All 24 Colleges and Universities in Singapore

Are you looking for all the colleges and universities in Singapore? Here, we will go over the list of private and public universities and colleges in Singapore.

In our database, there are a total of 24 institutions in Singapore including Singapore Institute of Technology, ESSEC Asia-Pacific, and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts . Out of those institutions, 8 are public and 16 are private. Some of the public institutions are Singapore Institute of Technology, LASALLE College of the Arts, and Singapore University of Social Sciences. Some examples of private universities in Singapore are ESSEC Asia-Pacific, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, and DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore.

In these universities and colleges in Singapore, the total number of students is 198,120, and the total number of international students is 2,690.

1. Singapore Institute of Technology

Singapore Institute of Technology is the place for students who want a fast track to employment. This specialized university of applied learning molds students to become the-cream-of-the-crop professionals and play significant roles in society's innovation and economic progress. To achieve such, SIT only offers quality programs that are fine-tuned according to the industry's demands. From engineering to business, these courses are a crucial need of society, and the institute does its best to satiate such necessity. Moreover, SIT has valuable partnerships with foreign universities, such as The Culinary Institute of America and Trinity College Dublin, to give students more opportunities and expand their horizons.

2. ESSEC Asia-Pacific

ESSEC Asia-Pacific is a higher education institution established in 2005 and is located in Singapore. Aside from its campus in Singapore, there are also campuses in France and Morocco. Educational opportunities in this university are at Bachelor, Master, Doctoral, and Grand Ecole levels. The university is also committed to developing accessibility and disability in education.

3. Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts is an EduTrust-certificated higher education institute in Singapore. It is a specialized university that offers Diploma and Bachelor's degree courses. These include disciplines in Fine Arts, Design, and Music. A variety of student events are also conducted, which include boating, restaurant visits, arts festivals, and more. Government financial schemes, university scholarships, and financial aid schemes are also available to help students in their finances.

4. DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore

The DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore is a private university that aims to prepare students for careers in the digital economy. It offers programs in the specialized fields of technology, arts, and video game development. The institute's campus is equipped with top-notch facilities and spaces that inspire creativity, including art studios, production laboratories, and lecture theaters.

5. LASALLE College of the Arts

LASALLE College of the Arts is one of the premier schools for art and design in Asia. It aims to educate the next generation of artists, designers, and leaders in creative industries. It boasts a modern campus equipped with studios and spaces that inspire students to bring their creative visions to life.

6. Singapore University of Social Sciences

Universities specializing in the social sciences are quite a rarity, making the Singapore University of Social Sciences a refreshing institution. Nearly all of its undergraduate and graduate programs are concentrated on the humanities, human development, business, behavioral sciences, law, Chinese studies, and other similar courses. Besides the social sciences, SUSS also provides a limited number of science, technology, and engineering courses. This reflects the university's brand of inclusivity. It offers disciplines beyond its specializations and educates students from all walks of life - whether young or old, working or not, Singaporean or not.

7. Sorbonne-Assas International Law School

The Sorbonne-Assas International Law School provides programs in the fields of business and international law. It is best known for its part-time LL.M. in International Business Law, which can be quickly completed in 9 months. Short programs and summer courses are also offered by the school for professionals who want to continue learning through case studies, lectures, and other exercises that don't require a significant time commitment.

8. Singapore University of Technology and Design

The role of arts and design in advancing technology and societal growth has long been underrated. They are just as significant as the more technical and scientific aspects, which the Singapore University of Technology and Design recognizes. This premier and specialized institution hone students' artistic talents, skills, and intelligence toward developing technology and society. It efficiently intertwines the worlds of art and science to create the best applications and innovations.

9. National University of Singapore

The National University of Singapore is more than just Singapore's oldest university. It represents the best of Asia, offering high-quality education sought by many worldwide. It is part of the elusive top 20 universities worldwide, placing 11th in the QS Top Universities World University Ranking. The university's forte programs are incredibly diverse, including research, engineering, business, sciences, and more. As NUS focuses on impact and innovation, it promises to improve society and technology.

10. TUM Asia

TUM Asia was founded in 2002 and serves as the southeast Asian campus of the Technical University of Munich, a prestigious German university. As such, it offers programs in the fields of engineering at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Some of these programs are joint programs offered in partnership with other universities.

11. Nanyang Technological University

Although second in age and prestige in Singapore, Nanyang Technological University's quality of education and training is impeccable. As such, it has found its niche among the world's elite, placing in the top 20 to 40 places in worldwide university rankings. Such excellence can be credited to its assembly of world-class faculties and institutes, including the National Institute of Education and the Singapore Centre for Environmental Life Sciences Engineering. NTU commits itself to research and innovation by applying sustainable practices and constructing eco-friendly buildings on the Smart campus.

