Top 10 Universities in Vietnam for International Students

Studying in Vietnam entails being immersed in a culture filled with good food and travel destinations, and most importantly, quality education. Vietnam is also an affordable place to choose to study in since flights towards said area are considered to be cheaper as compared to other countries. As one of the fast-paced Asian countries available, being able to get a glimpse of modern and city life is something that international students in Vietnam will get to experience. Home to a good agricultural base, the educational system in Vietnam is something to try out. In this article, we will be looking at the best universities in Vietnam for international students.

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How satisfied are international students in studying in Vietnam?

Determining student satisfaction is important if any country wants to know how to improve its educational system. A study conducted shows that the student satisfaction of university students in Vietnam consists of positive effects and negative effects. These effects are based on personal and university variables that were considered in this study. Quantitatively, the results show that students are moderately satisfied with the quality of education and learning that they receive in Vietnamese universities. Thus, this goes to show that if you choose to study in Vietnam, chances are that the education you will experience will be, on average, both equally positive and negative, depending on the variables and circumstances you will experience.

What is the most popular programs in Vietnam for International Students?

Knowing the popular programs in Vietnam is a beneficial way to determine whether or not studying in this country is right for you. After all, when choosing which course to take, you are essentially choosing what career path is right for you. For a country like Vietnam, the most common courses picked by international students are those in the fields of engineering, management, and general studies. Vietnam is a good choice when it comes to technology and business, which means that if indeed you choose to go down those paths, Vietnam might be the right country for you.

How many international students study in Vietnam?

Since Vietnam is a relatively smaller country compared to its neighboring countries, it also houses lesser number of international students. But that’s not to say that there aren’t any. In fact, the number of students that choose to study internationally in Vietnam is at around 1,100 a year. Thus, if chosen, studying in Vietnam can help you meet other like-minded individuals from different countries.

What is the most prestigious university in Vietnam?

The most prestigious university in Vietnam is the Vietnam National University Hanoi. With international standards and a great teaching environment, the Vietnam National University Hanoi is considered to be the most prestigious university in Vietnam. It is part of a thousand globally competitive group of universities, and can offer quality education to international students who choose to study there.

Best Universities in Vietnam for International Students

1. Vietnam National University Hanoi

The Vietnam National University Hanoi was founded in the early years of 1993. Owing to its name, this university is located in Hanoi, Vietnam. Vietnam National University Hanoi is a national university and is considered to be the best university in Vietnam for international students, especially because of its rank in terms of universities in Asia.

2. Vietnam National University Hochiminh City

Vietnam National University Hochiminh City was founded 2 years after the Hanoi campus was founded. Thus, to this day, the Vietnam National University Hochiminh City is known to be one of the two largest national research universities in Vietnam, with courses that provide students with training and education in the fields of technology, science, and social sciences, among others.

3. Ton Duc Thang University

Established in 1997, the Ton Duc Thang University is one that ranks at the top of the universities in Vietnam for international students as dictated by ARWU. It has more than a thousand enrolled students as well as graduates, and houses a number of research groups. The Ton Duc Thang University offers courses in science, engineering, and social sciences, and is known to provide students with good and quality education.

4. Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology

Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology prides itself in providing quality education in science and technology, and producing globally competent students and graduates. This university is a flagship university in terms of technology teaching and research activities, since it houses a number of infrastructures designed to provide education through different, modern modes of teaching. With years of experience, the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology is sure to be one of the top universities on this list.

5. Can Tho University

Established in an early as 1966, the Can Tho University is located in Can Tho, Vietnam. It provides its students with education in the form of agricultural modes of teaching, as well as research and multidisciplinary studies. It is considered to be one of the best universities in Vietnam for international students, with colleges in the areas of economics, engineering technology, among others.

6. The University of Da nang

Offering fields in multidisciplinary studies, the University of Da nang is a good choice for international students who want to try their hand at public universities in Vietnam. This university was founded in 1994, and provides education in the fields of economics, education, international education, among others. It is also putting its efforts into expanding its scope of expertise, and creating facilities to accommodate students’ needs.

7. University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City

The University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City was established in 1976. It is composed of thousands of students in the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, and is known for being a scientific research center for students across the country and the globe. It is one of the key national universities of Vietnam, and is considered to house some of the best faculties in the country.

8. National Economics University

Like most Vietnamese universities, the National Economics University located in Hanoi, Vietnam, is also one of the well-known universities when it comes to research and technological facilities. For students looking to study in a university that offers advance technology in the fields of science and engineering, the National Economics University is one of the top universities in Vietnam for international students

9. Duy Tan University

The Duy Tan University was established in 1994. Unlike other Vietnamese universities focused on research, what sets Duy Tan University apart is the fact that it is a privately-owned research university. Located in Da Nang, Vietnam, the Duy Tan University offers academic programs with master’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees and vocational degrees. It has degrees specifically in Civil Engineering, architecture, foreign languages, among many others. Their mission is to prepare their students for global opportunities, as well as allow them to become leaders in information technology.

10. Hanoi National University of Education

We end our list of best universities in Vietnam with the Hanoi National University of Education, which was established in 1951. It was one of the first universities in Vietnam considered to be part of the higher education institutions in Vietnam. It has been awarded with numerous accreditations by the country’s Ministry of Education and Training, and houses a thousand students and faculty.


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