All 25 Colleges and Universities in Washington

Are you looking for all the colleges and universities in Washington? Here, we will go over the list of private and public universities and colleges in Washington.

In our database, there are a total of 25 institutions in Washington including Bastyr University, Bellevue College, and Central Washington University . Out of those institutions, 11 are public and 14 are private. Some of the public institutions are Bellevue College, Central Washington University, and Centralia College. Some examples of private universities in Washington are Bastyr University, City University of Seattle, and Cornish College of the Arts.

In these universities and colleges in Washington, the total number of students is 226,585, and the total number of international students is 6,796.

1. Bastyr University

Bastyr University is a private university that fully concentrates on providing medical programs at the higher education level. The institution was initially established to offer naturopathic medicine programs, and it has since expanded to offer more innovative medical programs. Today, it continues to improve and grow to become one of the leading national medical universities.

2. Bellevue College

Founded in 1966, Bellevue College is a public institution that provides bachelor’s and certificate programs in various fields of study. Some of its popular study programs include business administration, nursing, computer science, and interior design. This state-assisted institution welcomes international students on its campus. Students enrolled at the college come from different states and over 57 countries.

3. Central Washington University

Central Washington University commits to delivering hands-on supervision in order to assess its students carefully. It promotes practical learning, which is why it allows students to perform in an actual professional setting. Employers praise graduates from the university due to their intelligence and competency.

4. Centralia College

Centralia College is a public institution that focuses on providing education in the most sought-after areas of the job market, like IT or healthcare. It offers a wide variety of professional diplomas and associate's degrees, along with 6 bachelor's degrees. Since it focuses on in-demand professions, the college combines classes with real-life experience. It offers training and internships through a number of partnerships that were made with different businesses and organizations. Its faculty tries to ensure the success of students while serving the local communities and adapting to their work needs.

5. City University of Seattle

The City University of Seattle is a private, non-profit university that is recognized as one of the top adult educators in the country. The university offers various degree programs and certificates encompassing health, business, and other fields. Aside from offering degrees in both undergraduate and graduate programs, the university is also in partnership with Canada, China, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Slovakia, and Vietnam.

6. Columbia Basin College

Columbia Basin College (CBC) is a community college located in Pasco, Washington. The institute has more than 100 associate degrees, certifications, and bachelor’s degree programs in various fields of study. The undergraduate programs currently offered at the institute focus on applied sciences and nursing. CBC values each student’s success, and the college thrives on providing a unique learning experience by giving them countless opportunities to hone their skills and talents to become competent professionals.

7. Cornish College of the Arts

Cornish College of the Arts is a private art college in Seattle, Washington. It was founded in 1914 as the Cornish School of Music. The university serves as a hub for artists to further their fine arts education and develop their creative thinking skills. Among the programs available are Acting, Animation, Film, Game Art, and Interior Architecture.

8. Eastern Washington University

Eastern Washington University is a public educational institution that offers over 100 study programs in different fields such as engineering, health sciences, mathematics, art, and humanities. EWU was established in 1882 and has been playing an important role in the region's cultural, economic, and social development. Its location in Cheney, Washington makes it ideal for several recreational activities like hiking, rafting, and other outdoor sports. 

9. Evergreen State College

Evergreen State College, a liberal arts and sciences college, offers several undergraduate and three master's programs. The college has fields of study instead of majors for the undergraduate courses. As for graduate students, the available master's programs are environment studies, public administration, and teaching. With regards to rankings, Evergreen State was ranked 50th among west regional universities by US News.

10. Gonzaga University

Gonzaga University is a private Jesuit Catholic institution founded in 1887. The university is fully concentrated on offering interdisciplinary programs in liberal arts. Such programs include business, education, engineering, leadership studies, and law. Moreover, the institution is aware that pursuing higher education can be pretty costly, and to reduce the burden on students, it offers numerous financial scholarships and grants to eligible individuals.

11. Heritage University

Founded in 1907, Heritage University is a private institution in Washington that has received numerous national and regional recognitions for its academic excellence. The university provides a broad spectrum of quality programs in environmental sciences, education, and visual arts, to name a few. Additionally, it actively promotes multiculturalism within its campus. Students of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to continue and obtain an education at the university.

