All 82 Colleges and Universities in Tokyo

Are you looking for all the colleges and universities in Tokyo? Here, we will go over the list of private and public universities and colleges in Tokyo.

In our database, there are a total of 82 institutions in Tokyo including Tokyo Healthcare University, Graduate School of Management, Globis University, and Showa University. Out of those institutions, 10 are public and 72 are private. Some of the public institutions are Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, Musashi University, and University of Tokyo. Some examples of private universities in Tokyo are Tokyo Healthcare University, Graduate School of Management, Globis University, and Showa University.

In these universities and colleges in Tokyo, the total number of students is 704,074, and the total number of international students is 15,941.

University Name Location Type
Tokyo Healthcare University Tokyo, Japan Private
Graduate School of Management, Globis University Tokyo, Japan Private
Showa University Tokyo, Japan Private
St. Luke’s International University Tokyo, Japan Private
Ueno Gakuen University Tokyo, Japan Private
Tama Art University Tokyo, Japan Private
Tokyo University of Agriculture Tokyo, Japan Private
Japan Women’s College of Physical Education Tokyo, Japan Private
Bunka Gakuen University Tokyo, Japan Private
Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology Tokyo, Japan Public
Toyo Gakuen University Tokyo, Japan Private
Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing Tokyo, Japan Private
Tokyo Future University Tokyo, Japan Private
Tokyo University of Social Welfare Tokyo, Japan Private
Tokyo College of Music Tokyo, Japan Private
Tokyo Kasei-Gakuin University Tokyo, Japan Private
International College for Postgraduate Buddhist Studies Tokyo, Japan Private
Musashino Academia Musicae Tokyo, Japan Private
Nishogakusha University Tokyo, Japan Private
Seisen University Tokyo, Japan Private
Mejiro University Tokyo, Japan Private
J. F. Oberlin University Tokyo, Japan Private
Teikyo University Tokyo, Japan Private
Otsuma Women’s University Tokyo, Japan Private
Sugino Fashion College Tokyo, Japan Private
Tokyo Zokei University Tokyo, Japan Private
Tokyo Kasei University Tokyo, Japan Private
Joshibi University of Art and Design Tokyo, Japan Private
Japan Women’s University Tokyo, Japan Private
Musashino University Tokyo, Japan Private
Nippon Sport Science University Tokyo, Japan Private
Musashi University Tokyo, Japan Public
University of the Sacred Heart Tokyo, Japan Private
Nippon Dental University Tokyo, Japan Private
Digital Hollywood University Tokyo, Japan Private
Seijo University Tokyo, Japan Private
Rikkyo University Tokyo, Japan Private
Sophia University Tokyo, Japan Private
Nippon Medical School Tokyo, Japan Private
Gakushuin Women’s College Tokyo, Japan Private
Showa Women’s University Tokyo, Japan Private
Taisho University Tokyo, Japan Private
Komazawa University Tokyo, Japan Private
Takushoku University Tokyo, Japan Private
Tokyo International University Tokyo, Japan Private
Kokushikan University Tokyo, Japan Private
Tokyo Woman’s Christian University Tokyo, Japan Private
University of Tokyo Tokyo, Japan Public
Kitasato University Tokyo, Japan Private
Toyo University Tokyo, Japan Private
Tokyo Women’s Medical University Tokyo, Japan Private
Rissho University Tokyo, Japan Private
Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology Tokyo, Japan Public
Tokyo Keizai University Tokyo, Japan Private
SANNO University Tokyo, Japan Public
Tokyo Polytechnic University Tokyo, Japan Private
Tokai University Tokyo, Japan Private
Hosei University Tokyo, Japan Private
Bunka Fashion Graduate University Tokyo, Japan Private
Nihon University Tokyo, Japan Private
Meiji Gakuin University Tokyo, Japan Private
Tokyo City University Tokyo, Japan Private
Jikei University School of Medicine Tokyo, Japan Private
Tokyo University of Technology Tokyo, Japan Private
Kokugakuin University Tokyo, Japan Private
Tokyo Denki University Tokyo, Japan Private
Tokyo Seiei College Tokyo, Japan Private
Gakushuin University Tokyo, Japan Private
Meiji University Tokyo, Japan Private
Aoyama Gakuin University Tokyo, Japan Private
Tokyo University of Science Tokyo, Japan Private
Tokyo Medical University Tokyo, Japan Private
LEC Tokyo Legal Mind University Tokyo, Japan Private
Tokyo University of the Arts Tokyo, Japan Public
Waseda University Tokyo, Japan Private
Tokyo Institute of Technology Tokyo, Japan Public
Shibaura Institute of Technology Tokyo, Japan Private
Tokyo Medical and Dental University Tokyo, Japan Public
Toho University Tokyo, Japan Private
Ochanomizu University Tokyo, Japan Public
Tokyo Metropolitan University Tokyo, Japan Public
Juntendo University Tokyo, Japan Private

