5 Cheapest Universities in Serbia for International Students

Serbia is home to almost 7.3 million citizens and it offers excellent education opportunities. Both the students from Serbia and International students can enroll. The universities are offering both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in different departments.

However, students can enroll with the universities at a low rate, making it easy on their pockets. To gain entry into admission, the students should have completed their higher secondary education and passed the entrance exam of the college.

The universities and colleges are public institutions where it is possible to get enrolled for a low price. Even international students are allowed to enroll in cheap universities in Serbia.

There is some difference in the tuition fee that is paid by the students of the city and the international students. However, it ranges from $500 to $2700 yearly.

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Importance of choosing a university in Serbia

Serbia, other than medieval importance, is offering plenty of educational opportunities to the students to enroll with the universities at a low price compared to what others are offering in the city. Ranked 66th on the human development index, it is offering plenty of options for exploring education opportunities both for international and city students.


How are the Serbian universities run?

The Serbian universities have two parts, and it is academic studies and applied studies. The academic studies are offered at three levels, such as bachelor, master’s, and doctoral studies. Even there are specialist applied studies that is a one-year program. The master applied studies are a two years’ program.

Therefore, along with the options of choosing universities, there are options for choosing from different programs.


Admission procedure at Serbian universities

When applying under the bachelor’s degree program, the students should pass the higher secondary education and produce a certificate at the time of enrolling for the bachelor’s program. When international students are planning to enroll in Serbian universities, they have to produce a list of legal documents that shall help them get admission easier.

It is mandatory to have sufficient funds and health care insurance when planning to pursue an education in Serbia universities.


Cheap Universities in Serbia

1. University of Belgrade

  • Languages in which lecture is given – English and Serbian
  • Estimated tuition fees for students vary from $1000 to $5500 per semester

With almost 31 faculties in the university, this cheap university in Serbia is offering four programs like Humanities, Faculties of Sciences and Mathematics, Faculties of Technology and Engineering Sciences, and Faculties of Medical Sciences.

As the departments run programs independently, the tuition fees vary from one department to another. It is among the top-rated institutions in Serbia that are offering quality education to both city and international students.


2. University of NoviSad

  • Languages in which lecture is given – Serbian
  • Estimated tuition fees for students vary from $2000 to $6000 per semester

The university is known for its technological improvements. Most of the educational programs offered are available in the science field. It covers a total of almost 400 accredited programs in departments like Master, Bachelor, Specialist, and Doctoral level. For the betterment of the students, this university collaborates with other European education centers for a better opportunity for research for the students.

Among the 15 faculties of the university, only 5 of them are known to offer lectures in English. The faculties include the Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, the Faculty of Technical Sciences, the Faculty of Medicine, and the Faculty of Sciences.


3. University of Nis

  • Languages in which lecture is given – Serbian and English
  • Estimated tuition fees for students costs within $6000 USD

This is another university in Serbia that is offering low tuition fees for students. This university is also offering quality education to both Serbia and international students so that they can become successful professionals. By this, it will be easy for them to get jobs in the desired field.

With 14 faculties and more than 24000 students, when looking for a cheap university in Serbia, this is a good option to enroll with. To get access to form fill up and other legal procedures of admission under this university, it is better to go through the official site of the university.


4. University of Kragujevac

  • Languages in which lecture is given – Serbian and English
  • Estimated tuition fees for students range from $1000 to $3000 USD per semester

Established long back in 1838 by Prince Milos Obrenovic but it got its recognition as a university from 1976 with 12 faculties. The departments are set in six different towns of Central Serbia. This is a well-known research center that makes it easy by offering low tuition fees for the students. Even the students, teachers, and the research fellow get a chance to acquire better knowledge from the university.

The engineering faculty offers lectures in English. This includes both the master’s academic degree and the doctoral engineering program in industrial engineering. Even under the exchange program, the students are able to study for two semesters without paying any tuition fees.


5. University of Pristina

  • Language in which lecture is given – Serbian and Albanian
  • Tuition fees for Serbian students – Part-time bachelors program $130, full-time bachelor’s program – $25, academic masters’ degree – $160 per semester
  • Tuition fees for students belonging to other cities and international students – $200 to $400

Founded in 1969 but it is now provisionally situated in Kosovo Mitrovica. This cheap university in Serbia is offering high-quality education, helping students to get a better perspective in education for setting better professional life. This cheap university in Serbia has ten faculties, and education is given in groups.

This makes it easy to offer better learning to the students. At the time of registration, students should have documents to show that they have completed their secondary education. This is necessary to be produced for the entrance exam.

Along with this, other relevant documents should also be furnished at the time of registration.

Therefore, the tuition fees tend to be low among other cities, and they can vary from one institution to another. So, the list of universities shall help to enroll with the right university that offers a low price for admission fees.


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