All 19 Colleges and Universities in Quezon

Are you looking for all the colleges and universities in Quezon? Here, we will go over the list of private and public universities and colleges in Quezon.

In our database, there are a total of 19 institutions in Quezon including Miriam College, National Defense College of the Philippines, and St. Marys College . Out of those institutions, 3 are public and 16 are private. Some examples of private universities in Quezon are Miriam College, St. Marys College, and AMA University.

In these universities and colleges in Quezon, the total number of students is 265,496.

1. Miriam College

Miriam College is a Catholic university that offers high school, Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral education. For over 90 years, it has stayed true to its core values of Truth, Justice, Peace, and Integrity. Social concerns are also elevated by three advocate centers for Peace, Environment, and Gender. More student service facilities can be found on campus such as residence halls, a music center, and a cafeteria.

2. National Defense College of the Philippines

The National Defense College of the Philippines was established by the national government in 1963 to provide military education and training. The Master in National Security Administration Program provided by the college is designed to prepare future leaders, officials, and policy-makers in tackling different problems and concerns in national defense and security. The college also conducts intensive research focusing on different matters of national security, international politics, and international cooperation. 

3. St. Marys College

Tracing its root in 1725, St. Mary's College is a Catholic school in Quezon City, Philippines. They are guided by their vision of being one of the best Catholic schools in Asia. As they offer undergraduate degrees in the field of Psychology, Education, and Business Administration, they also provide various school services to build student engagement on campus.

4. AMA University

AMA University is a private institution known for specializing in IT education. It strives for giving integral training to students so they become leaders in their areas and useful human beings for society. It not only offers technology-related programs but also arts, sciences, and business administration degrees. The university has flexible curricula and gives students the opportunity of studying online if needed.

5. Bestlink College of the Philippines

Bestlink College of the Philippines is a private college in Quezon City, Manila, Philippines. It was established in 2002 with the goal of providing education to low-income families. The college has an affiliated foundation that provides high school education, undergraduate programs, and TESDA-accredited vocational courses to underprivileged youth. Information Technology, Criminology, Business Administration, and Computer Engineering are among the available programs.

6. St. Paul University Quezon City

St. Paul University Quezon City (SPUQC) is a private university in New Manila, Quezon City, Philippines. It was founded in 1946 by the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres as an all-girls school until 2006 when it became coeducational. The university provides education from preschool to high school and undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in the arts, sciences, religious studies, and business.

7. St. Luke’s College of Medicine – William H. Quasha Memorial

St. Luke's College of Medicine - William H. Quasha Memorial (SLCM-WHQM) is a private medical school in Quezon City, Philippines. It was built in 1994 for the college's main hospital, St. Luke's Medical Center. The school provides undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in a variety of medical fields, including anatomy, biochemistry, emergency medicine, legal medicine, pathology, and many others.

8. Philippine School of Business Administration

Philippine School of Business Administration (PSBA) is a private college in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. The college was founded in 1963. PSBA exclusively offers degree programs in business education. They have a Senior High School program as well as undergraduate and postgraduate business programs in Accountancy and Business Administration.

9. Manuel L. Quezon University

Manuel L. Quezon University has the objective of educating competitive professionals with ethics and a sense of belonging to their local communities. It's divided into six schools that offer degrees in architecture, engineering, criminal justice, accountancy, management, and more. However, the university is especially known for the programs of its law school since many important figures have graduated from there. These include different government authorities, like senators, mayors, and Supreme Court Justices.

10. New Era University

New Era University is a private academic institution established by the Iglesia ni Cristo Church. The university envisions itself to be a global leader in education and strives to provide value-based programs in a wide range of disciplines designed to impart broad knowledge and skills that would make its students competitive in the international labor market. It also aims to impart Christian values so its graduates can work with integrity and a desire to serve. The university prides itself on consistently appearing on the list of top-performing universities for licensure examinations over the past six years.

11. Saint Pedro Poveda College

Saint Pedro Poveda College, initially known as Institución Teresiana, was a Spanish university built in 1960 and continues to serve education until now. Its vision and mission are to offer transformative education that leads to leader empowerment. To create a conducive learning environment, Christian moral values are central to its education. Recently, Online learning has been integrated to accommodate current situations in the Philippines.

12. National College of Business and Arts

The National College of Business and Arts is a premier higher education institution seeking continuous transmission of knowledge from generation to generation. The school attracts a wide range of student populations because of its broad academic offerings, qualified faculty, and advanced educational resources. For decades, the institute has showcased its unmatched capacity to adapt to the changes in society and respond to the demands of the various industry sectors.

13. Trinity University of Asia

The Trinity University of Asia is a private university devoted to nurturing competent individuals with Christian values to help build a peaceful, compassionate, and harmonious society. The university offers various programs in health sciences, business, technology, and humanities. It is most recognized for its excellent nursing education, producing some of the best graduates who score high marks in the licensure exams for professional nurses in the country.

14. AMA Computer University

AMA Computer University was established in 1980 and is known as a leader and pioneer of computer education in the Philippines. The university has 41 campuses and various member schools all over the country offering IT-based programs designed to produce technologically proficient and internationally competitive individuals. AMA Computer University also collaborates with several prestigious tech companies such as Google and Microsoft, providing students with opportunities to enhance their skills using the most advanced technologies and equipment.

15. St. Joseph’s College of Quezon City

St. Joseph's College of Quezon City is a respectable school situated in the National Capital Region. It provides advanced study programs in management, business, nursing, and education. As a Filipino Catholic institute, it has aligned its teaching with its Christian traditions and values. It aims to cultivate responsible, competent, and socially committed individuals who will contribute to society.

16. University of the East Ramon Magsaysay

University of the East Ramon Magsaysay (UERM) is a leading private medical school in the National Capital Region in the Philippines. It offers accredited medical programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctor of medicine (MD) levels. It has trained countless healthcare professionals and workers who have successfully occupied positions in various private and public health-related industries.

17. Central Colleges of the Philippines

Central Colleges of the Philippines (CCP) is a private institution that provides exemplary education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The institute offers some of the best educational programs, such as architecture, business administration, computer studies, and engineering. As the CCP envisions itself as a global university in the coming years, it continues to develop and enhance more future-oriented programs. It collaborates with other institutions and companies to provide students with countless opportunities.

18. Ateneo de Manila University

One of the Philippines' most prestigious private schools is the Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU). It is part of the elusive Big Four, a moniker given to the top 4 universities in the country. As a Jesuit-run institution, the university offers programs related to religious studies and ministry. It is one of the oldest of its kind in Asia, being established in 1859. AdMU does not just provide tertiary-level education. Young students may also pursue basic studies and high school education at the university. Meanwhile, tertiary-level students have various courses they can choose from, such as the arts, religious studies, sciences, and more. Double-degree programs are also offered, such as their illustrious MD-MBA program.

19. University of the Philippines Diliman

The honor of being the nation's top-ranking academic institution belongs to the University of the Philippines Diliman. It is the flagship campus of the UP system, a state-funded and prestigious university system with campuses across the country. As a state-funded institution, local students may enjoy free tuition subject to certain conditions. Various programs are available at UP Diliman, ranging from the sciences to the humanities. The university's extension programs and annex campus may also offer these courses. UPD is also home to crucial research establishments, such as the National Science Complex and the Sentro ng Wikang Filipino.