All 34 Colleges and Universities in Shanghai

Are you looking for all the colleges and universities in Shanghai? Here, we will go over the list of private and public universities and colleges in Shanghai.

In our database, there are a total of 34 institutions in Shanghai including Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences, Shanghai Xingwei College, and Shanghai Business School . Out of those institutions, 31 are public and 3 are private. Some of the public institutions are Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences, Shanghai Business School, and Shanghai University of International Business and Economics.

In these universities and colleges in Shanghai, the total number of students is 553,657, and the total number of international students is 26,042.

1. Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences

The Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences was founded in 1950. Through the years it was formed through the merger of the Shanghai Academy of Health Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Health Sciences, and Shanghai Medical Instrumentation College. The Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences is an undergraduate institution that offers health- and nursing-related courses, together with its affiliate hospitals.

2. Shanghai Xingwei College

Shanghai Xingwei College was established in 2011. It became an accredited college in 2014. Shanghai Xingwei College commits as a liberal arts college and continues to innovate it for future students.

3. Shanghai Business School

Shanghai Business School is a public center of excellence in China. It is a highly regarded educational institution that is known to offer Bachelor's degree programs and vocational programs. Moreover, since it was established in 1950, it has produced numerous graduates who have gone on to be successful in the fields of accounting, business, finance, as well as economics.

4. Shanghai University of International Business and Economics

Shanghai University of International Business and Economics is a public center of learning in China. It was formerly named Shanghai Institute of Foreign trade until the year 2013. Furthermore, it is regarded as an excellent business school not just in the city of Shanghai, but also throughout the whole country.

5. Sanda University

Sanda University is located in the city of Shanghai and has been working to provide the best education for students from all around the world. Founded in the 1990s, the university has strived to ensure that students from everywhere feel welcome at their university. The university is centered around their 19,000 students and their goal is to make a difference in each of their lives so they in turn can change their communities and the world.

6. Shanghai Institute of Technology

Shanghai Institute of Technology, founded in 1954, is one of the public academic institutions in Shanghai, China. It has more than 15,000 students across its two campuses in the city. The institute offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Engineering, Science, and Technology.

7. Shanghai Theatre Academy

Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) is a public art institution in China and was formerly known as the Shanghai Municipal Experimental Theatre School. The academy covers various art disciplines, including theater, Chinese opera, dance, film, TV, etc. Four campuses comprise STA: Huashan, Lianhua, Hongqiao, and Changlin. Each campus is home to a specific discipline.

8. Shanghai University of Sports

Shanghai University of Sports (SUS) is one of China's "Double First-Class University". It's a recognition given to the country's most elite universities and colleges. The institution is also the very first sports university in mainland China. SUS currently ranks first in Asia and top 51-75 worldwide for its outstanding performance in sports science and physical education-related courses. Not only does this university specializes in sports, but it's a comprehensive and multidisciplinary institution offering degree programs in management, science, literature, medicine, and arts featuring sports.

9. Shanghai University of Electric Power

Established in the early 1950s, Shanghai University of Electric Power offers courses focused mainly on engineering, science, and technology. The university has around 12,000 students all studying to pursue their dreams. The university is striving to educate these students to change their communities and make the world of electronics, engineering, and science a better place.

10. Shanghai Second Polytechnic University

Shanghai Second Polytechnic University, also referred to as Shanghai Polytechnic University, is one of the public institutions for higher learning in Shanghai, China. Since its foundation in 1960, the university has undergone significant improvements. At present, the university offers undergraduate and master's degree programs in Engineering, Business, and Arts.

11. Shanghai Dianji University

Shanghai Dianji University was founded in 1953 originally as a machinery manufacturing school. After several decades, the school transitioned to focus on Engineering education, with most of its degree programs being at the undergraduate level. Currently, the university has more than 12,900 students on its two campuses in Shanghai, China.

12. Shanghai Institute of Visual Art

Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, also known as SIVA, was established in 2005. As a public university, SIVA offers various programs in media, design, fashion, performing arts, etc. As of 2013, SIVA became a completely independent institute and is not affiliated anymore with Fudan University.

13. Shanghai Jian Qiao University

Shanghai Jian Qiao University is a non-profit private university established in 2000 by the Shanghai Jian Qiao Group. The university focuses its academic offerings on undergraduate programs in various disciplines, such as Business, Engineering, Art Design, and Communication. It currently has more than 17,000 students and a 65-hectare campus in Pudong District.

14. Shanghai Conservatory of Music

The Shanghai Conservatory of Music was originally named the National Conservatory of Music when it was established in 1927. It is known as the first tertiary academic institution for music in China. SHCM has earned its nickname as "a cradle for musicians" because of its excellence in education and research in the performing arts and for producing numerous notable artists for over 90 years.

15. Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine was established in 1956. It was formerly known as Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine College before officially using its current name in 1993. The university is one of the pioneers in providing higher education in the specialized field of Chinese medicine. As the institution progresses, its primary goal is to provide improved and advanced teaching and research to its students without straining the original context of traditional Chinese medicine.

16. Shanghai Tech University

ShanghaiTech University is a public educational institution in China. It opened its doors to students in the year 2013. Despite being a relatively young center of learning, it is popular for being a distinguished university in the bustling city of Shanghai.

17. Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance

Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance is a public university in China. Its roots can be traced back to 1928, but it was officially formed in 2016 when the Lixin University of Commerce and Shanghai Finance University merged into one institution. Moreover, it is well-known as a leading business-focused center of learning in the country.

18. Shanghai University of Political Science and Law

Situated at the foot of Sheshan Mountain, Shanghai University of Political Science and Law offers a warm environment for both its domestic and international students. The university vouches for practicality and application, producing intellectual students with realistic skills. For decades, the Shanghai University of Political Science and Law has already secured a spot among excellent political science universities in Shanghai.

19. Shanghai Maritime University

Founded in 1959, Shanghai Maritime University is a public university in China. It offers degree programs in various disciplines aligned with the shipping and logistics industries. With over 26,000 students taking English and Chinese courses, the university is among the significant providers of globally competitive education in the country.

20. Shanghai Ocean University

Shanghai Ocean University is a public institute of tertiary studies in China. Its historical roots can be traced back to 1912, and at the time, it was named Jiangsu Provincial Fisheries College. Today, it has two campuses and offers various courses spread out across its 14 faculties.

21. Donghua University

With three campuses, Donghua University has been educating students for over the last 70 years. Situated in the city of Shanghai, the university has a focus on the work of textile, research, chemistry, and biology. Training students to become the leaders of the future is the mind and goal of Donghua University.

22. China Europe International Business School

The China Europe International Business School was established in 1994 and was built by the Chinese government and European Union. It's the first business school in China, and they offer several master's degrees in business and related fields. This school aims to create leaders in the business field as they move forward with the economy. They have been highly accredited by business organizations, proving their excellence in the field.

23. Shanghai Normal University

One of Shanghai's top centers of learning for tertiary students is none other than Shanghai Normal University (SHNU). It is a public research university that was established more than 50 years ago. Moreover, as one of the city's best institutions, it is noted for producing graduates who turn out to be successful individuals in their chosen fields.

24. Shanghai University of Engineering Science

Shanghai University of Engineering Science (SUES) is a public institution focusing on engineering, economics, arts, management, and design. It comprises three campuses: Songjiang, Changning, and Hongkou. These campuses offer many undergraduate and graduate courses. These courses are high caliber, especially its engineering programs that are part of the world's top 1%.

25. University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

The University of Shanghai for Science and Technology is a public institution focused on engineering and applied research in science, economics, arts, and other fields. It comprises two campuses (Jungong Road and Fuxing Road). It also works closely with other universities and institutions, forming alliances dedicated to engineering, medical engineering, and the machinery industry. For sure, opportunities abound for its students.

26. East China University of Political Science and Law

The East China University of Political Science and Law in Shanghai, China, is a public institution specializing in legal and political science subjects. It comprises 22 faculties and two campuses (Changning and Songjiang). Students get to choose from many specialized undergraduate and graduate courses.

27. East China University of Science and Technology

The East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) is located in the dynamic area of Shanghai. The institution puts importance on both education and research. It offers a wide variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, some of which are offered in the English language. The school is also selective when it comes to admissions since they are only accepting students who reached the top 5% in the National College Entrance Examination.

28. Shanghai International Studies University

Shanghai International Studies University specializes in teaching languages and literature. It actively encourages the development of a global perspective and offers excellent programs that aim to train future global leaders. It operates on two campuses and is home to state-of-the-art linguistic laboratories, interpretation systems, and vast libraries.

29. Fudan University

Fudan University has four total campuses located throughout China. The university holds a variety of challenging courses of study, including history, science, research and more. Fudan University desires to challenge their students in the education of their chosen field and help them learn to take on the world.

30. Shanghai University

Shanghai University was established in 1922, with the initial purpose of molding figures in the Chinese revolution. As a result of the Shanghai Massacre on April 12, 1927, the school was closed and was only reopened in 1983. Shanghai University, or SHU, has since become one of the renowned and recognized universities around the world.

31. Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

The roots of the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics can be traced to 1917, when a business program under a higher normal school was opened and 1921, when the first commercial university in China was established. Since then, the institution has been transformed from a single program into elite university offering courses in economics, law, management, arts, and science. It is also a Double First-Class and Project 211 University.

32. Tongji University

Tongji University is one of the most prestigious and selective academic institutes in China, ranking among the top 1% of schools in the world. It was founded by German physicians in 1907 as a medical school and is proud of its rich history and tradition. Today, Tongji is best known for its programs in engineering and architecture, but also boasts excellent academic instruction in several other fields.

33. East China Normal University

East China Normal University, founded in 1951, is one of the universities located in Shanghai, China. The university is known for its nickname "Garden University," with its campuses in the Putuo and Minha districts occupying an area of more than 207 hectares. From its initial focus on teacher training, the university's academic profile has extended to scientific research, talent training, global education, and community service.

34. Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, founded in 1896, is one of the best universities in China and has been among the top 100 in several prestigious university rankings. There are more than 31,000 students in the university and over 2,500 international students. The university focuses on the internationalization of its academic prestige, strengthening its global influence and future-oriented strategies.