12. National Defense University

National Defense University is a graduate-level military institution that provides advanced education for military personnel and naval forces. The university served as a consolidation of the intellectual resources and joint higher education of the national defense community following the joining of the following colleges: Armed Forces Staff College, the National War College, and the Army Industrial College. From its inception, the university grew to include other defense colleges, with the College of International Security Affairs as its newest addition in 2002.

13. Northwest University

Northwest University is a private institution that focuses on preparing students for adapting to today's globalized work industries. It offers about 70 bachelor's degree programs and 8 master's degree programs in its 6 colleges. Some popular programs include nursing, education, and Christian-related degrees. In fact, education here goes beyond the classroom, and as a Christian university, the faculty works on strengthening the relationship of students with their faith. This is done through chapel service, gatherings for worshipping, community prayers, religious groups, and global missions.

14. Pacific Lutheran University

Pacific Lutheran University was founded by Norwegian Lutheran immigrants and is sponsored by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The university was founded when the Norwegian immigrants decided to establish an institution that would produce graduates that would serve their church and community. Although founded as a university, the institution served as an academy, then as a college, until 1960, when it reclaimed the name Pacific Lutheran University.

15. Saint Martin’s University

Saint Martin's University’s history can be traced back to 1895. Its tradition is deeply rooted in Catholic Benedictine values, and the university has since instilled these values in its students to become responsible and mindful citizens. Also, this private university is among the leading higher institutions in Washington. Most of its graduates have been recognized for their contributions to society.

16. Seattle Central College

Seattle Central College is one of the three colleges that is part of Seattle Colleges. Located in Washington, this public institution primarily focuses on providing associate degrees, training programs, transitional studies, high school programs, and bachelor’s degree programs. Most of its programs are career-oriented, and it equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills. Furthermore, the quality of teaching is among the best in Seattle. Professors and educators of the college are highly competent and nationally recognized for their talents and abilities.

17. Seattle Pacific University

Seattle Pacific University is a Christian university. It offers many degree programs in different fields, such as business, economics, and science, among others. Among its remarkable training facilities, the university also has science buildings and a four-story library where students can learn and interact with one another.

18. Seattle University

Located in a city of innovation and global values, Seattle University is an institution for lifelong learning and competency. It offers over 60 undergraduate programs, 28 graduate programs and several professional certificates in the fields of business, education, medicine, and science and technology. Seattle University graduates are highly sought after by companies and recruitment firms, landing jobs immediately after graduation.

19. University of Puget Sound

The University of Puget Sound, located within the homelands of the Puyallup Tribe, is committed to uplifting the story and history of the indigenous people. Initially founded by the Methodist Episcopal Church, the university was set to surpass institutions of higher learning in the Country. Since its inception, the University of Puget Sound is continuously producing graduates that are competent and ready for life after college.

20. University of Washington

Adding to the colorful history of the West Coast is the University of Washington. One of the oldest and most prominent universities in the area, the University of Washington caters to students across its three campuses: Seattle (main campus), Bothell, and Tacoma. On top of its reputation for innovative research, it also boasts a strong connection with the tech industry, frequently collaborating with brands and housing tech startups.

21. Walla Walla University

Walla Walla University is full of dedicated professors that provide intensive supervision to students. The university is known for its rigorous academic curriculum that will truly heighten the students' educational experience. Over the years, it has begun to widen its doors for international students and continues to uphold Christian principles as its core values.

22. Washington State University

Celebrating its 132nd year, Washington State University (WSU) has established its high reputation in research and education. They have produced thousands of studies about agriculture, technology, and more. WSU belongs to the best research institutions in the USA, and as they move forward, they continue to educate more than 19,000 students at different levels.

23. Western Washington University

Western Washington University is fully committed to providing high standards of teaching and research to its local community. Throughout the years, the university has transformed numerous lives of its students by aiding them to succeed in their respective careers. The university continues to thrive to become one of the world’s leading universities. It has in, so far, succeeded in improving its quality of education and has since continued to develop innovative academic programs.

24. Whitman College

Whitman College is a privately owned institution that offers undergraduate studies concentrating in liberal arts. The university’s student body is comprised of high achievers. It wholly supports its students in becoming competent and skilled individuals by providing only world-class education, necessary training, and internships. In addition, it is fully committed to transforming the lives of its students.

25. Whitworth University

Founded and guided by Christian scholars, Whitworth University aims to provide high-quality learning while building a solid foundation in faith and values. This university offers undergraduate and graduate programs to local and international students. As they continue to deliver a well-rounded education, they receive several awards and recognitions in the educational field.