Top 10 Universities in Cyprus for International Students

Located in the Eastern Mediterranean, north of Egypt is the country of Cyprus. The Republic of Cyprus is one of the most populated countries across the world and is well-known for its mineral wealth and wine. The country is also a good destination for beaches, hotels, high-quality and affordable universities.

The education in Cyprus is of good quality, and is also affordable, making it a good choice for international students. From bachelor’s degrees to master’s degrees, the universities in Cyprus have a lot to offer their students. Because of the country’s choice to invest more in its educational system, students can be assured that the quality of teaching methods employed are beneficial and useful once they graduate and obtain a degree. Here, we will take some of the top universities in Cyprus.

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How satisfied are international students in studying in Cyprus?

With the advent of e-learning in most countries, some universities in Cyprus have opted to provide education through electronic means. According to a study conducted, though online education has not been as progressive as traditional learning, the universities are continually trying to improve their services to meet the current needs of educational standards. Generally, students are satisfied with the level of education in Cyprus, especially seeing as how the universities are trying their best to adapt to the changing times. International students can expect the universities they choose to provide them with up-to-date teaching methods in order to gain the maximum amount of education that Cyprus has to offer.

What are the most popular programs in Cyprus for International Students?

The most popular programs in Cyprus for international students are business and economics. This can be attributed to the fact that there is an abundance of degrees offered in the fields of business and economics in most Cyprus universities. There are also popular courses offered in tourism and dual programs that are internationally accredited. International students will have a lot of options to choose from, especially since the universities in Cyprus are both of high quality and affordable.

How many international students study in Cyprus?

Over the years the universities in Cyprus have been experiencing a steady increase in the number of international students who choose to study there. In the year 2019, the population of international students to total number of students enrolled amounted to 35% or a total of 17,000 international students. The numbers show that universities in Cyprus are one of the better choices available.

What is the most prestigious university in Cyprus?

The most prestigious university in Cyprus is considered to be the University of Cyprus, which is a non-profit public institution that had been established in 1989. The University of Cyprus provides students with numerous opportunities in terms of academic and non-academic achievements, which ensures that the graduates it produces are well-rounded individuals.

Best Universities in Cyprus for International Students

1. University of Cyprus

Established in 1989, this public research university has a rich history and prominent academic reputation in Cyprus. The facilities available in the University of Cyprus also offers a wide range of academic resources, such as a library that houses more than hundreds of thousands of books and electronic media. Because the university is also focused on developing its research facilities and projects, there are a lot of programs that students can choose to undertake if their given field matches the programs. Theis top university in Cyprus has also been able to produce more than a few notable alumni over the years, owing to the quality education it is able to provide.

2. Eastern Mediterranean University

Located in Northern Cyprus in Gazimagusa, the Eastern Mediterranean University was founded in 1979 and is part of the family of higher-education institutions in Cyprus. There are over a hundred undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees to choose from. The subjects are taught in Turkish and English, while the faculty provides a wide range of educational subjects, from social sciences to technological research.

3. University of Nicosia

The University of Nicosia was founded in 1980. It is located in Nicosia, and is known for being the largest university in the entire country. The fields of focus of the University of Nicosia are business, economics, and management. As one of the most prestigious universities in Cyprus, the University of Nicosia also offers other courses in the fields of social sciences, law, medicine, and engineering. It would make a good choice for international students looking to test their knowledge in newer fields, such as Master of Science in Digital Currency.

4. European University Cyprus

Established in 1961, the European University Cyprus is the oldest higher education institution in the country. It houses more than 6000 students in the Nicosia District of Cyprus and provides students with opportunities in undergraduate and graduate courses. The graduates usually practice their professions in the fields of high-tech innovation and technology.

5. Cyprus University of Technology

Owing to the name to which it was given, the Cyprus University of Technology specializes in providing students with knowledge in the fields of science, such as geotechnical sciences and environmental management, health sciences, engineering, and technology. Aside from this, this prestigious university in Cyprus is also active in its international projects and relations with other universities, making it an optimal choice for international students.

6. The Cyprus Institute

Founded in 2005, the Cyprus Institute is just one of the many universities that specialize in providing education in the fields of science and technology. The Cyprus Institute is a non-profit research institution that aims to develop research centers that challenge global problems, all while being able to produce competent leaders in the fields of science and technology.

7. Neapolis University Paphos

The Neapolis University Paphos is one of the top universities in Cyprus for international students. It was established in the year 2007 and is known for offering courses in the fields of economics, business, law, health science, theology, and other graduate courses. It is a private educational institution with programs and facilities that are modern and adequate for good quality education.

8. University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus

Originally an English university, the University of Central Lancashire has a branch location in Cyprus. The original campus was founded in 1828 and has since expanded to different branches around the globe. One such campus is situated in Cyprus and is considered to be the only private British university in Cyprus. Thus, this university will be a good choice for international students looking for a university with an international background.

9. Frederick University

Frederick University was one of the first private universities in Cyprus. Established in 1965, Frederick University provides its students with opportunities in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and the arts. There are undergraduate and graduate courses available to students who choose to enroll in the institution. Likewise, the university also offers maritime and oil & gas programs.

10. Girne Amerikan Universitesi

The Girne Amerikan Universitesi was founded in 1985 and is taught in American-style higher education. Located in Kyrenia, North Cyprus, the Girne Amerikan Universitesi houses a large faculty that teaches students in the fields of engineering, architecture, design, education, communication, and many other programs. The university also has more than one research center, as well as numerous international academic organizations.


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