How to Study in Qatar for International Students (4 Steps)

Studying or education is the biggest investment you can give to yourself and the most important asset that you can possess. It can open up doors of opportunities that may lead you through success and a good future. Of course, education is different depending on the place you will acquire it. Some places or countries specialize in education that is available in them, some offer an education that only they can provide because of the resources and equipment, and some offer general education to students because of their wide variety of programs and course offerings. Also, everyone knows that good education can be usually acquired from successful, powerful, and rich countries, like Qatar.

Qatar has been one of the richest countries in the world and among the most influential in terms of economic and industrial status. It is among the countries that can be found in the Middle East which is the number one supplier and exporter of oil in the whole world. This resource is the reason for their success and why many international students wish to study in Qatar. The country will serve as their starting grounds for their journey of success as they enroll at the best universities in the country, offering high-class education. So, if you are an aspiring student who wants to invest your studies in the land of oil, here is some necessary information about the country that you wish to study in.

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1. Meet the Cost of Studying in Qatar

Everybody knows that the cost of studying in any country does not stop in only paying the tuition fees, miscellaneous fees, and laboratory fees that will be charged by the university. Aside from these bills, you will also need to prepare for the expenses that you will be making daily and the monthly charges or bills that will be your responsibility as you study in Qatar as an international student.

For the university fees, tuition fees in Qatar are very expensive at almost 20,000 USD per semester and that is almost 40,000 USD a year. This price does not include other university fees and those cost approximately 5,000 USD per year. The daily expenses in Kuwait or the cost of living, it can be ridiculously high because most of the daily necessities are imported from other countries due to geographical reasons for the country. So, on average, the daily expenses cost around 1,800 up to 2,000 USD, and the monthly lodging costs around 1,600 USD up to 2,000 USD.

2. Meet General Application Requirements for Studying in Qatar as an International Student

General English Requirements (Undergraduate)

The English language is a very essential skill or quality that is needed if you want to be able to study in Qatar as an international student. If you have not learned the language yet, you are required to at least have the basic knowledge of communicating with other people because most of the people in any of the universities do not speak your native language. To assess this, aspiring students must take at least two language proficiency tests and pass them. These are the IELTS and the TOEFL. And for other universities, these are the required scores needed to pass:

For the University of Qatar, the minimum IELTS score requirement is 5.5. On the other hand, the TOEFL IBT score required is 61 and above. These score requirements are relatively lower compared to other countries because most international students in Qatar do not know Arabic and most people speak English.

However, according to Hamad Bin Khalifa University, their minimum score requirement for the IELTS is 6.5 or higher while the TOEFL IBT score must have a score of 79 and above. The university is a private university that has a population filled with English-speaking people that’s why the scores are relatively higher.

On average, universities in Qatar have IELTS score requirements of 6.0 and a minimum IBT score of 70 in TOEFL. Moreover, there are no other language requirements needed in Qatar for taking undergraduate courses because all programs and courses are taught in English.

General English Requirements (Graduate)

For the graduate students, the general English requirements were a bit higher than most undergraduate universities because most specialization courses are all taught in English and the country strives to produce internationally-ready students that can carry their name. So, on average, the minimum IELTS score requirement is around 6.0 to 6.5 while the TOEFL IBT score requirements are around 70-80 points.

As an additional note, there are no other language requirements needed to fulfill or to pass as a supplementary requirement for learning. Like undergraduate courses, programs for graduate students do not need any additional language requirements because the majority of the residents in Qatar speak English.

Application Requirements (Undergraduate)

Qatar Universities just need these basic requirements that will prove your application and identity to the universities:

  • High School Diploma or Proof that you graduated secondary education
  • Proof of Language Proficiency in English (IELTS or TOEFL)
  • Assessment of qualifications for the university
  • Proof of your nationality or passport
  • University application or registration form
  • Application fee (General cost: 60 USD)
  • Copy of Grades
  • Student Visa or Residence Permit

Application Requirements (Graduate)

Meanwhile, for graduate students, here are the things needed for them to study in Qatar as an international students:

  • Proof of previous degrees (bachelor or any equivalent degree)
  • Proof of Language Proficiency in English (IELTS or TOEFL)
  • Endorsement letter for the university you wish to take your specialization at
  • Assessment of qualifications
  • Application or registration form
  • Application fee (General cost: 60 USD)
  • Passport or any proof of your identity and nationality
  • Student Visa or Residence Permit

3. Applying to Universities in Qatar

In this part, a step-by-step walkthrough to guide you in the application process of any university to help you to study in Qatar as an international student. But before taking care of that, you will need to research and plan on what university you should choose. First, align your skills, passion, and interests to the university you want to enroll. Know if you could afford the university and the living costs of the town you are going to stay in. Always imagine yourself living for a long time in that place and try to realize if you could bear to pursue your education there.

For example in the University of Qatar, the requirements and procedures for application are located on their admissions page on their website. You need to carefully read the requirements for different students and submit them online on or before the application deadlines. For the winter semester, the first week of October is the due date while for the spring semester, it will be in the last week of December.

The same procedures will also be applied to international students taking up graduate studies.

4. After you get accepted, apply for a student visa

Getting a student visa is the first thing that you should need to do or apply for before even buying a ticket to the country you wish to study at. In the country of Qatar, student visas are the easiest type of visa to receive or get from the government of Qatar, especially if you have the documents proving that your only purpose is to study in Qatar as an international student. To get a student visa, you will need to meet the requirements needed on the government site and submit them to the embassy of Qatar. You will undergo the evaluation and after passing you may now go and prepare your things to study in the country.

Before hopping on the plane, make sure that you will be ready physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially. All of these are your important assets and weapons but could also be your biggest weaknesses so be careful there and have fun as you pursue your dreams.


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