1. Tokyo Healthcare University

Tokyo Healthcare University is committed to educating professionals in all areas of the healthcare industry, including managers, technicians, and medical engineers. Students will graduate with the necessary expertise, human empathy, and compassion in all spheres of the medical industry since not only doctors have to directly work with patients. The university has four campuses in Tokyo and three regional campuses, allowing it to offer more specialized degrees in collaboration with local and regional organizations. This way, students will graduate in areas that are highly demanded in Japan, like disaster nursing and midwifery.

2. Graduate School of Management, Globis University

One of Japan's providers of premier business education is the Graduate School of Management, Globis University, more simply known as Globis University. The institution specializes in MBA or Masters in Business Administration Education. It offers three kinds of MBA: full-time/accelerated, part-time/flexible, and online/flexible. You may also pursue Pre-MBA, which consists of individual MBA courses. Globis University has campuses in and out of Japan. You can expect modern and internationalized training that will help you build a robust, relevant network.

3. Showa University

One of Japan's premier medical universities is Showa University, founded as Showa Medical University in 1928. It was established to provide quality training to aspiring doctors, so they could become sincere medical professionals capable of meeting patients' needs and earning their trust. Dr. Shusuke Kamijo, the university's founder, was especially intent on this aspect of medical training to shift from the primarily technical and academic education that prevailed in medical schools of that era. Although Showa University continues to focus on medicine, its programs have since expanded to become more specialized and encompass other health sciences. Thus, you may pursue courses such as nursing, pharmacy, or dentistry at Showa.

4. St. Luke’s International University

St. Luke's International University is a private university in Tokyo's Chuo Ward. It was founded in 1920 as a nursing high school and became a four-year college in 1964. Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral programs in nursing, medicine, and public health are available at the university. Students can get hands-on experience at the affiliated St. Luke's International Hospital.

5. Ueno Gakuen University

Ueno Gakuen University is an old and traditional private university that was founded in 1952, but when tracking back its history, it can be observed that it has over one hundred years of teaching history. It is known for its programs in music and has a long list of alumni who have built careers in the music industry.

6. Tama Art University

Aspiring artists who wish to hone their talents in Japan would benefit from education at Tama Art University. This private institution in Tokyo offers highly-specialized art and design programs for undergraduate and graduate students. These include graphic arts, metalwork, art studies, and more. Classes are taught in Japanese at the two campuses: Hachioji and Kaminoge. Overall, Tama Art University is a well-ranked institution. It placed 201st among Japanese universities in the local rankings by Times Higher Education.

7. Tokyo University of Agriculture

Tokyo University of Agriculture (Tokyo NODAI) is a private institution that offers premier programs in agriculture. The university has been educating countless students since 1891. Throughout the years, Tokyo NODAI has been committed to providing courses dedicated to agriculture. And it is among the top private Japanese universities that offer cutting-edge and interdisciplinary specialized programs.

8. Japan Women’s College of Physical Education

The Japan Women's College of Physical Education, which was founded in 1965, is one of the most fascinating universities in Tokyo. This university is focused on women's sports and physical education as a basis for gender equality in this area. It is a known fact that the male gender is highly focused on sports and physical education, but this university wants to highlight the talent that women possess and that they can achieve great heights if they have the opportunity to shine in the given area.

9. Bunka Gakuen University

Bunka Gakuen University is prominent in Japan's fashion and lifestyle education. It evolved from a women's junior college founded in 1950 and has since expanded in terms of the variety of fields and level of studies it provides. It provides education from kindergarten up to the doctorate level. As per disciplines, it has courses in intercultural studies, language, literature, and other fields besides fashion.

10. Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology

Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology (AIIT) is a newly established graduate school in Tokyo. The institute offers top-tier courses and advanced training programs. These courses are designed to educate architects, designers, and technicians who aim to further their studies in their specific fields. In addition, as a public university, AIIT is operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and it plays an active role in managing its programs.

11. Toyo Gakuen University

Toyo Gakuen University was initially established as a women’s university in 1926. The school has undergone several redevelopments and improvements to provide the highest quality of education in the region. And over the years, it has ultimately grown into a well-established university that offers regionally recognized programs. Global communications, human sciences, and business administration are the academic disciplines currently offered at the university.

12. Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing

The Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing is a professional medical support university that resides in the suburbs of Tokyo, Japan. This university was founded in 1986 and since then it has provided programs in nursing, international health care, and midwifery. Even though this university is focused solely on nursing, it provides all levels of education and students can attain certificates related to those directions.

13. Tokyo Future University

Tokyo Future University is a private university in Tokyo that was founded in 2007. It has two departments for Child Psychology, and Motivation and Behavioral Sciences. Through these departments, students may get a Bachelor's degree in Childcare and Education, Behavioral Sciences, or Psychology. Additionally, hands-on practice and student assistance are provided with small group seminars, internship programs, and Regional Collaboration Projects.

14. Tokyo University of Social Welfare

Education at the Tokyo University of Social Welfare has the objective of training students in different areas of humanities so they will become experts that will serve the local and international community. The university has four undergraduate schools and three graduate schools distributed in its four campuses, which are located in the main cities of Japan. It offers a program fully taught in English that was designed for international applicants.

15. Tokyo College of Music

Tokyo College of Music is a very fascinating institution that focuses on the development of musical talents in Japan. This institution is not like the standard universities because it uses some of the most innovative techniques related to teaching. It was founded in 1963 and its success can also be observed in some of its alumni, such as Yuko Suzuhana, lead singer of the Wagakki Band, and Junichi Hirokami, a well-known music conductor.

16. Tokyo Kasei-Gakuin University

Tokyo Kasei-Gakuin University is a private university located in the Chiyoda ward in Tokyo, Japan. The school's predecessor was founded in 1925, but it was only recognized as a university in 1963. Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in a variety of disciplines are available, including human life science, economics, design, nutrition, and child studies.

17. International College for Postgraduate Buddhist Studies

International College for Postgraduate Buddhist Studies was founded in 1996 and is located in Tokyo, Japan. A 5-year Joint Doctoral and Master's program is offered at this school. It has two main buildings for lecturing and areas for administrative staff. Aside from these, there is also a library, an auditorium, and multiple dormitories for students.

18. Musashino Academia Musicae

Musashino Academia Musicae is an academy that aims to develop talented individuals in the field of music. Students who want to pursue this career path will experience exceptional education that combines theory with practice. The academy believes that skill alone will not suffice a remarkable performance. Hence, its curriculum is also inclined to teach students how to be confident in their craft.

19. Nishogakusha University

Nishogakusha University is a private university located in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. Its origins date back to 1877 when the Chinese Classics Studies Academy was founded, but it was not chartered as a university until 1949. Literature, politics, and economics courses are available at the Bachelor's and Master's levels at the university.

20. Seisen University

Seisen University is a private Catholic women’s college located in the Shinagawa ward of Tokyo, Japan. Its predecessor, founded in 1938 by the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, was chartered as a four-year college in 1950. Undergraduate and graduate courses in language, humanities, and cultural studies are available at the university.

21. Mejiro University

Mejiro University is part of the Mejiro Gakuen Educational Foundation, which includes Mejiro University College, Mejiro Graduate School, and Mejiro Kenshin Junior and Senior High School. However, Mejiro University remains the core that holds together all these institutions. There are three campuses: Shinjuku, Saitama Iwatsuki, and Saitama Hospital. These campuses host various courses offered for undergrad and grad students, including psychology, social work, media studies, health sciences, and more.

