Top 3 Universities in Luxembourg for International Students

Although listed as one of the world’s smallest countries, Luxembourg is also considered one of the wealthiest countries. It is located in western Europe, where Belgium, France, and Germany surround it. This strategic location made Luxembourg’s capital become one of the head cities of the E.U., as inspired by its role in the mediation between France and Germany during the World War.

Not only does Luxembourg have low-key economic and political power in the E.U., but it also has its majestic natural sights in the same league as its neighboring allies with larger land areas. With smaller mountains and hills in the north, rivers on the east, and valleys on the south, and forests scattered across the barely thousand square-mile area, locals and tourists alike enjoy the country like a much-needed holiday trip.

Luxembourg’s small population may make one question its capability to provide good choices of academic institutions for anyone aspiring to reside in this beautiful country. Contrary to this, Luxembourg has quite several universities that offer programs in the English language. The country’s academic system is already diverse and trilingual, making adaptation easier for incoming international students. In this article, we will be going over the best universities in Luxembourg for international students.

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How satisfied are international students studying in Luxembourg?

Even though Luxembourg did not have its universities before 2003, international students these days reported their satisfaction in their host country. At the University of Luxembourg alone, international students are generally satisfied with the university, giving it 3.79 out of 5. Simultaneously, 87% of the respondents said they are willing to recommend the university to other prospective students.

What are the most popular programs in Luxembourg for International Students?

Universities in Luxembourg offer various subjects with bachelor’s, master’s, and even Ph.D. degrees. The most popular programs among international students are the master’s programs in European Law and Finance.

Since the country is very much accessible to its co-members in the E.U., international students from nearby European countries choose Luxembourg to study the laws that bind their countries and sustain their progressive collaboration. Meanwhile, Luxembourg’s shift from being an industrialized nation to focusing on financial services and eventually getting to the top of the richest’ list made it an excellent choice for students who aspire to be masters in international banking.

How many international students study in Luxembourg?

More than 6,000 international students are representing a hundred countries in Luxembourg. Because of this, Luxembourg’s multilingual and multicultural environment attracts more international students.

What is the most prestigious university in Luxembourg?

The University of Luxembourg, established in 2003, is considered the top school in the country. It landed between 201st and 250th in the Times Higher Education ranking, which considers the number of research done and how often the university publishes papers. The university also took the 601st place in the Academic Ranking of World Universities and the 618th by U.S. News & World Report Ranking.

The following are the top three universities in Luxembourg.

Best Universities in Luxembourg for International Students

1. University of Luxembourg

The University of Luxembourg is the only public university in the country. Its location at the country’s capital makes it literally and figuratively close to Luxembourg’s financial center and European institutions. Since half of the student body is from other countries, the University of Luxembourg is famous for its multilingual instruction, international focus, and research-oriented academic institution. University of Luxembourg is considered the best university in Luxembourg for international students.

2. Luxembourg School of Business

The Luxembourg School of Business, one of the top universities in Luxembourg for international students, was established in 2014 as an international graduate school driven to provide an exceptional education for aspiring and practicing executives. One of its esteemed programs is the Weekend MBA, which makes studying for a master’s degree in business easier for working individuals, including expats. With this in mind, international students are drawn to making a living and studying in the country.

3. LUNEX International University of Health, Exercise, and Sports

We end our list of best universities in Luxembourg for international students with Lunex University. This university was opened in 2016, focused on providing a world-class environment for study and research. With its focus on health, exercise, and sports, students from different countries come to Lunex for their education and fulfillment of international career paths.


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