Top 3 Universities in Sri Lanka for International Students

Sri Lanka is a diverse and beautiful island country located in South Asia, not far from the southern coast of India. It has a population of 21.000.000. Not long ago, the country was plagued by civil war, but just 10 years later, it has recovered fantastically and is now a thriving nation with a high HDI, and a top tourist attraction.

While Buddhism is the predominant religion, Sri Lanka is a diverse country with many cultures, religions, and norms. There is also a great balance between urban metropolitan areas such as the cities of Colombo or Moratuwa, and beautiful greenery and mountains. The education system in Sri Lanka has seen a vast improvement over the years after the civil war, and the government is working hard on increasing the international student population in the country. In this article, we will be going over the best universities in Sri Lanka for international students.

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How satisfied are international students studying in Sri Lanka?

International students in Sri Lanka have plenty of reasons to be happy about. The costs of living are very low for such a rapidly developing nation, the educational system is already up to a high standard, and all of the study material is in English, making it all the more easier for international students to adapt.

Additionally, the Sri Lankan government is eager to welcome foreign students into the country, so the VISA process is very fast and easy.

What are the most popular programs in Sri Lanka for International Students?

The most popular programs for students in Sri Lanka seem to be the ones related to information technology, electrical engineering, and similar fields. As the country is trying to modernize even further, education in these fields will be crucial, and universities are rightfully investing in these types of programs, that will not only improve the workforce within the country but help attract international students as well.

How many international students study in Sri Lanka?

With only around 1.000 international students currently enrolled, Sri Lanka still has a long way to go in this department, but the government is making great progress and is currently developing a strategy to improve the educational system in many different regards so that it becomes an attractive one for international students, and one of the best in Asia.

Most of the foreign students come from Myanmar, India, Pakistan, and other nearby nations, while there are also around 100 American students who choose to study in Sri Lanka each year.

What is the most prestigious university in Sri Lanka?

With a ranking between the top 401-500 universities in the world, the University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka’s most prestigious university. The university’s medical school is especially important for the country, producing 200 new graduates each year, and specializing in the treatment of oral cancers. Electrical engineers from the university were also involved in the launch of Sri Lanka’s first space station in June 2019.

Best Universities in Sri Lanka for International Students

1. University of Colombo

The largest city in Sri Lanka – Colombo is also home to the best university in Sri Lanka for international students– the University of Colombo. Established in 1921, it is the oldest higher education institution in Sri Lanka. The university offers internationally recognized undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in a diverse range of subjects. There are 11.600 students currently enrolled, spread out across 7 faculties.

Its campus is located on a 50-acre land in the heart of Colombo and is equipped with a modern gymnasium and a playground, offering a lot of options when it comes to extracurricular activities. The university also provides support to international students and helps them adjust to university life and life in the community.

2. University of Peradeniya

Founded as a faculty of Arts in 1942, the University of Peradeniya is now the highest-ranked university in Sri Lanka, and one of the largest with just over 11.000 students. There are now 9 faculties within the university, which is famous for their expertise in the medical sciences. On-campus accommodation is provided to around 75% of the students in the 21 halls of residence that are available. Equipped with study areas, canteens, and recreational facilities, they are a perfect environment for students.

Students from all over the country come to study here, making it very diverse. There are also over 100 international students, which is among the highest for universities in Sri Lanka. All courses except for the Faculty of Arts are taught in English.

3. University of Moratuwa

The University of Moratuwa is the largest technological university in Sri Lanka, and its programs are becoming some of the most popular in the country. The university has an international reputation, winning some impressive awards including the Google Summer of Code and Microsoft Imagine Cup. As a top university in Sri Lanka for international students, the University of Moratuwa naturally has a large focus on engineering and technology. However, there are also other faculties such as the Faculty of Business, which was added in 2017 and emphasizes using data science to achieve business goals.

Students at the university-run over 25 different clubs and organizations, and there are also facilities for various sports. Some very influential people in Sri Lankan society have attended this university.


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