22. J. F. Oberlin University

J.F. Oberlin University is a private university in Tokyo, Japan, located in the city of Machida. It was established in 1921 by Reverend Yasuzo Shimizu and was named after philanthropist J.F. Oberlin. The College of Arts and Sciences, as well as five professional colleges, offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

23. Teikyo University

Teikyo University is a private university in Tokyo's Itabashi District. It was founded in 1931 as Teikyo Commercial High School and is part of the Teikyo Group, a multinational educational foundation. The university offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs on five campuses across the country, as well as exchange students on international campuses.

24. Otsuma Women’s University

Otsuma Women's University is a private university in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. Otsuma Kotaka, a pioneer of traditional women's education, founded it as a sewing school in 1908. Undergraduate and graduate degrees in home economics, language, literature, and communication are currently available at the university. "Nurturing maternal qualities" and "deepening the value of a gentle and generous heart" are central to Otsuma's philosophy.

25. Sugino Fashion College

Sugino Fashion College specializes in teaching fashion-related courses. It was founded in 1964 as a dressmaker's school and eventually gained recognition as an institute of higher education in 2002. Today, the college is well-known in its field and continues to help students learn various disciplines, including Costume Expression, Styling, Visual Merchandising, and Show Producing.

26. Tokyo Zokei University

Tokyo Zokei University (TZU) is a privately-funded institute that offers comprehensive art and design programs. This specialized university was founded by a design journalist, Kuwasawa Yoko, in 1966. She had successfully convened numerous educators, artists, and art experts to educate and train students in her school. Today, TSU has a vibrant academic faculty that is comprised of highly-qualified professors and experts working together to support the school’s creative and talented students.

27. Tokyo Kasei University

Tokyo Kasei University is a private institution that exclusively accepts female students. With the urge to educate and generate women leaders and professionals, the university has formed cutting-edge and explicitly designed programs to help develop students’ skills and knowledge in various study programs. These carefully-selected programs include studies in home economics, health sciences, humanities, and child studies.

28. Joshibi University of Art and Design

Founded in 1900, Joshibi University of Art and Design was established with the necessity to educate women to improve their social stratum. The university is a specialized art school that exclusively admits female students. It awards associate degrees, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in the field of arts. At the undergraduate level, the following departments that offer art concentrations are Fine Arts, Design and Crafts, and Cross-Disciplinary Art and Design. While Fine Arts, Design, and Art and Culture provide comprehensive programs at the graduate level.

29. Japan Women’s University

Founded in 1901, Japan Women's University is the country's oldest and largest private women's college. Among the university's primary objectives is unleashing every woman's potential, cultivating their knowledge and skills, and opening doors of opportunities for women to display what they can do for industries and society. The university also conducts career development courses for all of its students to support them in their chosen fields and help them achieve their academic and career goals.

30. Musashino University

Musashino University is a private university in Tokyo, Japan's Koto Ward. It was founded in 1924 as Musashino Women’s Academy by Buddhist scholar, Junjiro Takakusu. The university provides undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of disciplines, such as literature, global studies, law, economics, and data science. Musashino University is distinguished by its commitment to the ideals of the Hongwanji Jodo Shinshu School of Buddhism.

31. Nippon Sport Science University

The Nippon Sport Science University provides quality degree programs in the field of sports, including health science, physical education, and medical science. Several students inclined to athletics come to this school for their education and many have now become Olympic medalists and world champions. This university also provides a number of financial relief packets for students that are having financial difficulties.

32. Musashi University

The Musashi University is an institute in the suburbs of Tokyo, Japan that welcomes over 4,000 students. It serves as the educational standpoint for psychology and cultural studies. This institute was founded in 1949 and relies on traditional teaching techniques, but is currently developing its systems to adapt to new innovative techniques.

33. University of the Sacred Heart

The University of the Sacred Heart is a well-known private university in the bustling city of Tokyo, Japan, where it provides educational opportunities for close to nine thousand students. This all-women university is renowned for offering affordable tuition to local and international students. Several graduates from the University of Sacred Heart have become politicians, authors, and prominent scholars.

34. Nippon Dental University

Nippon Dental University is a large dental institution that takes pride in its numerous research centers and affiliated hospitals. These connections allow the university to train students comprehensively using the number of resources they have. The mission of Nippon Dental University is to develop excellent dentists with adequate academic and technical knowledge.

