5 Cheapest Universities in Indonesia for International Students

Indonesia, which means ‘Indian islands’, has appeared to be the largest economy in Southeast Asia. Made up of more than a thousand islands, Indonesia has also acquired the reputation of being a desired destination for pursuing higher education for international students.

Besides being one of the major emerging economies of the world, this country also offers relevant higher education programs in universities of international levels. The quality of education provided by different Indonesian universities has attracted students from all over the world to study in those universities.

Indonesia has historically been the meeting point of people from different ethnicity, cultures, and languages. Quite importantly, the study programs offered by Indonesian universities are taught in different languages as per the requirement of the student. More than six thousand international students come to study in Indonesia every year attracted by the diverse higher study options offered by the universities at an affordable amount.

You will be glad to know that Indonesian universities offer higher study programs as required for you to build up a stable career. Thus, you will be able to find out suitable and respectable jobs for you anywhere in the universe.

Before going to Indonesia for pursuing higher studies, you need to know some important facts about Indonesian universities such as Indonesian academic sessions, study programs offered by the universities, and most importantly, cheap universities in Indonesia.

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Academic Year

Indonesian academic session for university students has mainly been divided into two semesters. February-June and August-January sessions are generally granted as two semesters by the universities in Indonesia. Any student, from other countries of the world, requires to follow this semester system for taking admission to any of the Indonesian universities.


Options for Higher Study in Indonesia

All the universities in Indonesia offer the following higher education program for international students:

  • Diploma 3 (D3) Ahli Madhya: This degree offered by Indonesian universities is equivalent to an Associate’s degree
  • Diploma 3 (D4) Sarjana: This degree can be considered to be equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree
  • Sarjana 1 (S1) Sarjana: It is also equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree
  • Sarjana 2 (S2) Sarjana: This degree is regarded as equivalent to a Master’s degree
  • Sarjana 3 (S3) Doktor: It can be seen as equivalent to a Doctoral degree

Most Indonesian universities offer these courses at an affordable range of tuition fees. We are going to provide details of such universities where tuition fees are comparatively low.


Cheap Universities in Indonesia

1. University of Gadjah Mada

Tuition Fees for International Students: Tuition fees for international students in undergraduate courses include:

  • Application fee: $70 – $90
  • Admission charges: $1800 – $9300
  • Tuition/ Semester fee: $700 – $1800
  • Tuition Fee Link

This cheap university in Indonesia attracts international students to come and study in Indonesia.

The University of Gadjah Mada, officially set up in 1949, offers international students scope for studying many subjects. Students get the chance of studying cultural sciences, mathematics, and natural sciences, social and political sciences, law, medicine, business, and economics at this university. This university offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs to international students.


2. University of Indonesia

Tuition Fees for International Students: Tuition fees vary with the study program a student is going to pursue. The fee structure is as follows:

  • For undergraduate program: Tuition fee $1500- $3500 + Admission fee $2000- $7000
  • For post-graduate program: Tuition fee $2000 – $2500 + Admission fee $1500 – $2000
  • For doctoral program: Tuition fee $2500 – $2800 + Admission fee $1500 – $2000
  • For specialist program: Tuition fee $2500 – $2600 + Admission fee $2000 – $2200
  • For professional program: Tuition fee $1500 – $2000 + Admission fee $700 – $1500
  • Tuition Fee Link

The University of Indonesia, located in Depok, offers undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral, professional, specialist, and vocational programs in diverse disciplines. Faculty like business and economics, law, dentistry, engineering, psychology, public health, natural science and mathematics, social and political sciences, nursing, pharmacy administrative sciences are offered by this university to students from all over the world.

The university has become one of the most renowned universities in Indonesia as well as in the world. The University of Indonesia established in 1924, has campus its urban campus in Salemba and its rural campus in Depok.


3. Institute of Technology, Bandung

For undergraduate programs, the fees structure is as follows:

  • Admission Fee: $3300 – $3500
  • Tuition Fee: $2200 – $2400 per semester

Master’s program fees structure for international students is as follows:

Founded in 1959, the Institute of Technology, Bandung has become a university that provides a better quality of technical education to international students. This cheap university in Indonesia offers international students the opportunity to study diverse subjects like engineering, information, and technology, sales, business development, finance and program, informatics, and project management.


4. Bogor Agricultural University

  • Tuition Fees for International Students: Tuition fee ranges from $170 – $860 per semester for undergraduate students. Tuition fee also varies faculty and program-wise.
  • Tuition Fee Link

This university offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and vocational study programs for international students on multiple subjects. Agriculture, veterinary medicine, marine science and fisheries, animal science, forestry, natural sciences and mathematics, management and economics, agricultural technology, business, human ecology are taught in this university.

This university provides diversified study programs at an affordable price to any prospective international applicant.


5. Airlangga University

  • Medium for Lecture: English
  • Tuition Fees for International Students: As learned from the official website of this university, the application fee for international students for admission in undergraduate courses is $90 for the February semester. Admission fees and tuition fees will be later informed on the website.
  • Tuition Fee Link

Airlangga University, established in 1954, is situated in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. This university has acquired fame for providing international students with the following study program:

  • Medical subspecialist (PPDS 1)
  • Medical subspecialist (PPDS 2)
  • Dental Medicine Specialist Program (PPDGS)
  • Doctoral
  • Vocational
  • Bachelor’s
  • Postgraduate
  • Master’s
  • Accounting Professional Education (PPAk)

In this cheap university in Indonesia, medicine, dental medicine, law, business and economics, pharmacy, veterinary, social and political sciences, public health, technology and science, psychology, humanities, fisheries, and marine science are taught here by experts with great care.

The details about these universities will help you to choose the program you opt for. You can also select a higher study program that suits yours with your affordability.


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