All 5 Colleges and Universities in Mons

Are you looking for all the colleges and universities in Mons? Here, we will go over the list of private and public universities and colleges in Mons.

In our database, there are a total of 5 institutions in Mons including Hainaut University College, Arts2 Academy of Arts, and University College of Louvain en Hainaut. Out of those institutions, 5 are public and 0 are private. Some of the public institutions are Hainaut University College, Arts2 Academy of Arts, and University College of Louvain en Hainaut.

University Name Location Type
Hainaut University College Mons, Belgium Public
Arts2 Academy of Arts Mons, Belgium Public
University College of Louvain en Hainaut Mons, Belgium Public
Provincial University College of Hainaut Condorcet Mons, Belgium Public
University of Mons Mons, Belgium Public

1. Hainaut University College

Hainaut University College is a French-speaking academic institution located in Mons, Belgium. It currently has four departments that offer undergraduate and graduate programs in different areas of liberal arts, applied sciences, and education. The university also provides numerous opportunities for its students and faculty to participate in mobility programs in its vast network of international partners. 

2. Arts2 Academy of Arts

The Arts² - Academy of Arts inaugurated in 2012 through the merging of two prominent art schools in Mons, the School of Plastic and Visual Arts and the Royal Conservatory of Mons. At present, the university offers academic programs in music, theater, and visual arts. It aims to provide solid knowledge, training, and practical experience to future artists. 

3. University College of Louvain en Hainaut

University College of Louvain en Hainaut is a public university known for its high-quality programs in agronomy, economics, education, technology, and arts. It was born in 2009 as a result of the unification of three colleges making it the largest university in the region. The university promotes international mobility and actively conducts student and faculty exchanges with its international partners. 

4. Provincial University College of Hainaut Condorcet

In September 2009, three academic institutions merged to form the Provincial University College of Hainaut-Condorcet. It is composed of 10 faculties that offer diverse programs such as communication, public health, management, and education. The university believes in the power of democracy in shaping its students into open-minded yet critical, tolerant, and responsible professionals and citizens. 

5. University of Mons

The University of Mons is a French-taught institution in Belgium; hence, it also has a French name: Universite de Mons. Besides its location in Mons, the university also has a campus in Charleroi. As a relatively small institution, it implements a more student-centered learning experience. This, along with its optimal location in the center of Europe, opens many opportunities for skill and knowledge development. It is also committed to internationalization, with international students making up a significant portion of its population.