35. Digital Hollywood University

The Digital Hollywood University was founded in 1994 in Tokyo, Japan. It is a very unique institution that offers programs in the fields of digital communication. The courses are taught by knowledgeable faculty members who consistently encourage a growth mindset. Students pick up a wide range of skills as they study at the university through their courses in media art, anime, film, and more.

36. Seijo University

Seijo University is a private higher education institution in Tokyo. Although situated in a bustling city, the university’s area lies on a peaceful campus in Setagaya ward. It is considered a relatively small institution that offers exemplary programs that award bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. To aid students in developing their skills and talents to their fullest potential, the institute maintains to educate students in small classes to oversee their needs and interests individually.

37. Rikkyo University

Rikkyo University is a private, religious school in Japan affiliated with the Anglican Church. It was first known as St. Paul's School before having its present name and university status. A missionary bishop founded the university to focus on Christian bible studies and English education. Until now, the university offers religion and English-related programs and follows a Western pattern of education. The present Rikkyo University is a powerhouse compared to the humble religious school it started as. It is among the best globally, ranking high among universities and disciplines. For instance, it placed 251st in linguistics worldwide.

38. Sophia University

Sophia University, one of the elite private universities in Japan, ranks highly in international rankings, including QS Top Universities and Times Higher Education. It is primarily established in globalization, literature, and foreign languages, ranking 360th for Arts and Humanities worldwide. Besides such courses, the university has science, engineering, and religious programs. It is a Roman Catholic institution founded by the Society of Jesus.

39. Nippon Medical School

Nippon Medical School is the perfect option for those who would like to obtain an MD degree or for medical professionals that would like to conduct research or get a Ph.D. degree. Education here follows two fundamental principles: saving people's lives and providing healthcare service in a selfless manner. The university strives for training professionals that will be up-to-date regarding the latest medical technological advancements while providing the traditional emotional and ethical support usually given by doctors. The university has 6 fields of research, which are divided into dozens of departments, like the bioregulation and legal medicine departments. Its facilities include 4 hospitals and 3 research institutes.

40. Gakushuin Women’s College

Gakushuin Women's College was founded in 1949 and is located in Tokyo, Japan. In 2005, it took a two-year restoration to enhance the student campus experience. It offers multiple Bachelor's programs and one Master's program. These programs have a total of 1,610 students as of late, with around 53 of them from abroad. Around 44 faculty members handle these students and their education.

41. Showa Women’s University

Showa Women’s University is an exclusive and private institution for women. This is an excellent school for students who want to pursue a degree in liberal arts, as the institution offers comprehensive study programs. The university aims to be a global institution and has partnered with several foreign institutions to provide top-class education to its students. It also invites and admits international degree-seeking students interested in obtaining a degree at the university.

42. Taisho University

Taisho University is a very old but advanced university that was founded in 1926 and is located in Tokyo, Japan. This university is unique because it provides studies in almost every field of education, and students can choose from a variety of programs that can help advance their careers in the future.

43. Komazawa University

Among the oldest universities in Japan, Komazawa University was established in 1592 as Sendan-Rin School, a Buddhist seminary. It changed to its present name in 1925, and from 1949 onwards, the university opened faculties offering various academic programs in social sciences, business management, and economics. One of Komazawa University’s main goals is to provide high-quality education combined with Buddhist principles and teachings for students to gain the knowledge, skills, and values they can contribute to reshaping and reforming society.

44. Takushoku University

Takushoku University already has a rich history when it comes to providing high-quality education. Its principle is to nurture individuals that can contribute to the global community through their skills and knowledge. The university plays an active role in international alliances and extracurricular activities, enabling students to develop their expertise and values through diverse cultural experiences.

45. Tokyo International University

Tokyo International University is a research-oriented university that highly integrates international standards in its academic programs. The university's goal is to train business students and help them keep up with the industry's complexities. More than its strong relationships with foreign entities, Tokyo International University also offers career guidance for its graduates that are aiming for job opportunities in and out of Japan.

46. Kokushikan University

Kokushikan University is a private institution that has been educating students since 1917. The university aims to generate problem-seeking, competent, and responsible individuals who will play essential roles in society and the international community. The school puts in tremendous efforts to provide top-quality education to its students. Moreover, it regularly updates its curricula and makes necessary improvements to its teaching and research.