12. Intercultural Theatre Institute

Initially founded as the Theatre Training and Research Programme in 2000, this independent theatre school was renamed Intercultural Theatre Institute in 2011. It offers a three-year diploma training program in theatre and contemporary art. On one hand, the school's vision is to create culturally and socially diverse leaders. On the other hand, its mission is to create competent, critically aware, socially engaged, and artistic professionals.

13. MAD School

MAD School by Chatsworth Mediart Academy, or simply MAD School, is a higher education institution in Singapore that offers Certificate, Diploma, and Higher Diploma programs. Some of these programs include Advertising and Design, Communication Design, and Advertising Design. Aside from these programs, arts and design workshops are also conducted at MAD School.

14. Orita Sinclair School of Design and Music

Having only served two decades in the education industry, Orita Sinclair School of Design and Music is one of the youngest universities in Singapore. The university states that its purpose is to provide bold and imaginative education in design and music. Four core values are reflected in its teaching practice: Empathy, Passion, Integrity, and Creativity. Only diploma programs and certificate courses are available at the university.

15. SP Jain School of Global Management

SP Jain School of Global Management is a business school that has campuses in Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, and Sydney. The Singapore campus offers Bachelor's programs in Business Administration. Additionally, Master's programs are also offered in the field of Global Business and Business Administration. Some programs are conducted through face-to-face sessions, through blended methods, or online learning. The university upholds its belief in providing innovative, critical, and principled education.

16. EHL Campus (Singapore)

EHL Campus (Singapore) offers short courses and a Bachelor's program in International Hospitality Management. It has a campus equipped with modern classrooms, meeting rooms, purpose halls, gardens, and training centers. Campus events called "Open Houses" are regularly conducted, where prospective students are introduced to the industry of business and hospitality.

17. Curtin Singapore

Founded in 2008, Curtin Singapore is a young and internationally recognized university. It offers Diploma, Undergraduate, and Postgraduate courses. The university has multiple faculties which handle Science and Engineering, Health Sciences, Business and Law, Humanities, and Education. Part of the university's goal is to address issues concerning Singapore and the ASEAN region. Its service is guided by core values that include Integrity, Respect, Courage, Excellence, and Impact.

18. James Cook University Singapore

James Cook University Singapore is an institution run by James Cook University in Australia. Since its establishment in 2003, the university offers Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate courses for local and international students. These programs cover a variety of disciplines such as Accounting, Aquaculture, Commerce, Environmental Science, and Games Design.

19. BCA Academy

BCA Academy is a Singaporean university that offers Bachelor’s, Master's, Diploma, and Certificate Degrees. These can be taken part-time or full-time, depending on the course. The vocational college has provided quality training and education since 1984. Its mission is to create leaders honed by the quality training, learning and research programs of the school.

20. Singapore Aviation Academy

Singapore Aviation Academy is an aviation school established in 1958 that offers Diploma, Bachelor's, and Master's degree programs. It is the training arm of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and provides internationally-recognized programs in aviation. The academy aims to train the next generation of professionals who can answer to global aviation needs.

21. Aventis Graduate School

Aventis Graduate School, previously named Aventis School of Management, is a graduate school that specializes in Business, Management, and Economics courses. The school has a mission to provide flexible, affordable, and transformational education. It also considers developing core values as an important part of education and promotes values development in every program curriculum.

22. Jewellery Design and Management International School

Jewellery Design and Management International School uses its motto of "Creativity Inspired" to guide its teaching of certificate and diploma courses, which include Fine Jewellery Design, Precious Metal Arts, and Fashion Jewellery Arts. The school aims to train the next generation of professionals in the field of jewelry design and has built a campus with state-of-the-art facilities and top-quality equipment to aid in the students' learning.

23. INSEAD Asia Campus

INSEAD, which stands for Institut Européen d' Administration des Affaires, is a private Business school originally located in France. In 1999, the institution built a campus in Singapore, where students from Asia can pursue Business graduate degree programs offered by the main campus without needing to fly to Europe. Besides its Asia Campus, INSEAD has campuses in San Francisco and Abu Dhabi.

24. Singapore Management University

The Singapore Management University, or SMU, is an autonomous academic institution in Singapore. Founded in 2000, the university offers degree programs in business and computer fields and has been one of the top education providers in Asia. At present, the university is home to more than 12,600 students, with over 10% international enrollment.