All 26 Colleges and Universities in Prague

Are you looking for all the colleges and universities in Prague? Here, we will go over the list of private and public universities and colleges in Prague.

In our database, there are a total of 26 institutions in Prague including University of Business in Prague, Medical College Prague, and CEVRO Institut . Out of those institutions, 9 are public and 17 are private. Some of the public institutions are Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague, and Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Some examples of private universities in Prague are University of Business in Prague, Medical College Prague, and CEVRO Institut.

In these universities and colleges in Prague, the total number of students is 129,413, and the total number of international students is 975.

1. University of Business in Prague

University of Business in Prague, also called Vysoká škola obchodní v Praze (VŠO), is a private university that offers education in the academic fields of business and tourism. Currently, only two programs are available at the bachelor’s level. The university has quality facilities such as a professional library, client center, and classrooms with Wi-Fi technology.

2. Medical College Prague

Medical College Prague is an outstanding medical school that provides undergraduate programs pursuant to the EU and WHO standards. These study programs will award students a bachelor’s degree that is highly recognized in other European countries, and graduates will have the advantage of being employable after completing their studies. Aside from excellent education, the college also invests in state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technology, and modern laboratories.

3. CEVRO Institut

CEVRO Institut offers multidisciplinary programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. It currently provides study programs in business, economics, philosophy, and politics. The institute has produced numerous competent and responsible individuals, and more than 2000 students have been awarded degrees since 2005. The university also boasts of having several network connections with renowned institutions and companies.

4. Academy of Performing Arts in Prague

Established in 1945 in the heart of the Czech Republic’s capital city, the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague is the largest art school in the country. It offers undergraduate and graduate programs in music, film, theater, and dance. It plays a key role in promoting the country’s artistic and musical scene by organizing various performances, concerts, and other activities. The academy is also known for its vast international academic and professional networks where students can gain practical experience, build their portfolios, and establish meaningful connections that can be useful for their future careers. 

5. University of Finance and Administration

University of Finance and Administration is a private academic institution that offers a broad range of programs in business and economics. The university aims to impart strong theoretical knowledge and practical skills to prepare students for life after graduation, whether to pursue further studies or have key leadership roles in organizations and society. It is also recognized as a top choice for different businesses to partner with due to its high-quality academic and training programs.

6. Anglo-American University

Anglo-American University is an internationally-renowned educational institution that offers various degrees that are accredited in Europe and the United States. It is a modern university that aims to make a positive impact on society and help address its most pressing issues. The university is also dedicated to helping its students achieve their academic and career goals by providing several opportunities for international exchange, internships, and career guidance. 

7. College of Physical Education and Sport Palestra

The College of Physical Education and Sport Palestra is a pioneer in providing academic and research programs focusing on physical education, sports, and wellness in the Czech Republic. It aims to develop individuals with broad knowledge, skills, and dedication to promote physical activity and active lifestyles to people of all ages. The college also collaborates with different organizations in the country and around the world to conduct various research projects and mobility programs.

8. Architectural Institute in Prague

Only established in 2010, Architectural Institute in Prague has risen to popularity as one of the best universities specializing in architectural design. Quality education is assured as all efforts and resources are streamlined to the only one-degree program offered at the bachelor's and master's levels. Depending on the degree level applied for, the study length may last two or three years at least. In addition, the university grants ARCHIP scholarships to students with outstanding academic performance.

9. University College Prague

University College Prague (UCP) was established through the amalgamation of two well-established Czech institutions: the College of International and Public Relations Prague and the Institute of Hospitality Management and Economics. It offers five bachelor's and two master's study programs where students have the option to study full-time or part-time. Internships and exchange programs are also offered at the university. Students will be equipped with fundamental skills, practical knowledge, and hands-on experiences.

10. University of Creative Communication

University of Creative Communication is a private university specializing in the fields of marketing and arts. It is one of the best schools for aspiring journalists, graphic designers, and animators. Programs are only offered at the bachelor's level but with different specializations to choose from. The university also provides internships and scholarships to local and international students seeking extra support.

11. Prague College of Psychosocial Studies

Founded on the roots of the Educational Institute of Applied Psychology, Prague College of Psychosocial Studies was officially recognized by the Ministry of Education in the Czech Republic in 2001. Degree-seeking students will have numerous options as the institute offers bachelor’s and master’s programs in politics, social work, and psychology may find them here. Moreover, the institute has produced numerous scientific publications, grants, and research projects.

12. Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague

Through the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic, a private university was created for aspiring policemen called the Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague. The university offers bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degree programs in the fields of public administration, security, and law. It has multiple top-quality facilities, such as lecture theaters, laboratories, gymnasiums, and auditoriums.

