20 Cheapest Universities in Australia

Australia is a highly sought-after destination for travelers, holidaymakers, and even students. In fact, it is the third most popular destination for international students, behind the United States and the UK.

As universities in Australia charge varying amounts depending on the course undertaken, the values below represent an average of the international tuition fees, of each university.

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Cheap Universities in Australia

1. University of Sunshine Coast, Sunshine Coast

  • Undergraduate – $24,000
  • Graduate – $27,000

Rated one of the best universities in Australia for the overall student experience, USC brings state-of-the-art technology to the learning experience. Its CAVE2 3D visualization studio allows students to use virtual reality to interact with complex data of all kinds.

All of their programs include hands-on training and internships. This is reflected in their outstanding facilities, including a simulated nursing and paramedic laboratory.

Considering its standings, the University of Sunshine Coast is considered one of the cheapest universities in Australia. The educational experience and student life that USC can offer are definitely worth the fees.


2. University of Southern Queensland, Darling Heights

  • Undergraduate – $17,500
  • Graduate – $19,000

The University of Southern Queensland is the number one university, in the state, for graduate employability. It is a recognized leader in online and blended education. Importantly, the university has 27,000 students from around the world and 126 languages are spoken by employees and students.

USQ’s international tuition fees are incredibly low, which makes it an attractive option for those looking to study in Australia.


3. Charles Sturt University, Sydney

  • Undergraduate – $17,600
  • Graduate – $28,000

Charles Sturt University prides itself on improving economic and social wellbeing in the region and is at the forefront of creating sustainable ecosystems for future generations. It also has the highest graduate employment rate in the country.

CSU offers a wide variety of degree programs to international students at cheap tuition rates in Australia. It is also located in one of the most multicultural cities in Australia.


4. Federation University Australia, Victoria

  • Undergraduate – $26,000
  • Graduate -$28,400

This university is predominantly known for its Art Academy. However, it does have other priority research areas, such as Information Forensics and Security. Ranked at number 31 of Australian universities, the Federation has an international student population of 35%.

One of the future aims of Federation University is to attract significantly more international students. This is perhaps one of the reasons that their tuition fees are so competitive.


5. Southern Cross University, Lismore

  • Undergraduate – $26,000
  • Graduate – $32,000

Boasting environmental laboratories and a stunning visual arts studio, SCU also houses specialist teacher training facilities. When considering this university, it is important to note that it is ranked number one, in Australia, for international student support. They offer a variety of services from pre-departure information to dedicated advisors.

Southern Cross Univerity is one of the cheap universities in Australia considering its low tuition fees as well as high academic standards.


6. Charles Darwin University, Casuarina

  • Undergraduate – $27,000
  • Graduate – $33,000

Charles Darwin University is one of the top five universities for graduate employment and salary outcomes. One of its most notable aspects is that it is a member of Australia’s ‘Innovative Research Universities’. This membership is shared with some of Australia’s best universities.

Although its international tuition fees are higher than some others, in Australia, they are still very reasonable considering what it can offer its students, in terms of its top research facilities.


7. University of New England, Armidale

  • Undergraduate – $26,500
  • Graduate – $28,000

UNE was one of the first universities established outside of the state capital and so, has a rich and interesting history. Its prime research front runners are Animal Genetics and Livestock Breeding. Although this may seem very specific, it is a fairly normal aspect of university learning, in Australia.

It is also vital to know that, each year, this cheap university in Australia offers its students over $5 million in scholarships and bursaries.


8. Victoria University, Melbourne

  • Undergraduate – $29,000
  • Graduate – $29,500

Victoria University is one of Australia’s few dual-sector establishments. From 2006-2008 it was ranked in the world’s top 2% of universities. This is a huge achievement that they are very proud of.

As well as being committed to the economic prosperity of the region, they pride themselves on the impact they have had on the communities of Melbourne’s west.

The university’s international tuition fees are more than competitive and students would get the chance to live in one of Australia’s most cultural cities.


9. Griffith University, Brisbane

  • Undergraduate – $28,500
  • Graduate – $31,500

Griffith University is also ranked in the world’s top 2% of universities. It has a strong international outlook and is deeply connected to the Asian region. The university can boast international research excellence with extremely strong ties to many industries.

Admittedly, it is quite an expensive university to attend, especially as a graduate. However, its rankings are not to be scoffed at and one can receive a fantastic quality of education here.


10. University of Newcastle, Newcastle

  • Undergraduate – $29,000
  • Graduate – $36,000

A research-intensive university, this institution is consistently ranked in the top ten universities in Australia. In fact, it has ten subjects ranked in the world’s top 200 programs. One of its points of pride is its ranking of 8th in the world for Automation and Control Engineering. They even hold this status above Harvard and Cambridge.

With a focus on engineering and its world rankings, the tuition fees at this cheap university in Australia are not surprising. However, with the types and quality of programs on offer, international students can go into top-paying jobs in some of the world’s leading industries.


