8 Cheapest Universities in Slovenia for International Students

I feel Slovenia, my way. This is the slogan of a country visited by 2.9 million people during 2019. They really wanted to feel Slovenia’s mild summer and freezing winter. They also got the opportunity to try its diverse cuisine characterized by a mixture of Austrian, Hungarian, and Mediterranean food and get to know its 50 dialects spoken throughout the country. Plus, if you’d like to take a breath of fresh air, this is your best option since forests cover more than 61% of Slovenia’s territory.

Slovenia has ranked among the best countries in studies that measure the life quality of their citizens. It is a safe and economically stable country with a GDP value that is worth USD 59 billion. Besides, it is in the top 40 countries with the best education worldwide, according to the U.S News and World Report. In this article, we will be looking at cheap universities in Slovenia for international students!

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Admissions are done through a centralized system

No matter what university you choose, applications and admissions are organized through a centralized system. Everything is done online through the web portal eVŠ. This applies to both private and public universities, and international students also have to register here.

The higher Slovenian educational system is divided into two types of training

Slovenian and foreign students can continue their higher education in either an academic or a short-cycle vocational program. The latter is a good opportunity for those students who prefer to perform practical tasks and to get familiar with the labor market and their future occupations.

Slovenia only has three public universities and less than 30 private institutions. Most private institutions specialize in one specific field, like arts or agriculture.

Depending on your nationality, your studies might be free!

International students from the European Union or from countries that have agreements with Slovenia don’t have to pay tuition fees at public universities. If you aren’t from the EU, you should expect to pay between USD 2,000 and USD 9,000 per academic year in most universities.

Cheap Universities in Slovenia

1. University of Ljubljana (UL)

The University of Ljubljana (UL) was founded in 1919. It is the most important university in the country and has 23 faculties and three academies situated across the city of Ljubljana. These offer programs in the fields of fine arts and design, architecture, law, mathematics and physics, medicine, social sciences, social work, theology, and many more!

Approximately 38,000 people, graduate, and postgraduate students, receive education every year at this cheap university in Slovenia.

UL has two general academic libraries: the National and University Library of Slovenia and the Library of the University of Ljubljana. Plus, there are around 50 libraries and Specialized Information Centers available for students in every single faculty.

Tuition fees per year for bachelor degree programs taught in English cost from EUR 3,000 (USD 3,300 approx.) to EUR 5,500 (USD 6,000 approx.). Programs in the medical field are more expensive and cost EUR 15,000 (USD 16,500 approx.). On the other hand, Master’s degree programs taught in English cost from EUR 3,000 (USD 3,300 approx.) to EUR 11,000 (USD 12,000 approx.).

2. University of Maribor (UM)

  • Estimated Tuition Fee: From USD 2,000 to USD 4,500 Per Year

The next cheapest university in Slovenia is the University of Maribor (UM), the largest university in Slovenia after the University of Ljubljana. It was founded in 1975 in Maribor, an eastern Slovenian city well known for its cultural and economic activities. In the Best Central Eastern European Universities list, UM ranks in 49th place.

This university has 17 faculties, which offer programs in the fields of arts, tourism, organizational sciences, economics and business, civil engineering, transportation engineering, architecture, among others.

The Library Maribor is the main library of the university. Moreover, despite the fact that only Slovenian students can apply for a place at the UM Student Dormitories, international students may have access to them once they are granted a scholarship by the Slovenian government or if there exists a previous international agreement with their country of origin.

If so, they will have access to a dormitory equipped with furniture and internet connection in facilities with laundry rooms, gyms, among others.

The Career Centre of the University of Maribor is a project meant to organize events, such as workshops and seminars, which allow students to get familiar with the labor market they’ll work in.

3. University of Primorska (UP)

The University of Primorska, one of the most recent universities created in Slovenia, was founded in the southwestern city of Koper in 2003. In addition to two research institutes and student dormitories, this university also includes a library that is free for external users.