13. Art and Design Institut

Art and Design Institut (ADI) is known for being the first private Czech fine arts institution. It is one of the most preferred art schools for talented and creative students who want to pursue a career in the art industry. The school offers comprehensive study programs at the undergraduate level. And students will be presented with numerous training and opportunities to help gain knowledge and develop their artistic skills.

14. Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague

Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague is a public university that specializes in select few areas of discipline. These are offered with degree programs at bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels. Students from abroad may also apply through regular admission or study for a short period through the Erasmus+ program. Depending on which program chosen, the teaching language are either Czech or English.

15. Metropolitan University Prague

Metropolitan University is a private university that was established in 2001. It boasts having successfully graduated over 7000 professionals and currently houses around 4000 students. The university offers scholars Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degree programs. As a testament to its reputation, it is in partnership with over 200 universities across the world. Exchange student programs and international admissions are regularly happening and for the right reasons. High-end facilities allow for a vibrant and active learning environment such as two multimedia laboratories and a cafe bistro.

16. University of New York in Prague

University of New York in Prague is a private university that offers education in various fields of study, such as business, communication, and education. Degree programs are taught at bachelor’s and master’s levels, divided into American and European degrees. Student life is very diverse and well-accommodated, with athletics and sports clubs, a student council, an on-campus cafeteria, and many more.

17. Vysoka skola Ambis

Vysoká škola Ambis, or simply Ambis, was created in 1999 through the merging of the College of Regional Development and Banking Institute. It is an educational institution that offers bachelor's and master's level education. All programs are centered around business, management, and accounting. Currently, it has successfully created 13200 efficient and competent graduates.

18. Academy of Fine Arts, Prague

The Academy of Fine Arts, Prague is a public institution dedicated to providing world-class art education, training, and research. Its programs aim to impart strong foundational knowledge on the historical, theoretical, practical, and creative aspects of art and its applications to modern society. The university also owns state-of-the-art facilities, laboratories, and galleries. 

19. Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague is an academic and research institution that specializes in agricultural and environmental sciences. The university offers over 100 degree programs in a diverse range of disciplines taught in the Czech and English languages. It is internationally recognized for its high standards of education and various initiatives promoting social responsibility and sustainable development. 

20. Unicorn University

Unicorn University is a relatively small institute situated in the city of Prague. Having only been established in the mid-2000s, the university is slowly gaining a favorable reputation in the local education sector. It aims to generate human resources in the IT sectors and provide competent managers who can be placed in various industries. Currently, the institute offers study programs solely concentrating on information technology and management studies.

21. Newton University

Newton University is a nationally recognized business school in the Czech Republic. Most of its study programs are conducted in Czech; however, it has developed an advanced English-taught business program at the bachelor level. The institute aims to become one of the best Czech universities in the future. And with the hopes of becoming a global institute, its primary goal is to provide more English-taught and specialized study programs at all levels. This thriving university has all the potential to develop into an elite institute as it continues to expand departments and create future-oriented programs.

22. University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

Established in 1952, the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague (UCT Prague) is an acclaimed Czech institution that dominates in the local and international university rankings for providing outstanding education. UCT Prague is highly recognized for its innovative study programs and first-class teaching and research. It generates competent individuals comprising numerous experts and scientists known for significantly contributing to the field of chemistry.

23. Prague University of Economics and Business

Prague University of Economics and Business, or Vysoka skola ekonomicka v Praze, is a public university specializing in economics, business, marketing, and management. Education is available at Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral levels. Other academic opportunities at the university include Summer School programs, Central and East European Studies programs, and Czech Preparatory courses. All students studying at the university have to follow a Code of Ethics and its Rules for the System of Quality Assurance.

24. Czech Technical University in Prague

Established in 1707, Czech Technical University in Prague is one of the oldest and largest universities in the country, and one of the best in the world. It offers over 200 programs for both domestic and international students, all formulated to meet the needs of today's industries. The university also provides students with opportunities for international exposure by studying, training, or conducting research in one of its partner institutions. 

25. Prague City University

Prague City University is a private Czech institute that provides cutting-edge study programs in art and design, education, business, media, and information technology. This outstanding university has been cultivating competent individuals and innovators since its inception in 2004. Committed to providing only the best education, the institute is exclusively basing its pedagogical concept on these four educational values: creativity, competence, innovation, and connectedness. These essential values serve as a guide for students in attaining their personal and academic goals.

26. Charles University

Charles University is an elite public Czech institution highly recognized for its academic excellence across the globe. This world-class university is the home of numerous leaders, experts, and innovators who have significantly contributed to society. For many years, the institute has achieved multiple awards and recognitions for its high standards of teaching and research, truly making it one of the most reputable universities in the Czech Republic.