another reputation for being the Silicon Valley, or Silicon Wadi, of the East. While Jerusalem is technically the country’s capital city, Tel Aviv is the center for technological innovation and its economy. With the recent improvements in the country’s technology industry, Israel is considered the most advanced nation in Western Asia and the Middle East.

Another remarkable improvement in the country’s economy is evident in the number of startup companies in recent years. Israel ranks second with the most number of startup companies globally. For this reason alone, business programs became increasingly in-demand across different universities in the country. While programs and even short courses are usually offered in most institutions in the country, it is undeniably true that a top business school can help a professional’s success. In this article, we will be going over the top business schools in Israel.

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Best Business Schools in Israel

1. Coller School of Management – Tel Aviv University

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  • Degrees offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.
  • Language of Instruction: Bachelor’s (Hebrew), Master’s (Hebrew or English), Ph.D. (English)

The Coller School of Management of Tel Aviv University, established in 1966, has over two thousand students in different business programs. The school offers its world-class research facilities and top-caliber teaching methods from faculty members of diverse academic backgrounds. As the first school in the country to receive the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business) accreditation, the Tel Aviv University – Coller School of Management is the best business school in Israel.

Aside from degree programs taught in Hebrew or English, Coller School of Management also offers other programs that explicitly cater to present executives. Its Global MBA, a 1-year program, focus on relevant fields in entrepreneurship, innovation, and venture. Study tours, online webinars, and outbound programs, customed to meet the needs and goals of a business enterprise, are available. The school is also a favorite choice for Research Methods Workshops, curated for aspiring researchers in the business and management field.

2. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem – The Jerusalem School of Business Administration

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  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.
  • Language of Instruction: Bachelor’s (Hebrew), Master’s (Hebrew or English), Ph.D. (English)

The Jerusalem School of Business Administration, established in 1952 at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is one of the top business schools in the country that provides globally competent professionals. The school also emphasizes how volatile and uncertain the business world is and that executives must be equipped to cope and meet its challenges. With more than 2,000 students, the Jerusalem School of Business Administration has a highly selective admission process, ensuring that its present learners can deliver the level of academic work expected from a top-tier school.

This top business school in Israel offers several programs, including degree and short-term programs. Its Bachelor’s program is mainly taught in Hebrew, while some Master’s programs are exclusively taught in English. Aside from their degree programs, qualified students can also apply for their short programs where innovation and entrepreneurship are the main focus areas. As the startups’ nation, Israel’s business schools typically offer programs related to these business subfields.

3. Bar-Ilan University The Graduate School of Business Administration

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  • Degrees Offered: Master’s, PhD
  • Language of Instruction: Master’s (Hebrew or English), Ph.D. (English)

The Graduate School of Business Administration at Bar-Ilan University is another top-notch business school in Israel. As part of its identity, the school builds a vital bridge between the world of academic research and the industry, thus ensuring that education is not merely a symbolic concept on paper. Aspiring professionals and present business executives have various specializations to choose from as their road map for successful careers.

While the school does not offer a bachelor’s program, Bar Ilan’s Graduate School of Business has Master’s programs that will indeed fit a professional or academic’s needs. While students who prefer to delve into research can take the full Master’s and doctorate tracks, business managers and leaders can choose the school’s Executive MBA Programs for a more balanced school and work life. An international MBA program is also preferable for students who wish to pursue their careers outside the country.


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