11. Curtin University, Bentley

  • Undergraduate – $29,800
  • Graduate – $41,600

Curtin University is not as well known internationally. However, it has an international student population of approximately 25%. It has strong ties with various industries and has formed many partnerships. Campus life is quite sport-oriented, with an on-campus stadium housing a full three-court indoor arena and a variety of centers aimed at different sports and training.

There is a steep difference in the international tuition fees of undergraduates and graduates. This could be due to its strong partnerships with leading industries. Receiving a graduate degree from this university could carve a path into some of the world’s top companies.


12. University of Tasmania, Hobart

  • Undergraduate – $28,500
  • Graduate – $32,500

The University of Tasmania offers a unique experience due to its island location. Its research opportunities can allow students to understand some of the most vital ecological challenges facing Australia.

It is a premier university for teaching excellence, receiving more awards than any other Australian university. This exceptional institution attracts many international students. It currently has 6500 students from around 100 other countries.

There is nothing to dislike about what this university has to offer, including its low international tuition fees. As can be seen above, it is very popular with international students, which is a very good sign when making a decision on where to study.


13. James Cook University, Townsville

  • Undergraduate – $29,500
  • Graduate – $36,000

James Cook is a world-renowned university. It has been judged as being the best university in the world in its commitment to the United Nation’s goal of reducing inequality. As well as this, it has been ranked as having a world-class standard in 38 areas of research. One of its points of pride is the Fletcherview Research Station, which creates an outback learning experience dealing with Livestock.

As this is an internationally famous university, it has a student population coming from 108 different countries. Surprisingly, it has one of the cheapest tuition in Australia.


14. University of Wollongong, Wollongong

  • Undergraduate – $30,000
  • Graduate – $47,000

This university is the highest ranking in New South Wales, because of its ability to produce top-quality graduates. It is a globally respected establishment and is labeled as being in the top 1% of universities, in the world.

Due to the aforementioned, the University of Wollongong carries a heavy price tag for international students. In some cases, you can pay a lot of money for a mediocre education. However, that is not the case here. At this university, you pay the price but you also receive an outstanding quality education and facilities.


15. Flinders University, Adelaide

  • Undergraduate – $29,200
  • Graduate – $34,000

Flinders University is ranked among Australia’s best for international student services and labels itself as a multicultural establishment. It has some of the country’s best state-of-the-art facilities and industry-driven degrees.

Flinders has a strong reputation as an excellent university and has international tuition fees that reflect that. However, when you consider the universities standings compared to others, you realize that it’s actually not a bad deal.


16. CQ University, Rockhampton

  • Undergraduate – $28,950
  • Graduate – $30,480

CQ University is another institution ranked in the world’s top 2%. It is the only university with a campus presence in every mainland state, in Australia. The university offers a diverse range of degree programs and hands-on training. It has a variety of workshops centered on trades and a commendable engineering technology center.

With students enrolling from 115 countries, this cheap university in Australia has excellent services for international students to make the integration an easy and smooth process.


17. Australian Catholic University, Brisbane

  • Undergraduate – $28,200
  • Graduate – $31,000

Being a Catholic university, it has a strong faculty of Theology and Philosophy and is a world leader in studies of religion and divinity. Although its primary focus is on these areas, it also focuses on degrees centered on education and health.

Although it is fairly new to the research facility industry, it is growing rapidly in this area and even has a campus in Rome. In some aspects, Australian Catholic University is quite unique in its approach and therefore could charge whatever they liked. However, their international tuition fees are reasonable and of a similar value to other Australian universities.


18. Western Sydney University, Sydney

  • Undergraduate – $26,800
  • Graduate – $30,200

WSU is the highest-rated university for employer satisfaction, in Australia. Its strongest programs are in Nursing and Ecology. They also provide unlimited learning opportunities with the chance to travel and work in more than 400 destinations worldwide.

This university has a lot to offer for the money you pay. The fact that employers of their graduates are so satisfied says a lot about the quality of education received here.


19. Edith Cowan University, Perth

  • Undergraduate – $30,000
  • Graduate – $31,500

Edith Cowan University is another establishment that isn’t as well recognized as some of the country’s other universities. However, this cheap university in Australia is actually one of the best in terms of the student experience. Couple that with it having over 6000 international students and it’s hard to understand why.

It offers a wide range of degrees with every program including a large practical component. The university believes that this is a vital experience for employment.


20. University of Melbourne, Melbourne

  • Undergraduate – $40,200
  • Graduate – $44,700

Melbourne University can call itself the number one university in Australia. It also ranks at an astonishing 32nd, in the world. It is Australia’s second-oldest university. Due to its reputation, it also has one of the highest admission requirements of any university in Australia. This established has not gone unnoticed with an international student population of 36%, coming from 130 different countries.

It is labeled as the country’s top university for good reason. It has over 100 research centers and institutes that focus on vital areas. They have an exceptional medical research facility and an institute of neurological and mental health.


Overall, Australia has an extremely high quality of education to offer. Because of the reputation of these establishments, the students have often sought after. Not only is its educational system one of the best in the world, but the high standard of living is a huge attraction.

Generally speaking, Australia is considered to be an expensive place to live. However, if you are a student, the living expenses and tuition costs are considerably lower than in the UK and the United States.


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