Top 10 Universities in Indonesia for International Students

Getting or pursuing your education overseas is no longer unusual or uncommon for any student. Especially if a higher quality of education is offered and could be received from another country, students will fly across an ocean if it means that that education will benefit them and will open up doors of opportunities for them. Other than the higher quality of education that they will receive, their respect from other people, once they got home from getting their education abroad, will rise.

Countries from Asia are the usual places that these students try to get into to apply for universities. Among these countries is Indonesia which is considered to be one of the most progressive countries in Southeast Asia having bountiful natural resources. They have been utilizing these resources to improve their economic and industrial status while still preserving nature.

If you are particularly looking for some information about international schools in Indonesia, below is a summary of all the best universities in Indonesia for international students and the best programs they offer.

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How satisfied are international students studying in Indonesia?

The satisfaction rate of international students for studying in Indonesia is quite high especially in terms of the costs and fees they are paying for their daily expenses. It was found out that most of the international students currently studying in the country highly recommend Indonesia to be your learning grounds. They have considered the universities in Indonesia as international-friendly universities and encourage other international students to attend their studies here.

What are the most popular programs in Indonesia for International Students?

As a huge archipelago, Indonesia has many universities for international students that offer in terms of agriculture, fishery, and forestry. There are many programs and courses that they specialize in these fields. However, the most popular programs in Indonesia that most international students pursue are those that have shorter program periods like MBA and business programs that are usually 2 years or less. Other shorter programs include summer programs that are commonly for 2-3 months and just for students who do not have the time to stay in the country.

How many international students study in Indonesia?

According to the government of Indonesia, the number of international students studying or attending a university in their country is approximately 5,700. For them, this is still a small number compared to their neighboring countries in Singapore and Malaysia but they have been working on inviting more students. Thus, their government-funded in the education sector of their country to offer more scholarships to attract international students to enroll at their universities.

What is the most prestigious university in Indonesia?

Currently, based on all the legal university rankings that are posted on the internet, the leading and most prestigious university in Indonesia is the Universitas Indonesia. This ranking is based on the total number of students enrolled at the university, the accreditations, recognitions, and awards the university received. However, for some fields and branches of studies, some universities are still better than this university. This is just an overall and general approximation.

Best Universities in Indonesia for International Students

1. Universitas Indonesia

Universitas Indonesia is the best international university in Indonesia for foreign students, and the admission in the university is very competitive that is why only a small percentage of the total student population are international students. However, they have a good relationship with each other and most of the events of the university include them. This is the reason why the university has a high satisfaction rate from international students.

2. Bandung Institute Technology

The Bandung Institute Technology which is also known as Institut Teknologi Bandung in its native name is also one of the universities that have good international relationships. However, currently, the university only offers programs for undergraduate students. They are still strategizing and developing ways of adding graduate programs for international students. Nonetheless, the quality of education offered here is still at best and in par with prestigious universities in other countries.

3. Universitas Gadjah Mada

As one of the top universities in Indonesia for international students, Universitas Gadjah Mada has built its experience and eligibility through the years of their service to their country. Being one of the oldest universities, it has established a lot of international connections that’s why out of the 5000 international students in the country, they have more than a fifth of the students’ population. Along with this, they also have the greatest number of programs offered only for international students that are taught in the English language.

4. Universitas Padjadjaran

The Universitas Padjadjaran is also one of the universities that are very strict on their admission acceptance. Even for international students, they are a very selective institution having a relatively higher standard that will be based on the students’ entrance exams, high school grades, and other past academic records. So, if this university is one of your prospective schools to attend to, make sure that you have good grades and clean academic background before applying to increase your chances of getting admitted to the university.

5. Universitas Airlangga

Next on our list of best universities in Indonesia for international students is the Universitas Airlangga, which is among the universities with a rich history dating back to 1851. This is the reason for their high exchange mobility with other countries around the world. The usual reason for these exchange programs is to promote international awareness that there are other types of education programs and ways of teaching other than their own. However, the university promotes exchange programs that emphasize research as the main reason or purpose for the exchange.

6. Universitas Pakuan

Unlike other universities that are mainly established and named independently, the Universitas Pakuan is just an extension or continuation of the Universitas Bogor due to population and distance matters. Even so, the university was never left behind from these independently established universities and instead, made their name to the best universities that can be found in Indonesia. However, compared to other universities having tens of thousands of students, the university only has at most 17,500 students including international students which will be suitable for smaller classes learning.

7. Universitas Trisakti

Universitas Trisakti is the only type of institution or university in Indonesia that is made or established by the government but is for-profit. This means that it is a private university or institution even though it is government-established. The main purpose of the university is to offer education for the upper-class society and international students at a reasonable price and use these funds as an additional asset for the country’s yearly budget. The university has also become the bridge of the country towards a good relationship with other countries by inviting some students to attend their institution.

8. Diponegoro University

Diponegoro University is a small international university having a small percentage of international students. Yet, for these enrolled students, the university offers a good quality education that rivals those big universities, so Diponegoro University makes our list of best universities in Indonesia for international students.

9. Universitas Hasanuddin

Universitas Hasanuddin is an international university that specializes in offering and teaching graduate and post-graduate degrees to international students. Here, only a small-scale yet very professional faculty can be expected because most courses that will be taught are mostly specializations. So, try to apply here if you are already taking up higher degrees.

10. Universitas Kristen Maranatha

Universitas Kristen Maranatha is a small private university that specializes in teaching and offering undergraduate courses. Even though it is an international university, international students have a small population of 1% of the total student population. Yet, Universitas Kristen Maranatha is still among the best universities in Indonesia for international students because of the state-of-the-art facilities, many accreditations, and a good quality education it offers to its students, international or local.


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