All 14 Colleges and Universities in Zagreb

Are you looking for all the colleges and universities in Zagreb? Here, we will go over the list of private and public universities and colleges in Zagreb.

In our database, there are a total of 14 institutions in Zagreb including University of Applied Health Sciences, Zagreb, Zagreb School of Economics and Management, and Algebra University College. Out of those institutions, 4 are public and 10 are private. Some of the public institutions are University of Applied Health Sciences, Zagreb, College of Occupational Safety and Health, and Zagreb University of Applied Sciences. Some examples of private universities in Zagreb are Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Algebra University College, and Edward Bernays University College.

University Name Location Type
University of Applied Health Sciences, Zagreb Zagreb, Croatia Public
Zagreb School of Economics and Management Zagreb, Croatia Private
Algebra University College Zagreb, Croatia Private
Edward Bernays University College Zagreb, Croatia Private
College of Occupational Safety and Health Zagreb, Croatia Public
EFFECTUS Entrepreneurial Studies University College Zagreb, Croatia Private
College for Information Technologies, Zagreb Zagreb, Croatia Private
RRiF College for Financial Management Zagreb, Croatia Private
Zagreb School of Business Zagreb, Croatia Private
European Business School Zagreb Zagreb, Croatia Private
Zagreb University of Applied Sciences Zagreb, Croatia Public
University of Zagreb Zagreb, Croatia Public
VERN University Zagreb, Croatia Private
Catholic University of Croatia Zagreb, Croatia Private

1. University of Applied Health Sciences, Zagreb

The University of Applied Health Sciences, Zagreb, is a modest institution in Croatia that operates both as a vocational school and a typical university. As an advanced vocational health school, the school specializes in technical health fields, but it also offers specialist health programs at the master's level. All this makes it a fully-fledged institution of research and higher learning, capable of catering to the technical and educational needs of health professionals.

2. Zagreb School of Economics and Management

Zagreb School of Economics and Management, commonly abbreviated to ZSEM, is a leading private school and the first business school in Croatia to be AACSB accredited. According to Eduniversal, it is the best business school in Croatia as it continues to offer new and innovative business programs like business mathematics and doctor of administration. ZSEM hopes to impart students with the skills, knowledge, and values needed to achieve success in an ever-changing and global business environment.

3. Algebra University College

Algebra University College is a skill-focused and student-centered university established to ensure students acquire the necessary competencies to thrive in a competitive global labor market. The university distinguishes itself by fielding in-demand digital courses and programs to give its students the edge in an economy in which digital jobs are overtaking the conventional. Also, Algebra University College constantly adapts its curriculum to match changing trends in technology and the industry.

4. Edward Bernays University College

Edward Bernays University College is a private technical university founded in 2013 in honor of Edward Bernays, the father, and pioneer of public relations. Focusing primarily on communications and management, the school offers up to four programs in the communications and tourism fields. Students who attend Edward Bernays University College are sure to come out with a competitive edge as the university takes an individualized approach to learning by working in small groups.

5. College of Occupational Safety and Health

The College of Occupational Safety and Health is an institution of higher learning in Croatia that is a part of SSBM Geneva, a Swiss business and management school. The school prides itself in being a globally involved institution, with students from around the world representing up to 70 countries. The programs offered at the school are not only for admitted students but also hold numerous training for international and national companies, giving the school a good standing with industry leaders.

6. EFFECTUS Entrepreneurial Studies University College

EFFECTUS Entrepreneurial Studies University College, commonly known as EFFECTUS, is a business school located in the heart of Zagreb. The university collaborates with many local and international industry leaders to provide real-time professional training and top-notch education for its students. It is also equipped with state-of-the-art learning facilities and lecture rooms to facilitate effective learning.

7. College for Information Technologies, Zagreb

The College for Information Technologies in Zagreb is a private institution of higher education and a training hub for prospective and current IT professionals. As a dynamic and technologically inclined university, it matches the ever-changing trends in the technology industry by integrating new tools and knowledge into its curricula. Taught with this flexible and practice-focused curriculum, students learn the skills needed to thrive and succeed in a globally competitive digital economy.

8. RRiF College for Financial Management

The RRiF College for Financial Management is a college in Zagreb specializing in training finance professionals at the undergraduate and master's levels. Since its establishment in 2006, the school has offered two programs for prospective finance professionals. The first is a three-year bachelor's program in accounting and finance, while the second is a specialist two-year master's program in corporate finance.

9. Zagreb School of Business

Zagreb School of Business was founded by the Public Open University Zagreb, which is a reputable university in Croatia with over one hundred years of experience and tradition in higher education. Located in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, the institution offers a vibrant and engaging environment for its students. The school offers courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels in business-related courses.

10. European Business School Zagreb

The European Business School Zagreb was established with the vision of being a leader in research and higher education, especially for entrepreneurship. It continues to work toward this by incorporating the values of academic and research excellence, institutional integrity, transparency, innovation, and partnership into its academic work. The university offers programs from undergraduate to graduate level, as well as lifelong education programs.

11. Zagreb University of Applied Sciences

Zagreb University of Applied Sciences was established as an institution dedicated to the education of engineers and is considered the largest polytechnic in Croatia. Presently, it offers study programs spanning three years for its undergraduate programs and two years for its graduate programs. The school is also known for organizing the largest mobile, web, and IoT solutions student competition in Croatia.

12. University of Zagreb

The University of Zagreb, one of the most elite Croatian universities, carries a range of cutting-edge programs explicitly designed to meet the demands of the various industry sectors. It currently offers degree programs in arts, humanities, engineering, natural sciences, and social sciences conducted in the Croatian language; however, the institute also provides a few English-taught programs open to all students. The university, regarded as one of the best in Europe and across the globe, and with its proven academic excellence, has transformed countless professionals and experts who are fully committed to contributing to the socioeconomic development of society.

13. VERN University

VERN University is a reputable Croatian university dominating in providing excellent education in the field of economics, management, and media studies. It trains students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and acquire admirable traits to become socially-minded professionals. And as a leading Croatian and European private university, it pushes students to become active participants in raising awareness of global and pressing societal issues.

14. Catholic University of Croatia

The Catholic University of Croatia (CUC) advocates Croatian customs and heritage preservation. Its education, aligned with Catholic principles and values, has also incorporated cultural awareness in its teachings. And while the institute is entirely focused on students’ progress and achievements throughout their academic years, it also shows immense support for their personal development, providing numerous opportunities for self-fulfillment and individual growth. Indeed, university graduates are known to be successful professionals who lead ideal lives.