All 2 Colleges and Universities in Pasadena, California

Are you looking for all the colleges and universities in Pasadena? Here, we will go over the list of private and public universities and colleges in Pasadena, California.

In our database, there are a total of 2 institutions in Pasadena. Out of those institutions, 0 are public and 2 are private.

1. ArtCenter College of Design

ArtCenter College of Design provides tertiary education in creative disciplines. Its faculty is composed of instructors who are artists and designers, allowing them to offer the most appropriate training to students. The institution collaborates with various industries to showcase the students' talents through programs and events.

2. California Institute of Technology

The California Institute of Technology is one of the schools in the United States that specializes in pure and applied sciences. It was founded as a vocational school but developed into a distinguished and highly selective institution through the efforts of researchers, scientists, and engineers that make up the faculty. Today, students and scientists of CalTech continue to contribute to important projects around the globe, including research in quantum physics and robotics.