47. Tokyo Woman’s Christian University

Tokyo Woman's Christian University (TWCU) is an excellent institution that is exclusively for women. Based on its Christian principles, the university educates and trains local and international students to become well-equipped and sensible professionals who will contribute to the betterment of society. Presently, TWCU offers comprehensive undergraduate and graduate programs in select areas of study such as humanities, arts, and sciences.

48. University of Tokyo

One of Japan's prestigious universities, The University of Tokyo, continues to live with its vision of being a globally recognized platform for learning and research. As they aspire to build a community of leaders in society, they provide excellent academic programs to all levels. More than that, to expand their global engagement, they offer English-taught programs in some departments. International students at The University of Tokyo receive a well-rounded curriculum and services. They are able to attend various activities and events organized by the university that fosters engagement within the campus.

49. Kitasato University

Kitasato University is a private medical university in Tokyo, Japan, with campuses in Shirokane and Minato. It was founded in 1962 and named after Kitasato Shibasabur, a Nobel Prize winner in medicine. Undergraduate and graduate programs in natural sciences and medicine are available at the university. According to Times Higher Education, it is one of the top 350 universities in Asia.

50. Toyo University

Toyo University was originally created to fill a gap in Japanese universities: the lack of philosophy courses. Over the years, it has expanded but maintains the same principles of putting philosophy at the core of education, being committed to finding the truth and finding solutions to society's problems. The university has almost 30 faculties and graduate schools distributed on 5 campuses. It also has more than 20 research centers and institutes that specialize in areas such as sustainable development, social sciences, biomedical engineering, etc.

51. Tokyo Women’s Medical University

TWMU (Tokyo Women's Medical University) is a private university located in Tokyo, Japan. It was founded by physician Yoshioka Yayoi in 1900 with the primary mission to educate and nurture female medical professionals. The university offers medical and nursing degree programs such as Pharmacology, Neurophysiology, Forensic Medicine, Surgical Pathology, and Pediatrics.

52. Rissho University

Established in 1580 and considered one of Japan’s oldest institutions is Rissho University. It has educated countless students and has transformed their lives into becoming responsible and skillful professionals, leaders, and experts. The university awards undergraduate and graduate degrees in various academic disciplines. Some of the areas of study currently offered are business administration, law, Buddhist studies, economics, and environmental science.

53. Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology is solely the marine university in Japan founded in 2003; however, its rich and long history can be traced back to 1875. Currently, the university offers top-quality maritime programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Since its primary goal is to be among the top marine universities worldwide, the institute has been thriving and undergoing reconstructions to improve its education structure and develop more innovative programs.

54. Tokyo Keizai University

Tokyo Keizai University has been educating students for more than 100 years. Since it opened its doors, the university has aimed to become one of the leading universities in Japan. It has undergone several name changes and redevelopments to ensure that it will only provide top-quality education to its students. Today, the institute continues to evolve and develop programs that are not only career-oriented but also interdisciplinary and future-focused programs.

55. SANNO University

SANNO University is a specialized university fully dedicated to offering business programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. It has three campuses situated in Tokyo and Kanagawa. The university is known for providing innovative academic programs and first-rate training. It is one of the excellent business schools, especially for prospective students whose main interest is to pursue a career in the business sector.

56. Tokyo Polytechnic University

Tokyo Polytechnic University used to be an institution that focused only on arts and design. Because of technology and the modernization of society, it has evolved to become a research institute that integrates arts with science. The university remains steadfast in its mission of cultivating innovative and creative students that thrive in the world of media arts.

57. Tokai University

Tokai University's history goes back to 1942. However, the present Tokai University is the result of integrating three universities: Tokai University (the namesake), Kyushu Tokai University, and Hokkaido Tokai University. This private institution is well-ranked both in global and national assessments. For instance, it is ranked 247th among Asian universities by the QS Top Universities ranking site. The university covers an impressive range of courses. These are offered through its six campuses: Shonan, Kumamoto, Takanawa, Isehara, Sapporo, Shibuya, and Shimizu.

