5 Cheapest Universities in Seattle for International Students

Seattle is a bustling city on America’s west coast and offers a range of affordable university options for international students. The city is surrounded by pristine natural landscapes that are a welcome escape from the demanding nature of tertiary studies. Within city limits, students are also exposed to traditional and contemporary cultures and as a non-native learner, this kind of exposure is vital.

Seattle is also home to giant global corporations such as Amazon and Starbucks, which have boosted the local economy in unfathomable ways. This allows students that head to this city to integrate with a more diverse business landscape than in many other cities and thus gain invaluable experience in both their professional and personal capacities. In this article, we will be looking at the cheapest universities in Seattle for international students.

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Cheap Universities in Seattle

1. Seattle Central College/South Seattle College/North Seattle College

The Seattle Colleges District is the cheapest institution in Seattle for international students and is comprised of 3 different colleges serving the city’s northern, southern and central districts. Together these 3 campuses serve as Seattle’s comprehensive community college. Thanks to this sheer size and diverse locations this college can offer over 130 programs over 8 different fields. The Bachelor’s programs are offered at Seattle Central and North Seattle offers Bachelors of Applied Science. South Seattle focuses more on practical skill development and has a range of career training and personal development courses.

International students can enroll in Associate of Arts or Science degrees and this equates to completing your first 2 years at University. Thereafter, your A.A. degree can transfer to several 4-year degree programs. Following this route will allow foreign students to study with very low tuition costs and seamlessly intergrade into the US college system. Furthermore, you can also undertake the professional-technical programs if you wish to enter a more practically oriented career.

2. Antioch University Seattle

Next on our list of cheapest universities in Seattle for international students is the Antioch University Seattle (AUS), a part of a university chain that has campuses all over the country. They offer 2 in-person undergraduate degrees, BA in Liberal Studies, and BA in Health Counselling and Phycology. Both these degrees have various concentrations to major in. Moreover, they have 11 other online BA degrees and a long list of graduate programs on top of that. This school is highly regarded for its phycology programs but they also offer very unique courses. One such program is the MA in Urban Environmental Education. The school places emphasis on exploring social injustice and promotes environmentally sustainable values.

AUS welcomes all students to apply to their programs but they do require proof of English proficiency through either a TOEFL or IELTS certificate (or similar). The ultra-modern building and facilities are eye-catching and here many students build the foundations for their careers in the field of phycology. They have over 3000 graduates from the Counseling and Family Therapy program since the 70s. Unique to this school; they have done away with traditional grading and rather implement “narrative assessment” that allows for students with various learning styles to flourish.

3. Seattle Film Institute

Jumpstart your career as a moviemaker by enrolling in the Seattle Film Institute, another affordable university in Seattle for international students. SFI is a private school that offers state of the art facilities including an on-campus screening room, audio recording facilities, and modern film making equipment. You can enroll in the BA in Film program and learn all the ins and outs of filmmaking and concentrate in one of 4 areas: Filmmaking, Acting for Film, Digital Arts, Animation, & Game Design, and finally, Audio Production & Sound Design. They also have 3 Master’s degree programs to choose from.

An adequate TOEFL score is required for international students but in some cases, a personal interview can be conducted instead to assess field-specific language knowledge. Seattle has a vibrant arts scene and international students benefit greatly from being immersed in this culture when studying in this city. They also offer online learning that is offered in collaboration with on-campus learning. All courses are available wholly online, split between in-person and online or traditionally as on-campus courses.

4. University of Washington (Seattle Campus)

The University of Washington is over 150 years old and is located in downtown Seattle. The university is highly rated and falls under the top 20 public schools in the USA. It is a top research institute that has earned no less than 7 Nobel prizes. UW has many highly regarded programs and their schools of Medicine, Engineering, and Business are amongst the top in the country.

More than 8000 international students study here annually and with around 950 student organizations there is ample opportunity for these students to integrate into this diverse student body. The school also offers excellent international student services that assist students with their visa procurement and navigating complexities such as internships. Studying at a school such as this allows students to delve into interdisciplinary research and explore many more majors than at smaller institutions. They offer an astounding number of courses, more than 1800 undergraduate courses each quarter alone.

5. Seattle Pacific University

The final university in this list of cheapest universities in Seattle for international students is the Seattle Pacific University. It is a private university in Seattle that focuses on the Liberal Arts. They offer 174 academic programs that all place faith-based education at the forefront. Popular courses include those in the fields of business, marketing, healthcare, and engineering. The campus is serene and offers ample greenspace in-between the modern buildings. Students can make use of advanced science facilities, a grand library, and a study center. They also offer convenient on-campus residences that cut down on your commute time and allows you an abundance of time to make use of these facilities.

Over 40% of their student body is from a diverse or ethnic background and international students can enjoy a safe and individualized learning environment. All the programs are open to international students and simply require proof of English proficiency as well as a translated manuscript to prove your high school completion.


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