Germany Study VISA requirements for Indian Students

(Last Updated On: December 25, 2017)

Germany Study VISA requirements for Indian Students

Germany Study VISA requirements for Indian Students

Checklist for a German national visa for Indian students

  1. Valid passport (issued within the last 10 years and with at least 12 months validity left after the scheduled return)
  2. Application form & declarations duly signed
  3. 1 copy of your passport’s data page (A4 size copy)
  4. 3 passport pictures according to biometric specifications
  5. Cover letter from applicant explaining the exact purpose and duration of stay
  6. Letter of admission from German university (electronic version)
  7. Proof of payment of study fees, if applicable
  8. Proof of language proficiency in English and/or German (ONLY if course is taught in German)
  9. Proof of other academic qualifications , if applicable
  10. Proof of financial means to cover the costs for the time of your studies by one of the following documents:
  • Confirmation of scholarship/ stipend
  •  Proof of b locked account with Kotak Mahind ra Bank in India or a suitable Bank in Germany (please see https://www.deutsche- und – karte/konten- im – ueberblick/internationale – studenten1.html or offering/ ) in the name of the applicant showing a minimum balance of 8640 , – Euros .
  • In case you opt for blocked account in Germany , the proof needs to include the remark that the account holder can dispose of a monthly amount of 720 , – Euros
  • Confirmation of an annually renewable bank guarantee from a bank in Germany in the amount of 8640 , – Euros

You cannot withdraw more than 720 Euros per month from a blocked account in Germany .

However, especially at the beginning of your stay, you might be required to spend more than 720 Euros in a month (e.g. to pay a deposit when renting a room or an apartment). It is therefore highly recommended to make sure that you have access to sufficient financial means according to your individual situation.

11.Travel health insurance covering the period from your departure to the date of enrolment at the university (mentioned in your letter of a dmission) (approx. 3 months)

Please prepare two identical application sets with the above -mentioned documents and bring your original certificates along.

Please note that the German Consulate General reserves the right t o ask for additional documents or the verification of certificates, for which additional fees would be charged.

As your application will be forwarded to the competent immigration authorities in Germany, the processing of your application will take four to eight weeks.

You are therefore ad vised to apply well in advance of the proposed beginning of your studies.

The submission of the above- mentioned documents does not guarantee that a visa is granted. Submission of incomplete documentation or refusal to appear for a visa interview may result in the rejection of your application.

Germany Study VISA requirements for Indian Students

Germany Study VISA requirements for Indian Students

German Student VISA application form

Download German Student VISA application form :German Student VISA application form

Germany Student VISA FEE

Applicants shall pay a visa fee of EUR 60.

Embassy or Consulate of Germany in IndiaIndia


  • Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany in Goa, India
  • Consulate of Germany in Mumbai, India
  • Consulate of Germany in Kolkata, India
  • German Consulate in Chennai, India
  • German Embassy in New Delhi, India

 Germany Study VISA requirements for Indian Students

Step by step process for applying Germany Study VISA by Indian Students.



Choose your university in Germany

Tip: In many Indian cities, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides – free of cost – counseling on universities for students who want to study in Germany.

Please note: No VISA queries can be answered by DAAD!

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Start with the enrollment process

For enrollment at the university, you will require certified copies of your academic mark sheets and certificates. You can obtain these certified copies at the German Missions. Please schedule your appointment here


Open your blocked account

As part of your student visa application, you are required to provide proof of sufficient funds to cover your living costs in Germany. One option to fulfil this requirement is to open a blocked account at a branch of Kotak Mahindra Bank in India. You can also open a blocked account at a bank in Germany, although only two German banks currently offer this service.

Information on blocked accounts [pdf, 54.17k]


As soon as you have received the admission letter from your German university, please prepare the necessary documentation for your visa application using the following checklist:

checklist for student visa [pdf, 344.84k]


Kindly procure photos which meet biometric photos requirements [pdf, 1,350.34k] . These photos can be obtained, among others, at the following photo studios:

City Photo studio
New Delhi “Reflections” Digital Photoshop,

Shop No. 25, NDMC Market, Malcha Marg

New Delhi 110021

Tel: 0091-11-9910272944, 0091-11-99 68 00 85 87

Bangalore all branches of GK Vale photo studios

53/1 CP Ramaswamy Road

Chennai 600 018

Tel. 0120-2499 7239

VFS: Tel. 0120-664 1070

Mumbai Atlanta Photo Shop – Atlanta Bldg., Shop No. 7, Ground Floor, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400 021.

Tel.: (022) 2204 2762, 2287 2587, 4002 0130

Fax: (022) 3022 8484

e-mail: atlantaphotoshop(at)


Please fill out the Application form for National Visa [pdf, 621.91k] print it out, sign it and submit it along with the other documents.

To complete your documentation, please print out the following declaration and sign it:

Declaration on true and complete information [pdf, 213.94k]


Now you can schedule an appointment for your visa interview at your German Mission.


Shortly before your appointment, please verify the current exchange rate for your visa fee on this website and obtain the Demand Draft.

The visa fee has to be paid at the time of the visa interview.

Demand Drafts with incorrect amounts will not be accepted. Please note that the fee is not refundable, even when the visa is rejected.

The German Missions in India have partly outsourced the handling of Schengen visa applications to a service provider, VFS Global.


Step 1: Applicants can book an appointment for National Visa (Long Term) through our Helpline number: 022-67866013 or by writing us an e-mail at
Step 2: Applicants will be required to appear for a personal interview directly at the German Embassy with all necessary documents.
Step 3: National Visa include the following categories where the duration of stay in Germany is more than 90 days – Work Permit, Student, German Classes, Family Reunion, Au Pair, Specialty Cook, Medical Treatment, Guest Scientist and Visiting Scholars.
Step 4: Upon receipt of the approval letter from the embassy, applicants may submit their passport along with the approval letter for the visa issuance at VFS Centre in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Chandigarh or Jalandhar or Thimpu, Bhutan.

Germany Study VISA requirements for Indian Students