58. Hosei University

Hosei University is a prestigious, three-campus university in Japan. The privately owned university features modern buildings and equipment in Ichigaya, Tama, and Koganei for its high-quality programs. Although it started as a law school, the university has expanded its disciplines. Thus, its programs encompass the sciences and the humanities. Hosei University fares well in Asian and worldwide university rankings. For instance, it placed 451st in the Asian University Rankings of the QS Top Universities.

59. Bunka Fashion Graduate University

Bunka Fashion Graduate University was founded in 2005 and is located in Tokyo, Japan. It offers Professional Degree programs in Fashion Business Administration, Fashion Technology, and Fashion Design. These programs contain seminars and training for future fashion professionals. Japanese proficiency is still required at the level of N2. Despite this, most students in the university are from abroad.

60. Nihon University

Established in 1889 by Akiyoshi Yamada, Nihon University is considered one of the biggest universities in Japan. When it started its operation, the institute’s educational philosophy was “independence of mind and creativity.” And throughout the years, it has remained one of the university’s beliefs. At present, the university leads in providing exceptional study programs. It has a broad spectrum of academic disciplines offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including law, international relations, science and technology, business, health sciences, and engineering.

61. Meiji Gakuin University

Meiji Gakuin University is a Christian university that integrates science with Christian principles. Its exceptional academic curriculum and training programs allow students to explore academia with a strong presence of mind and passionate heart. The university's mission is to produce highly competent graduates that are not just intelligent but also empathetic and compassionate.

62. Tokyo City University

Since its establishment, Tokyo City University has remained true to its mission of giving quality education based on justice, liberty, and autonomy. The university is committed to training students in various disciplines, which is why it invests in outstanding facilities that enhance their skills and knowledge. It offers diverse programs ranging from human life studies to science and engineering courses.

63. Jikei University School of Medicine

Jikei University School of Medicine is one of the leading medical schools in Japan. With more than 140 years of educational tradition, it has contributed profoundly to the health care industry of the country. The university is known for its research and medical care practice programs that highly focus on the holistic well-being of the patient.

64. Tokyo University of Technology

Tokyo University of Technology is a private university devoted to providing high-quality education and innovative research in engineering, design, and computer science. The university aims to develop individuals who not only meet the needs of today's industries but can also translate their knowledge and skills into solutions to the different problems faced by organizations and society. Tokyo University of Technology has also established several international arrangements with several universities around the world for conducting exchange programs and joint research projects.

65. Kokugakuin University

Kokugakuin University is a private university in Tokyo's Shibuya District. It was established in 1882 as one of Japan's first universities to be recognized by the university system. Programs in Shinto studies, Japanese history, oriental literature, and community development are prioritized at Kokugakuin. They also offer a course to become a Shinto priest, which is only available at two universities.

66. Tokyo Denki University

Tokyo Denki University is a private university located in the Adachi Ward in Tokyo, Japan. It was founded in 1907 as Denki Gakkō but was only recognized as a university in 1949. The university specializes in science and technology courses. The top programs at Tokyo Denki are Engineering, System Design and Technology, and Science and Technology for Future Life.

67. Tokyo Seiei College

Tokyo Seiei College was founded in 2005 and is located in Tokyo, Japan. It offers educational opportunities in the fields of study for Administrative Nutrition and Food Sciences. Situated in Tokyo, students can easily access nearby shops in the city, like 7-Eleven, FamilyMart, and coffee shops. Recreational sites are also present, such as karaoke bars, hotels, and biking parks.

68. Gakushuin University

Gakushuin University is a private university in Tokyo's Mejiro district. It was founded in Kyoto in 1847, but it was re-established as a private university in 1949. Undergraduate and graduate programs in law, economics, and science are available at the university. As one of the most prestigious universities in Japan, most of the Imperial House of Japan have attended the Gakushuin University.

69. Meiji University

Meiji University is a leading private institution that provides first-class academic programs at all levels. The university started its operations as a law school in 1881 and has eventually grown into one of the most influential universities in Japan over the years. Today, it offers a broad spectrum of internationally recognized academic programs in various fields of study. In addition, the school attracts numerous local and international students as its campuses are located in the heart of Tokyo.

