Top 10 Universities in Portugal for International Students

The pursuance of education in a different country is becoming more and more common because of the opportunities and benefits you can receive. A higher-quality education and high-class facilities are the new priorities of students instead of the location of the university. Students who are hungry for knowledge and wanted to comfortably work after their education are the ones who are very willing to go to another country and get their college degrees.

One country that is popular with international students because it has become a center of trade and industrial development is Portugal. Among all the countries in Europe, Portugal is one of the most successful in the commerce and trade industry, particularly because of its geographical location at the border of Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. This has also become a factor why many researchers and students temporarily reside in Portugal to pursue these studies.

Eventually, the time will come that you will be one of these aspiring and curious students who wanted to have their college studies by getting their undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate degrees in a university in Portugal. So, here is some basic but very necessary information about the requirements and statistics of getting into an international university in the country. In this article, we will be looking at the best universities in Portugal for international students.

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How satisfied are international students studying in Portugal?

Universities in Portugal have a good reputation among their students, especially those who come from other countries. According to many international ranking sites, foreign or international students consider the country as an excellent destination and setting for studying and getting their degrees. In fact, as proof of this, two universities in Portugal have already received awards from global university rankings with Certificates of Outstanding Students Satisfaction with an average of 9.5 out of 10 in their conducted surveys.

What are the most popular programs in Portugal for International Students?

Before going through the most popular programs in Portugal, you need to know that the undergraduate courses of the country are usually taught in their native language, Portuguese. Only several universities offer English-taught courses at the undergraduate level but for most graduate and post-graduate programs, the English language is common. So, in Portugal, as it has become successful in the field of trading, economy, and industry, these are also the relevant courses that are very popular with international students. This is because students tend to go to countries with specializations that they are interested in.

How many international students study in Portugal?

According to international embassies in Portugal, they have recorded an approximated total of 20,000 international students who apply for a student visa for their admission to universities in Portugal. They said that the number of foreign people whose reason for staying in Portugal is to pursue education is increasing. This has made tourism, economy, and international relations of the country to grow stronger as they take responsibility for taking in other countries’ citizens. Every successful international student who got a degree in Portugal earns the country respect from others.

What is the most prestigious university in Portugal?

Based on the current national university rankings in Portugal and the global university rankings, in Portugal, the most prestigious university in terms of its overall performance is the University of Lisbon, followed by the University of Porto. These two universities are ranked accordingly to the response of students with regards to the quality of education they are receiving, the facilities and equipment they are using, and the post-graduate achievements of the university’s alumni.

Best Universities in Portugal for International Students

1. University of Lisbon

As the best university in Portugal for international students, the University of Lisbon is the model university of every university in the country. This is because aside from its noticeable achievements as a higher educational institution, the university also offers the widest variety of courses in all fields of study while offering the most comfortable facilities and equipment to maximize the students’ learning capacity. For them, their greatest achievement was the wide and strong international connections that they have established through the years. This has opened a lot of opportunities not only to the students but also to the university.

2. University of Porto

The University of Porto is among the universities in Portugal that compete to be the top and best universities in Portugal for international students. Just like, University of Lisbon, the university has accomplished a lot of achievements and made several strong ties with other countries and international institutions that is why their influence in the academe is not to be underestimated. Moreover, it also offers international-quality education aside from its impressive qualities.

3. University of Nova de Lisboa

The University of Nova de Lisboa is one of the youngest but most successful universities in Portugal because of its tactics on offering their education and providing them to the students. It has implemented the talent attraction and development program where they source the most qualified members of their faculties around the world and still train them to be better, and this has made the university well known.

4. University of Coimbra

The University of Coimbra on the other hand is very well known for its global research reputation. This has been made possible by international collaborations and student exchange programs for research and study in certain fields. Along with their successful reputation are the publications they have contributed to research and education which made them among the best universities in Portugal.

5. Aveiro University

In terms of general academic management and course offerings for all students, Aveiro University is second to none. This characteristic has made the university to be among the top universities in Portugal for international students. Other than this, the international relations of the university is one of the strongest in the country as it has made collaborations on research and programs for at least 103 projects annually.

6. Polytechnic Institute of Porto

As one of the known universities when it comes to technological advancements, studies, and courses in sciences and engineering, the Polytechnic Institute of Porto’s position in the top universities in Portugal is far from being questionable. This university has relatively fewer courses and degree programs compared to other huge universities in Portugal. But, despite this, the university has turned this into its strength by focusing and specializing more on the courses they offered. This is what made the Polytechnic Institute of Porto among the best universities with the highest quality of education.

7. University of Minho

The University of Minho, a top university in Portugal for international students, is very well known in national and international academic audiences because of their usual appearances and hosting of international conferences and gatherings for academic and research purposes. For world university rankings and national rankings, holding such events is very influential and impressive to pull off. From this setup, they have established strong international connections with countless institutions from abroad and countries around the world.

8. University of Beira Interior

The University of Beira Interior is one of the few universities that offer courses in English for undergraduate studies. It is known that most universities in Portugal only offer courses in their native language while some offer separate courses for international students who do not know Portuguese. This is the reason why a relatively huge percentage of students studying at the university are international students. It has become popular not only for the good quality of education they offer but also for their global-friendly courses.

9. Universidade do Algarve

Universidade do Algarve on the other hand, is a university that specifically focuses on one field of study and that is on agriculture, ecology, and plant and animal science. Relatively, they have a small university compared to other top universities in Portugal but their mastery and experience in these fields are the reason why it has been among the best.

10. University of Evora

The University of Evora has earned its spot among the top universities in Portugal for international students as it promotes sustainable learning by being a sustainable university. This has got the attention of many international students aside from the high-quality education that they offer.


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