How to Study in Ukraine for International Students (4 Steps)

Europe is among the richest continents when it comes to culture, economic values, and arts. Since the Renaissance period, the continent has progressed so much that they have a lot to offer and share with other people. This is the reason why at some point in time, Europe has become the center of education in the whole world. Especially in the field of arts and philosophy, many people and scholars around the world cross oceans just to have the opportunity of studying in the continent. Up to this date, there are still many aspiring students that wanted to experience the rich culture and history that Renaissance Europe has left. One of the places or countries in Europe where they can get the education they are looking for is in Ukraine.

Ukraine is among the countries in Europe that have preserved the history and culture of their country, as well as the values, arts, and knowledge about the past that is currently being taught in many of their state-of-the-art universities. The country has gained a high satisfaction score from international students because of the hospitality and concern they show for their students. Below is all the basic information about the procedures and applications to enter and study in Ukraine as an international student.

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1. Know the Cost of Studying in Ukraine

The cost of studying in Ukraine does not only depend on fees that are charged by the university for their offered programs or courses. It also depends on the expenses that you will be making during your long stay in the country. Fees such as daily living expenses, monthly accommodation rates, and monthly utility bills are the supplementary fees that you need to pay alongside with the fees required by the universities. In summary, here are some of the fees that you will need to prepare before preparing to study in Ukraine as an international student.

On average, university tuition fees cost around 1200 USD up to 5000 USD which solely depends on the degree program you would take. Aside from tuition fees, miscellaneous and laboratory fees cost around 800 USD up to 1500 USD annually and these will be dependent on the facilities and equipment available in the university. For your daily necessities, an average monthly allowance of 1200 USD up to 1800 USD monthly but this range is very dependent on the lifestyle you are living. Utility bills, on the other hand, are around 250 USD up to 300 USD depending on the period of your stay in your apartment.

2.  General Application Requirements for Studying in Ukraine for International Students

General English Requirements (Undergraduate)

The English language requirements is a necessary document and you must get certain points or score to be admitted to a university because all universities have certain minimum scores for any programs. This is very important yet it is not a mandatory requirement because the common language that the majority of the people in Ukraine speak and write is the English language. However, the major language used in Ukraine is Ukrainian and finding someone who speaks your language will be hard to find.

For example in the Chernivtsi National University page, according to them, there would be no general English requirements for the incoming international students because they must be able to understand and speak in Ukrainian to be able to study in Ukraine as an international student. In line with this, there would be an interview with the applicant in the Ukrainian language which will be the assessment if he or she will be admitted.

Almost similar applications and requirements are the same for the application or admissions page of the Cherkasy National University, there are no general English requirements but all documents when applying for the university must be translated in Ukrainian or else they would not be accepting the applicant. Some several subjects or courses are offered in English but the majority of the courses are in Ukrainian and you must know the language to easily adapt to the lessons.

Most universities adopt the same language requirements but there are no specific tests to take as a certification that you are proficient in the Ukrainian language.

General English Requirements (Graduate)

Almost no university for graduate students have been requiring a general English requirement before applying to any specialization course or program in Ukraine but the universities expect you to know the English language for some of your courses. Still, no tests or English language requirements are required for you to get admitted.

Application Requirements (Undergraduate)

Listed below are the things and documents that you will need based on the usual requirements of the universities:

  • High School Diploma
  • Assessment of qualifications
  • Proof of your nationality
  • University application or registration form
  • Application fee (General cost: 160 USD)
  • Copy of Grades
  • Student Visa or Residence Permit
  • Foreign Ukrainian certificate (if present)

Application Requirements (Graduate)

To study in Ukraine as graduate international students, these are the things that are needed:

  • Proof of previous degrees (bachelor or any equivalent degree)
  • Assessment of qualifications
  • Application or registration form
  • Application fee (General cost: 190 USD)
  • Passport or any proof of your identity and nationality
  • Student Visa or Residence Permit
  • Foreign Ukranian certificate

3. Application Procedure

The application process or procedure for undergraduate students in Ukraine requires less amount of documents and exams or tests other than other procedures in other countries. Instead, personal interviews and discussions in the Ukrainian or Russian language are conducted instead of written tests and examinations. But, before that, one must have an idea or choices about the kind of university they wanted to enroll in. The first thing that you must research is the availability of the courses or programs at the university that you wanted to pursue while studying in Ukraine as an international student.

After finding the university you have taken interest in, only then should you go to the university’s website and search all the requirements and guidelines you needed to take note of and submit. For example, on the admissions page of the Chernivtsi National University, the deadline for submission of the required documents will always be on August 18 starting from the first week of July.

The same procedure will also apply to graduate students. All forms must be first submitted online and the assessment of the applicant will start as soon as the university has scheduled their interview.

4. Apply for a Student Visa

In most of the countries that you would visit, visas are the first requirement that you should have processed because those will serve as your legal pass for staying in the country. There are many types of visas to apply for and each has its use, but for this situation, those who wanted to pursue their education in Ukraine must require a student visa. Student visas are the easiest type of visa to apply for as long as you have the necessary documents and proof that you will be staying in the country for the sole purpose of studying. To get a student visa in Ukraine, go to the government site of Ukraine and upload all the documents needed for the visa application. Wait for at most a month for the release of your visa.

As you prepare your things for your 4 or more years of studying in Ukraine as an international student, make sure that you also prepare yourself for the several changes that you will experience in your surroundings, especially to the culture and ways of the local people in Ukraine. Make sure to research about the do’s and don’t’s in the country but also try to have fun while pursuing your dreams.


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