All 8 Colleges and Universities in Montana

Are you looking for all the colleges and universities in Montana? Here, we will go over the list of private and public universities and colleges in Montana.

In our database, there are a total of 8 institutions in Montana including Carroll College, Montana State University, and Montana State University Billings . Out of those institutions, 6 are public and 2 are private. Some of the public institutions are Montana State University, Montana State University Billings, and Montana State University-Northern.

In these universities and colleges in Montana, the total number of students is 38,591, and the total number of international students is 458.

1. Carroll College

Carroll College, not to be confused with Carroll University, is a college in Helena, Montana, with 1200 students in their care. Since 1909, they have provided exemplary education to their constituents through rigorous, holistic, and exceptional teachings in the academic, athletic, and social environment. Various regional accolades have been awarded to Carroll College, and this has been attained with the guidance of their Catholic tradition. The core principle of the school is to help their students search for the Truth, guided by their religious beliefs. With around 80 undergraduate and graduate programs taught, Carroll College mixes its technical, social traditions and faith to produce highly competent graduates.

2. Montana State University

Montana State University is one of the most prominent universities in the country. It offers outreach services and vows to contribute to society through its reservation extension offices and agricultural experiment stations. The university is best known for its agriculture, arts, and science courses.

3. Montana State University Billings

Montana State University Billings was founded in 1927, formerly known as Eastern Montana State Normal School. Located in the city of Billings in the state of Montana, the university offers an educational opportunity to a widespread territory in the United States. In recent years, it has reportedly calculated an average total of 2500 students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate studies. The university covers different study fields, assigned to five colleges. With their promise of safety and offer of excellent educational service, Montana State University Billings continues to be an integral learning institution in the United States.

4. Montana State University-Northern

Montana State University-Northern, shortly known as Northern, is a public college under the Montana State University system. It has two campuses, one in Havre and the other in Great Falls. The university was first intended to be an agricultural school, but it opened as a university branch after legislation amendments. Mainly undergraduate programs are offered at Northern. These include agriculture, arts, sciences, automation, business, diesel, and more courses. It provides a limited number of graduate programs in education.

5. Montana Tech

Montana Tech offers around 60 bachelor's and master's degree programs with multiple concentrations. Also known as Montana Technological University, this institution is famous for having high-quality engineering programs. The university is also popular for its prominent work in the research field, which is developed in its 5 research centers. Regarding extracurricular activities, there are dozens of student organizations that include spiritual, academic, professional, and service groups.

6. Rocky Mountain College

Rocky Mountain College is a small private liberal arts organization that is focused on educational success and individual growth. RCM is the most aged-college in Montana, established in 1878. Rocky Mountain College enlightens future leaders via liberal arts and professional programs that boost critical thinking, creative presentation, ethical decision-making, informed citizenship, and skilled excellency.

7. The University of Montana Western

The University of Montana Western is a public coeducational institution that provides comprehensive undergraduate studies. The university is the pioneer in offering experiential education where students will be equipped with knowledge and skills through project-based and practical learning instead of the traditional lecture-based approach. This unique program enables students to learn quickly and is desired to be advantageous. The institution’s mission has always been to cultivate students using practice-based learning. With these kinds of programs offered at the university, it is assumed that students will be overall satisfied throughout their studies.

8. University of Montana

The University of Montana is one of the biggest higher education institutions in the state of Montana. With more than 11,000 students, it offers a wide variety of programs in the areas of sciences, humanities, arts, and technology. The university is particularly committed to environmental conservation and sustainability, which is why it has the College of Forestry and Conservation, which offers over 20 degree programs. Similarly, they're also interested in preserving the state's Native American culture, which is done through their Native American Studies major along with the different centers dedicated to doing so.