5 Best Business Schools in China

In a matter of decades, China has transformed from a traditional agricultural society to a modern country with the second-largest economy in the world. With innumerous factories setting up and companies streaming in to establish headquarters in various cities, countless job opportunities are waiting to be snatched up by qualified professionals ready for challenges.

China has shown the world that it is capable of greatness in various sectors like business, technology, agriculture, and of course, academia. China is now home to some of the best universities in the world, and their research and teaching are not only up to national, but also international standards. For those interested in studying in this country, this article will introduce top business schools in China.

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Best Business Schools in China

1. Tsinghua University Schools of Economics and Management (SEM)

First on the list is the Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management (SEM). Tsinghua University regularly delivers world-class education and produces excellent research, securing a place on global rankings. In fact, Tsinghua University is ranked #15 in 2021 by QS World University Ranking, and Tsinghua Business School is the best business school in China.

Starting from 1926, Tsinghua SEM is experienced in producing quality research and giving students first-class education and training. Partnered with leading universities from all continents, Tsinghua SEM is also actively participating in international exchange programs to provide international opportunities for its students.

With a reputation of being one of the best, Tsinghua attracts excellent researchers and students worldwide. Aspiring to be one of the best schools of economics and management worldwide, Tsinghua SEM is without a doubt a top choice for those looking to study in this field.

2. Guanghua School of Management at Peking University

With a degree from Guanghua School of Management at Peking University, employability is certainly not an issue. Its undergraduate programs value academic excellence as well as practical skills, and its graduates are trained to have the ability to cope with real-world challenges. On top of this, its postgraduate programs continue to nurture top-class researchers and over 70% of them are placed in universities after graduation, both in China and in many other countries.

Having a global perspective, Guanghua offers international degree programs and exchange programs, and there are Chinese as well as English courses. Chinese language courses are also offered to international students to help them break language barriers with locals and attending electives taught in Chinese. To encourage applications from overseas, scholarships are also available for international students.

As a leading business school in China, Guanghua School of Management hires and admits only the brightest minds in this field, and together, they work towards economic progress, academic excellence, and a better world.

3. Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM) at Shanghai Jiao Tung University

  • Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM) Page
  • Degrees offered: Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, MBA, Ph.D.
  • Language of instruction: Bachelor’s degree (Chinese), master’s degree (English, Chinese), MBA (English, Chinese), Ph.D. (English, Chinese)

Valuing its Chinese roots while advancing as an internationally accredited business school, the Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM) is next on the list.

At ACEM, not only are students engaged in academic learning, but they also learn the skills to apply theories to practice.

With roots firmly established in China, ACEM strives to produce research that can help advance China’s progress in the economy and better its society. In addition to its mission to aid local development, international development is valued by ACEM as well. ACEM has close relationships with a large number of leading universities worldwide, and together they offer international programs, joint degree programs, and exchange programs.

Being one of the best business schools in China, ACEM continues to attract world-class researchers and dedicated students. With a good local and international reputation, ACEM certainly makes for an excellent choice in students’ future education.

4. School of Management at Fudan University (FDSM)

  • School of Management (FDSM) Page
  • Degrees offered: Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, MBA, Ph.D.
  • Language of instruction: Bachelor’s degree (Chinese), master’s degree (English), MBA (English, Chinese), Ph.D. (Chinese)

Ever since 1917, the School of Management at Fudan University has been bringing excellence to research and education. FDSM’s close connections with companies ensure that countless job opportunities are presented to students, and its extensive partnerships with leading universities overseas help to cultivate students’ global mindsets and promote research collaborations.

Whether it is brand promotions, job fairs, or company presentations, FDSM has strong connections with companies, and events are constantly held at the university. Through these events, students get to know more about enterprises and their talent demands, while companies have access to numerous young talents who can contribute to their developments.

With company collaborations, brilliant researchers, and global perspectives, FDSM lives up to its reputation of being one of the best business schools in China.

Still advancing in global rankings, students joining FDSM and its graduates certainly have a bright future ahead of them.

5. Renmin Business School (RMBS) at Renmin University of China

  • Renmin Business School (RMBS) Page
  • Degrees offered: Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, MBA, Ph.D.
  • Language of instruction: Bachelor’s degree (English, Chinese), master’s degree (Chinese), MBA (English, Chinese), Ph.D. (Chinese)

As one of the first schools to offer MBA programs in China, the Renmin Business School (RMBS) at Renmin University knows how to cultivate talents in this field. RMBS trains skilled professionals and connects them with employers seeking talent, helping over 1,500 graduates and students every year.

RMBS, which is one of the top Chinese business schools, places heavy importance on internalization and strives to develop students’ global mindset. 2 programs are delivered completely in English, and many courses are also taught in English. Besides these, researchers at RMBS publishes in international journals regularly, and its students are encouraged to go on exchange programs.

A degree from RMBS is an advantage itself, as students of RMBS are educated by excellent professors and trained by experts in this field. With its contribution to education, research, and government policies, it is not difficult to see why RMBS has earned a place among world-class universities.


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