70. Aoyama Gakuin University

Aoyama Gakuin University is a private Christian educational and research institution located in Shibuya, Tokyo. Founded in 1874 by Methodist missionaries, the university has a long history of serving the local community and providing top-notch education integrated with Christian values. The university believes in every individual's potential to influence positive change to society and address its issues with creativity, intellect, and humility.

71. Tokyo University of Science

Tokyo University of Science (TUS) came to fruition when several undergraduate students from the University of Tokyo decided to establish their own school concentrated entirely on science. Despite the government’s support, the university experienced difficult challenges during its early years. However, since its founding members are strong advocates of providing academic excellence, the university thrived and has grown into an elite science and technology institution. Today, TUS is known for its high standards of teaching and research in Japan and across the globe.

72. Tokyo Medical University

Tokyo Medical University is one of the most professional institutions in the area, providing studies in the fields of medicine and nursing. This university was founded in 1946 and has one of the most well-prepared faculty and administrative staff in its field. The main value that comes from this university is that it has a broad range of degrees, from bachelor's up to Ph.D. degrees.

73. LEC Tokyo Legal Mind University

LEC Tokyo Legal Mind University was founded in 2005 and is located in Tokyo, Japan. It is a graduate school that offers a Master of Business Administration in Accounting degree. Aside from on-campus learning, online classes are also conducted on Sundays and Saturdays. Both on-campus and online students can afford scholarships when needed.

74. Tokyo University of the Arts

Tokyo University of the Arts is a perfect place to level up one's creativity and artistry. It is a university that develops artistic students in the modern world, integrating technology into its course offerings. The university has maintained an excellent reputation worldwide because of its comprehensive art lessons and well-adept instructors that are deeply knowledgeable in the arts and media field.

75. Waseda University

Waseda University is one of the most highly-regarded universities in Japan. It is considered the best private institution in the country and consistently ranks among the top 200 in reputable world university rankings. Waseda receives the highest number of applications in Japan every year. Several alumni have become Japanese prime ministers, CEOs, and influential artists.

76. Tokyo Institute of Technology

Tokyo Institute of Technology, more commonly known as Tokyo Tech, is a leading university that entirely concentrates on providing first-class education in science and technology. It attracts brilliant and talented students who aspire to obtain a degree at this elite university. At present, Tokyo Tech is also open to admitting international students. Aside from its Japanese-taught programs, it also offers English-taught programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

77. Shibaura Institute of Technology

The Shibaura Institute of Technology is a very valued university in Japan because it is seen as a representation of history and tradition in the Japanese education system. This university was founded in 1949 and it provides great opportunities for all levels of education to domestic and international students that want to study in the fields of engineering, computer science, and business. The true value of this university lies in the fact that it helps students connect to the outside world through different activities and programs.

78. Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Tokyo Medical and Dental University is one of the most prominent universities in Japan when it comes to medicine and dentistry. The university has valuable partnerships with hospitals and corporations, allowing students to gain sufficient exposure in the actual field. It highly supports research and innovation as it continues to do wonders in the global healthcare industry.

79. Toho University

The priority of Toho University is to provide optimal learning opportunities for students with high potential. With almost 100 years of experience, the university has already influenced the social and economic activities of the country. It aims to prepare students with the knowledge and practical skills needed to thrive in the professional field.

80. Ochanomizu University

Ochanomizu University is a Japanese institution founded in 1875 and is located in the country's capital - Tokyo. It offers Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral programs. Around 2,800 students are currently enrolled with over 300 faculty and administrative staff handling them. The university also provides excellent education at the Kindergarten, Elementary, and Highschool levels.

81. Tokyo Metropolitan University

Tokyo Metropolitan University takes pride in its active participation in numerous inter-faculty exchanges and research and development activities between industries and academia. The university deeply aims to heighten the level of research education on campus as it strives to widen its international scope in the coming years. Tokyo Metropolitan University has high hopes for its goal of providing an education that solves significant issues in metropolitan areas.

82. Juntendo University

Juntendo University aims to contribute to society by offering education in healthcare and research. The university maintains a diverse learning environment where students, regardless of gender and nationality, are given equal opportunities to prosper in their respective careers. It seeks to develop more motivated individuals that are passionate about serving the global healthcare industry in the future.