5 Cheapest Universities in Philadelphia for International Students

Philadelphia is the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania and one of the most populous cities in the USA. The city is where the Declaration of Independence was signed and is seen as a very significant location in US history. There are roughly 30 universities and colleges in the city alone and they all welcome international students with open arms.

But education in America is notoriously expensive and might be a determining factor for many foreign nationals when deciding where to further their education. Luckily there are plenty of universities that offer top-class education at competitive prices and even offer scholarship opportunities.

Philadelphia is a vibrant city and a cultural melting pot. It is a great place to earn your degree and gain working experience as it is highly metropolitan and offers many such opportunities. The city also has a list of reputable tertiary institutions that have surprisingly affordable courses. Many of these universities offer excellent pre-med courses as well as other courses in the medical field like nursing. There are also various specialized fields such as criminal justice or sports management and marketing that might appeal to others. So whatever your area of interest is, it is worth looking into some of the cheap universities in Philadelphia as this city has a lot to offer international students.

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Cheap Universities in Philadelphia

1. Holy Family University

Holy Family is a private catholic university that was founded in the 50s. Here students can choose from 4 faculties: Arts & Sciences, Education, Nursing and Allied Health Professions, and Business Administration. Nursing and Radiology are very popular courses as well as sports management and education. Holy Family University is the cheapest university in Philadelphia for international students.

The school has created a Diversity and Inclusion team as an innovative way to empower students from all backgrounds. They have a small student body of less than 4000 but this ensures that everyone receives a highly personalized education. They have a 12:1 student to educator ratio and this is very appealing at such a competitive price point.

2. University of Sciences in Philadelphia

The University of Sciences is ranked under the top 10 schools with the highest percentage of Asian students and offers a very diverse environment for students. Here you can start your career as a health care professional by enrolling in their Pre-Med program. Several programs focus on pharmacy and health care services as well as science.

There are nearly 40,000 students actively studying there which nearly 5% are international students. The school guides you through all the steps towards attaining an F-1 visa and accepts undergrad, graduate, and transfer students. They boast more than 100 laboratories that are available for students to use and various residence halls that make on-campus living very convenient. The campus is constantly striving towards becoming greener and there are more than 60 clubs that students can belong to.

3. Temple University

Temple University is another cheap university in Philadelphia for international students and is a reputable school with an interesting list of alumni. This includes the members of the retro pop band Hall & Oates, popular DJ Diplo, Bob Saget, and Big Bang Theory actor Kunal Nayyar. Although the performing arts are popular here, it is their range of business and management courses that garner the most attention.

The school has more than 2000 international students from 130 countries which makes for a highly diverse student body. The school has gone to great lengths to set up a scholarship program for international students and assist them through their International Student Affairs service. Temple prides itself on its inclusivity and diversity and there are 100s of clubs for students to join that celebrate various religions, cultures, and political affiliations. It will grant a great gateway for international students to become integrated with such a diverse student body.

4. Chestnut Hill College

Chestnut Hill College, a cheap university in Philadelphia, is a small liberal arts college in downtown Philadelphia. They have arguably one of the most beautiful campuses in the city and they are in the top 500 college rankings of 2019. It is a catholic school and has several niche courses ideal for individuals who have a clear idea of their career path. Some interesting courses include Law Enforcement Administration and Criminal Justice as well as Human Services.

They currently have international students from 6 continents and the school’s relatively small size can be attractive to students seeking more individualized learning. The campus is ideally located for students to have convenient access to all the most cultured areas of the city. This college promotes a well-rounded student life where students should feel motivated to explore student life above and beyond academics. They regard your personal growth highly and provide ample support for international students to make a smooth transition into their life in a new city.

5. Thomas Jefferson University

We end our list of the cheapest universities in Philadelphia for international students with the Thomas Jefferson University. This university has combined with Philadelphia University in 2017 and offers a lot in terms of interdisciplinary studies. They have 13 different schools and institutions specializing in different fields. One such example is the Kanbar College of Design Engineering & Commerce. They offer many courses to choose from, including but not limited to architecture, fashion merchandising, and business administration. There is also an esteemed medical college as well as schools for nursing, rehabilitation sciences, and pharmacy.

This is another institution that gives exemplary assistance to international students with almost 1000 of their students coming from abroad. This school’s sports teams are also achieving great results and might be another attractive attribute to many prospective students. At Jefferson, you will be exposed to their “Nexus Learning Approach” which emphasizes a balance between practical and theoretical knowledge. This valuable knowledge will bode well when continuing your career after school, whether that be in the USA or abroad.


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