All 12 Colleges and Universities in Porto

Are you looking for all the colleges and universities in Porto? Here, we will go over the list of private and public universities and colleges in Porto.

In our database, there are a total of 12 institutions in Porto including Santa Maria Health School, Instituto Superior de Servico Social do Porto, and Instituto Superior de Ciencias Empresariais e do Turismo . Out of those institutions, 4 are public and 8 are private. Some of the public institutions are Instituto Superior de Ciencias Empresariais e do Turismo, Nursing School of Porto, and Polytechnic Institute of Porto. Some examples of private universities in Porto are Santa Maria Health School, Instituto Superior de Servico Social do Porto, and Lusofona University of Porto.

In these universities and colleges in Porto, the total number of students is 74,718, and the total number of international students is 489.

1. Santa Maria Health School

Santa Maria Health School is a private academic institution dedicated to training competent and responsible professionals in the healthcare industry. The university collaborates with public and private organizations located within and outside of Portugal to provide high-quality healthcare services and serve as training grounds for its students. The university is also known for having its own simulation center that aims to imitate real-life situations and develop students clinical and practical skills. 

2. Instituto Superior de Servico Social do Porto

Instituto Superior de Servico Social do Porto (ISSSP) is a privately-funded institution that leads in providing study programs in social work. It is also considered one of the oldest universities to offer such degree programs. ISSSP currently has educational courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels and only recruits highly-qualified professors and experts to teach its accredited programs.

3. Instituto Superior de Ciencias Empresariais e do Turismo

The Instituto Superior de Ciências Empresariais e do Turismo is located in Porto, Portugal, and was established over 30 years ago. This institution is well-known in the region for its programs in tourism. It has also produced talented alumni that have taken leadership roles in a variety of fields in Portugal.

4. Lusofona University of Porto

The Lusofona University of Porto is a prestigious private university that is home to over 12,000 students. With this student population, it is considered the largest private university in Portugal. This university was founded in 1994 in Porto and offers various programs in important fields of study, such as law, science, and education.

5. ISAG European Business School

The ISAG European Business School in Porto is one of the most recognizable universities in Portugal. This university is among the elite universities that offer programs in the fields of management and public administration, where students have the opportunity to benefit from highly credible professors and supportive staff members.

6. Escola Superior de Educacao de Paula Frassinetti

Located in Porto, Portugal, Escola Superior de Educacao de Paula Frassinetti (ESEPF) leads in providing top-quality programs in the region. This nationally recognized institute is highly regarded for its proven academic excellence. ESEPF guides its students to achieve their personal and educational goals throughout their studies. They are presented with countless opportunities, such as numerous academic resources, off-campus training, network connections, and exchange programs.

7. Portucalense University

Portucalense University is a private academic and research institution established in 1986 in Porto, Portugal. It has a strong reputation for its modern campus and innovative programs that aims to train students who will contribute to educational, economic, and social progress in the country. The university also conducts several initiatives and projects in collaboration with different organizations within the community promoting social responsibility and solidarity. 

8. Fernando Pessoa University

Fernando Pessoa University is a famous university that was established in 1996 and named after the famous author and writer Fernando Pessoa. This university offers various undergraduate studies in the fields of arts, law, and architecture, as well as numerous integrated master's programs. The aim of this university is to establish a new generation of highly educated students who will contribute to the development of society.

9. Nursing School of Porto

Nursing School of Porto, or Escola Superior de Enfermagem do Porto (ESEP) in Portuguese, is a nationally and internationally recognized higher institution that provides outstanding programs in the nursing field. ESEP is devoted to providing the highest standard of teaching and research. It has collaborated with several hospitals and clinics to offer its students the best training facilities and advanced technology. Furthermore, this specialized public university is committed to educating and training nursing students to become competent professionals responsible for the health and well-being of people and society.

10. Artistic School of Porto

The Artistic School of Porto is a leading private academic institution for art, architecture, and design. It is one of UNESCO's affiliate universities and has made significant contributions to the region's visual arts scene. The university combines theoretical and practical approaches in art education and encourages students to explore different perspectives and applications of art to other disciplines. 

11. Polytechnic Institute of Porto

Polytechnic Institute of Porto was established in 1985 and is Portugal's largest polytechnic university. It is also one of the country's most popular colleges of choice for domestic and international students. The university's programs focus on equipping students with employable skills and relevant work experience to prepare them for life after graduation.

12. University of Porto

One of the largest universities in Portugal, the University of Porto is a highly acknowledged institution in the country that delivers more than 300 undergraduate and graduate programs. More than that, they also take pride in producing excellent scientific research. Students in the university are surrounded by great learning opportunities, as the university offers various activities for them.