All 4 Colleges and Universities in Morelia

Are you looking for all the colleges and universities in Morelia? Here, we will go over the list of private and public universities and colleges in Morelia.

In our database, there are a total of 4 institutions in Morelia including Latin University of America, Technological Institute of Morelia, and Vasco de Quiroga University . Out of those institutions, 2 are public and 2 are private.

In these universities and colleges in Morelia, the total number of students is 91,601.

1. Latin University of America

Latin University of America, or Universidad Latina de America (UNLA) in Spanish, is a private university in Morelia, Mexico. It was founded in 1991. The university provides undergraduate and graduate programs in business, architecture, law, communication, gastronomy, engineering, and many other fields. One of UNLA’s missions is to strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit, investigate, and immerse students in learning other languages and environmental volunteer work.

2. Technological Institute of Morelia

Technological Institute of Morelia (ITM) started off as part of an educational institute. Over the years, it has expanded as its own university with two campuses in the city of Morelia in Mexico. Its mission and vision are to train professionals who can think of innovative solutions to societal problems. ITM produces professionals in various fields of study, such as Engineering, Accountancy, and Business Management. These programs are offered at Bachelor's and Master's levels.

3. Vasco de Quiroga University

Vasco de Quiroga University, or Universidad Vasco de Quiroga A.C. in Spanish, is a private institution with multiple academic units and university groups. These university groups are composed of students who are involved in volunteer programs. The university offers degree programs at the bachelor’s and master’s levels. High school education is also offered at the university.

4. Michoacan University of Saint Nicholas of Hidalgo

Michoacan University of Saint Nicholas of Hidalgo (UMSNH), a public university in Morelia, Mexico, was founded in 1540 as St. Nicholas College to provide theological seminary education for priests in the area. Undergraduate and postgraduate programs are available in law, economics, technology, medicine, architecture, humanities, and the arts at the university.