It provides a website that offers many digital books and a section called “Ask a librarian” on which students will find the help they need by getting a quick and efficient answer.

This affordable university in Slovenia is divided into seven faculties of humanities, management, mathematics, natural sciences and information technology, pedagogy, tourism, and health sciences.

Tuition fees for study programs fully taught in English range from EUR 3,150 (USD 3,500 approx.) to EUR 4,500 (USD 4,950 approx.), and postgraduate degree programs provided in the same language may range from EUR 3,255 (USD 3,550 approx.) to EUR 7,000 (USD 7,650 approx.).

4. University of Nova Gorica (UNG)

The University of Nova Gorica (UNG), a cheap university in Slovenia, is located in the Slovenian western towns of Nova Gorica (in the frontier area with Italy) and in Gorizia (an Italian northern town). This aspect makes UNG an intercultural university that offers its students the opportunity to know cultural centers in the neighboring country and to create or even strengthen their multicultural ties with foreign students.

UNG has seven departments, which are separated into viticulture and enology, arts, engineering and management, humanities, sciences, environmental sciences, and graduate studies. It has ten research institutes that cover areas like astrophysics and cosmology, wine, information technology, among others.

An interesting aspect of UNG is its flexible teaching method called E-UNG, which is a virtual means that allows students to catch up on missed classes through videos. Students are also able to log in to the MiTeam platform where they’ll be able to find useful materials, lectures, and partake in video conferencing.

5. University of Novo Mesto (UNM)

  • Estimated Tuition Fees: From USD 2,200 to USD 4,500

The University of Novo Mesto (UNM) is probably one of the newest higher education institutions in Slovenia, as it was fully accredited in 2017. This is why it still has a small student population, with around 600 students.

Located in the city of Novo Mesto, this affordable university in Slovenia is divided into four faculties of health sciences, economics and informatics, mechanical engineering, and business and management sciences. They grant degrees in the three levels of studies.

6. Euro-Mediterranean University of Slovenia (EMUNI University)

Founded in 2008, the Euro-Mediterranean University of Slovenia (EMUNI University) was opened with the objective of being an international research university for the Euro Mediterranean region. It was created by four universities from Israel, Tunisia, Italy, and Slovenia.

All the activities performed in this university have the objective of addressing the issues related to the Union for the Mediterranean, which include areas like human rights, culture, the environment, research, and migration.

EMUNI University provides post-graduate education, short courses, and summer programs.

7. Alma Mater Europaea – European Center Maribor

The Alma Mater Europaea – Europan Center Maribor is a private university that is part of Alma Mater Europaea, an international university that belongs to the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. It is located in the city of Maribor but has buildings in other cities. It has another headquarters in Austria.

This cheap university in Slovenia offers programs in the areas of humanities, business, ecology, social gerontology, project management, nursing, European studies, healthcare, and physical therapy. These are available in the three levels of study of higher education. This university also has a Dance academy that grants degrees and diplomas.

Tuition fees for English-taught programs go from EUR 5,000 to EUR 8,000 per academic year. Programs are also available in Slovenian and Italian.

8. GEA College

We end our list of cheapest universities in Slovenia with GEA College. In 1989, a group of businesses and private companies decided to create a higher education institution to offer education and training to future professionals. This is when GEA College was born.

GEA College offers two-year programs in the fields of economy, accounting, catering and tourism, computer and information sciences, business administration, and social network organizing. Besides these programs, it also offers a master’s degree in business administration.

As for tuition fees, they go from EUR 5,550 (USD 6,000 approx.) to EUR 6,450 (USD 7,050 approx.) per year for EU citizens. Non-EU citizens will pay between EUR 6,850 (USD 7,500 approx.) to EUR 7,750 per year (USD 8,500 approx.). They offer scholarships that cover EUR 1,400 (around USD 1,550) of the tuition fees.


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