All 12 Colleges and Universities in Yokohama

Are you looking for all the colleges and universities in Yokohama? Here, we will go over the list of private and public universities and colleges in Yokohama.

In our database, there are a total of 12 institutions in Yokohama including Institute of Information Security, Yokohama College of Commerce, and Ferris University . Out of those institutions, 2 are public and 10 are private. Some examples of private universities in Yokohama are Institute of Information Security, Yokohama College of Commerce, and Ferris University.

In these universities and colleges in Yokohama, the total number of students is 58,905, and the total number of international students is 1,687.

1. Institute of Information Security

The Institute of Information Security primarily aims to develop individuals that are willing to serve the community in the future. By integrating technology into the human resource sector, industries will have a much better way of solving problems and anticipating possible risks. As the demand for competent professionals increases daily, the institute continues to deliver its best effort in training learners.

2. Yokohama College of Commerce

Yokohama College of Commerce is a private university established in 1966 with the aim of developing individuals with advanced expertise in commerce and a strong passion to make a positive impact on society. Education at the university is focused on practical education and collaboration. Students gain industry knowledge and skills by working with professionals, experts, and stakeholders in local communities and companies. 

3. Ferris University

Ferris University is an institution that specializes in humanities and music. It maintains a learning environment where everyone gets equal opportunities to explore their program of choice, whether through collaborations, internships, or academic exchanges. Through this initiative, the university nurtures individuals who have a high level of creativity and know how to integrate technology seamlessly into their chosen careers.

4. Toyo Eiwa University

Toyo Eiwa University is a private Christian university founded by the Methodist Church of Canada with a mission to empower women, serve God, and contribute to society. It offers undergraduate and graduate programs in education, social sciences, and communication. The university also takes pride in its well-developed educational facilities and recreational spaces where students can socialize and participate in extracurricular activities. It also has a university chapel where daily services are held. 

5. Toin University of Yokohama

At the Toin University of Yokohama, developing and honing the skills and talents of students are the school’s top priority. The university offers a range of educational programs that are capable of addressing industry needs. These future-oriented programs include Biomedical engineering, law, and culture and Sport Policy. The university also provides numerous opportunities to help students progress and advance their knowledge and skills to achieve their fullest potential.

6. Yokohama University of Pharmacy

The Yokohama University of Pharmacy is a private institution that offers one Bachelor's, one Master's, and one Doctoral degree program. Its education lasts for 2 to 4 years and focuses on the field of Medicine. The school campus has seven primary areas divided into specific functions and purposes. Some of these areas are for student welfare, research, laboratories, and administrative lounges.

7. Tsurumi University

Tsurumi University is a research-oriented educational institution that offers programs in healthcare and literature. Starting as a girl's high school, Tsurumi University has developed and progressed to evolve as one of the leading universities in Japan. In the coming years, the university hopes nothing but to continue its goal of awakening the minds of individuals to help them achieve their dreams.

8. Kanagawa University

Kanagawa University is located in Yokahama, Japan, and it is the cornerstone of fine Japanese education in the area. This university is focused on elevating the educational level in the country by providing achievable opportunities for both local and international students. The programs offered are mostly focused on the social sciences, business, and management. The seriousness and affection that this university possesses can be seen also in its ranking, where they are among the top universities in Japan and the world.

9. Kanto Gakuin University

Situated in Yokohama, Kanto Gakuin University has trained students and contributed to its local community since 1884. As it initially started as a Baptist theological seminary, its Christian principles have been inherited by countless students throughout the years. And today, the school still shares the same values and traditions and aligns them with its programs.

10. Yashima Gakuen University

Yashima Gakuen University was founded in 2004 and is located in Yokohama, Japan. It is a private university that offers basic and specialized courses in different fields of study such as literature, language, history, religion, and museology, but it is best known for its lifelong learning courses. Scholarships and discounts are provided by the university to help students finance their education.

11. Yokohama City University

Yokohama City University was founded in 1949 and is located in Yokohama, Japan. It offers a wide range of full-time undergraduate, graduate, and non-degree programs. Over 5,087 students are currently enrolled at the university with 758 faculty members aiding their learning. Although its campus is small, Yokohama City University boasts great learning facilities, including lecture halls, libraries, and computer laboratories.

12. Yokohama National University

Yokohama National University is a public university located in the dynamic and innovative city of Yokohama. Students at the university have easy access to any of the city's thriving industries where they can gain insider knowledge and practical experience. Yokohama National University also has international branches in Vietnam, Brazil, Finland, Thailand, and the United States where international exchange and joint research programs are conducted.