Best Private Universities in Francefor International Students

France is one of the best countries for private universities in the world. The universities that are located here are well-ranked universities that provide great formal education with affordable tuition fees. The main attraction in France is the fact that international students are welcomed not only by the universities but also by the general population.

There are 2,159,200 students in total following their studies in France, from which 274,400 students attend private universities in France.

Private universities are becoming a major part of the educational system in every country, and that can be stated here where there are 84 private universities in France that bring forth variation and colorfulness for students to choose from. The increased number of private universities provides students interested in studying in France with more options, making it worthwhile for them to study there.

Private institutions are a great way to reach your academic goals and get that well-deserved degree. To help you out, check out the list below if you’re looking to study in a private university in France. Each university page provides you with specific details on tuition, admission, language requirements, available courses, and more. So, make sure to check the university pages! Let’s dig in!

Rank University Location
1 ESSEC Business School Paris, France
2 EDHEC Business School Lille, France
3 HEC Paris Paris, France
4 ESCP Business School Paris, France
5 SKEMA Business School Paris, France
6 EMLYON Business School Paris, France
7 NEOMA Business School Reims, France
8 KEDGE Business School Paris, France
9 Rennes School of Business Brittany, France
10 Grenoble School of Management Grenoble, France
11 IÉSEG School of Management Lille, France
12 Catholic University of Paris Paris, France
13 American University of Paris Paris, France
14 Catholic University of Lille Lille, France
15 Audencia Business School Nantes, France
16 IFP School Paris, France
17 EM Normandie Caen, France
18 Lyon Catholic University Lyon, France
19 Graduate School of Management, Chambéry Le Bourget du Lac, France
20 Catholic University of the West Angers, France
21 IPAG Business School Paris, France
22 ESIEE Paris Noisy le Grand, France
23 ESSCA School of Management Angers, France
24 ICN Business School Nancy, France
25 Graduate School of Information Technology, Electronics, Automation Paris, France
26 Montpellier Business School Montpellier, France
27 ESEO Angers, France
28 Burgundy School of Business Dijon, France
29 CPE Lyon Villeurbanne, France
30 Institut Supérieur d’Électronique de Paris Paris, France
31 ISG Business School Paris, France
32 EFREI Engineering School of Information and Digital Technologies Villejuif, France
33 Supmicrotech – NSMM Besancon, France
34 ISC Paris Business School Paris, France
35 Institute of Polytechnic Science and Aeronautics Ivry sur Seine, France
36 ESME Sudria Paris, France
37 UniLaSalle Beauvais, France
38 ESIGELEC Saint Etienne du Rouvray, France
39 EDC Paris Business School Puteaux, France
40 ESCE International Business School Paris, France
41 ECE Paris Paris, France
42 Graduate School of Agricultural Studies of Angers Angers, France
43 Paris Higher Biotechnology Institute Lyon, France
44 L’École de design Nantes Atlantique Nantes, France
45 ESTP Paris Paris, France
46 Institut d’Optique Graduate School Palaiseau, France
47 Brest Business School Brest, France
48 Leonard de Vinci Graduate School of Engineering Paris, France
49 EPF School of Engineering Cachan, France
50 Institut catholique d’arts et métiers Lille, France
51 ESAIP École d’Ingénieurs Angers, France
52 ESTACA Engineering School Montigny le Bretonneux, France
53 Institut Supérieur de l’Électronique et du Numérique Lille, France
54 ICD Business School Paris, France
55 École d’Ingénieurs de Purpan Toulouse, France
56 Catholic University of Toulouse Toulouse, France
57 CY Tech Cergy, France
58 ECAM Lyon Lyon, France
59 Pau Business School Pau, France
60 HEI Lille Lille, France
61 Strate School of Design Sevres, France
62 ISARA Lyon, France
63 EIGSI La Rochelle, France
64 École Supérieure du Bois Nantes, France
65 ECAM Strasbourg-Europe Schiltigheim, France
66 Higher Institute of Materials and Advanced Mechanics of Le Mans Le Mans, France
67 EBI – The School of Industrial Biology Cergy, France
68 ECAM-EPMI Cergy, France
69 ITECH Lyon Ecully, France
70 Graduate School of International Agro-Development Angers, France
71 Institute of IT and Engineering of Limoges Limoges, France
72 Graduate School of Foundry and Forge Sevres, France
73 Graduate School of Organic and Mineral Chemistry Compiegne, France
74 ESC Amiens School of Management Amiens, France
75 ESTA School of Business and Technology Belfort, France
76 ECAM Rennes Rennes, France
77 ESITC Paris Paris, France
78 Bachelor EGC Rodez, France
79 Adventist University of France Collonges sous Saleve, France
80 South Champagne Business School Troyes, France
81 ESITC Metz Metz, France
82 Valence Business School Valence, France
83 École de Commerce de Valence Valence, France
84 EPITA School of Engineering and Computer Science Lyon, France

How much does Private Universities in France Cost?

There are 84 private universities in France, out of which, we have tuition fee of 54 private universities available.

The average tuition fee of private universities in France for international bachelor’s students is 9,043 Euros with ranging from 2,000 Euros to 32,800 Euros.

The average tuition fee of private universities in France for international Master’s students is 7,197 Euros with ranging from 1,103 Euros to 68,000 Euros.