All 21 Colleges and Universities in Tianjin

Are you looking for all the colleges and universities in Tianjin? Here, we will go over the list of private and public universities and colleges in Tianjin.

In our database, there are a total of 21 institutions in Tianjin including Tianjin Sino-German University of Applied Sciences, Tianjin Foreign Studies University, and Tianjin Conservatory of Music . Out of those institutions, 21 are public and 0 are private. Some of the public institutions are Tianjin Sino-German University of Applied Sciences, Tianjin Foreign Studies University, and Tianjin Conservatory of Music.

In these universities and colleges in Tianjin, the total number of students is 376,489, and the total number of international students is 10,642.

1. Tianjin Sino-German University of Applied Sciences

Tianjin Sino-German University of Applied Sciences is a Sino-foreign university that provides vocational and undergraduate studies in northern China. The university started as a vocational school, gradually expanding to offer undergraduate programs in recent years. In addition, the institution has long-standing affiliations with Germany, Japan, and Spain to provide top-quality vocational education, training, and applied science programs.

2. Tianjin Foreign Studies University

Tianjin Foreign Studies University is among China's leading academic institutions for foreign languages. It offers several language courses, including Arabic, Burmese, Swahili, Italian, Malaysian, Urdu, Farsi, and many more. Its English and Japanese courses are especially regarded in China. Two campuses comprise the university: Machang Road and Binhai.

3. Tianjin Conservatory of Music

Tianjin Conservatory of Music is a specialized municipal institution established in 1958. It is located in Tianjin, China. It is ranked 570th in China and 19th in Tianjin by EduRank.

4. Tianjin Tianshi College

Tianjin Tianshi College is a public institution established in 2008. It is located in Tianjin, China. It is ranked 916th in China and 21st in Tianjin by EduRank.

5. Tianjin University of Sport

Tianjin University of Sport is a higher educational institution governed by the municipality of Tianjin. Established in 1958, the university served as a very important institution in addressing the needs of physical education teachers in Northern China. Today, the university is recognized as one of the top-performing institutions in sports science, specifically in exercise physiology and sports sociology. In addition, the university hosts a world-class exercise lab for physiology.

6. Tianjin University of Finance and Economics

Tianjin University of Finance and Economics strives to educate their students on how to make the world a better place. With over 12,000 students making this university their home, the university's mission is to teach these students in whatever course they want to pursue, teaching them to make a difference. The vision of the university includes helping these young students chase their dreams and pursue whatever career they wish.

7. Tianjin Chengjian University

Tianjin Chengjian University, or TCU, was founded in 1978. Located in Tianjin as a public university, it is one of the most renowned and prominent universities in China that specializes in urban and construction studies. Aside from different platforms, research centers, and laboratories, TCU is also affiliated with different universities across the globe.

8. Tianjin Agricultural University

Tianjin Agricultural University provides higher education at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The school is well known for offering good quality programs in agriculture, and it also offers various educational programs in different disciplines such as engineering, literature, management, and arts. At present, it has three campuses and is the home to more than ten thousand students and academic staff.

9. Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a medical school in Northern China. It is part of the Double First-Class Initiative, which includes elite Chinese universities. The university comprises 15 schools plus several hospitals and research facilities. These provide many avenues of opportunities for undergraduate and graduate medical students.

10. Tianjin Medical University

Tianjin Medical University (TMU) is a public educational institution in China. It began to welcome students in the year 1951. Additionally, TMU is a respected center of excellence and is known for their outstanding quality when it comes to their medical and allied health programs.

11. Tianjin University of Science and Technology

Tianjin University of Science and Technology was founded in 1958 as the Tianjin Institute of Light Industry. It has undergone further developments, becoming one of China's comprehensive universities and offering degree programs in a diverse catalog of disciplines. More than 26,000 students are taking courses in Science and Technology, Engineering, Arts, Agriculture, Management, and Law.

12. Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts

The Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts is recognized to be one of the essential institutions when it comes to the teaching of the arts. Before, it was known to be Beiyang Female Normal School. The school has a variety of programs, some of which are divided into sub-majors that students can choose from.

13. Tianjin University of Technology and Education

Tianjin University of Technology and Education was initially established in pursuance to generate vocational teachers. Throughout the years, the school has evolved and has also become one of the in-demand schools for providing high-quality technical academic programs. Furthermore, undergraduate students of the university are more than capable of obtaining a bachelor’s degree and a vocational qualification certificate at the same time. This is an opportunity not to be missed, especially for students who aspire to acquire double certificates.

14. Tiangong University

Tianjin Polytechnic University is a public university in China. It had its humble beginnings in 1958 and back then, it was named Hebei Textile Institute. Presently, it is popular for being an eminent institution that actively works towards internationalization.

15. Tianjin University of Commerce

Tianjin University of Commerce is a municipal university focused on economics, administration, law, liberal arts, engineering, and science. It comprises 13 schools that offer more than 40 undergraduate and master's courses. Every year, thousands of students choose from such programs, as well as from vocational, self-study, training, and other non-degree courses.

16. Tianjin Normal University

Tianjin Normal University started as Tianjin Teachers' College in 1958. It earned its current name and university status in 1982. Several programs are offered at Tianjin Normal, including around 70 bachelor's and 16 master's courses. Thousands of students choose from these programs, which may be in philosophy, law, economics, education, science, etc. The institution comprises two campuses: Ba Li Tai and Xi Qing.

17. Civil Aviation University of China

Civil Aviation University of China (CAUC) is a national institute of higher studies. It is situated in the historically rich city of Tianjin. CAUC opened its doors to students in 1951 and today, it is one of the country's leading schools for aspiring pilots.

18. Tianjin University of Technology

Tianjin University of Technology is a public university primarily known for its programs in engineering. It also offers excellent programs in the arts, humanities, and management. The university welcomes students from all around the globe and provides Chinese language classes for those who want to improve in the language, as well as unique classes like Wu Shu and Chinese painting as electives.

19. Hebei University of Technology

The Hebei University of Technology, founded in 1903, was among the first academic institutions in the country to train industrial professionals. The university is also popular for its success in the field of Chemistry, Engineering, and Material Science. Currently, the university has more than 30,000 students, with around 300 international students, and offers mostly Chinese-taught programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

20. Tianjin University

Tianjin University was founded in 1895 under its former name, Peiyang University. With such long history in the academic world, the university is among the institutions that inspired modern higher education systems. It is currently home to over 36,000 students, and offers courses in Science, Engineering, and Medicine.

21. Nankai University

Nankai University, also known as NKU or simply Nankai, was founded in 1919 in Tianjin as a public research university. NKU is known as one of the top universities across China, offering different programs such as research studies, economics, history, information technology, business, tourism, among others. NKU has three campuses, each are located in Balitai, Jinnan, and TEDA in Binhau New Area.