All 27 Colleges and Universities in Kyoto

Are you looking for all the colleges and universities in Kyoto? Here, we will go over the list of private and public universities and colleges in Kyoto.

In our database, there are a total of 27 institutions in Kyoto including Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics, Shuchiin University, and Kyoto University of the Arts . Out of those institutions, 6 are public and 21 are private. Some of the public institutions are Kyoto Institute of Technology, Kyoto University of Education, and Kyoto City University of Arts. Some examples of private universities in Kyoto are Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics, Shuchiin University, and Kyoto University of the Arts.

In these universities and colleges in Kyoto, the total number of students is 179,749, and the total number of international students is 7,958.

1. Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics

Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics is the first and only IT graduate school in Japan. It was established in 2004 to raise IT experts who not only possess the technical knowledge and skill in applied information technology but also have the social awareness and employable skills necessary for them to thrive on the international scene. The university also takes pride in its state-of-the-art facilities where students can take advantage of using the most advanced technologies for study and research. 

2. Shuchiin University

Shuchiin University is a private university located in Kyoto, Japan. It was founded in 1949 and has two majors: Buddhism and Esoteric Buddhism. This school teaches and researches deeply specialized academics centered on Buddhist studies, in addition to imparting a broad range of general education knowledge. The university currently offers degree programs in the Faculty of Humanities, which includes two departments: Buddhism and Social Welfare.

3. Kyoto University of the Arts

Kyoto University of the Arts is a good starting point for aspiring artists. This art school was founded in 1977, giving it extensive experience and credibility. Programs available encompass bachelor's up to doctorate levels. Several excellent facilities and resources are available at Kyoto University of the Arts, including an art theater, museum, libraries, research centers, and more. As a specialized university, the education provided is specific and quality. Some fields covered are writing, production, historical heritage, and more.

4. Kyoto Institute of Technology

Kyoto Institute of Technology (KIT) began operating as a higher education school in 1949, offering undergraduate engineering and textile science programs. As the institute has flourished over the years, it has grown into an excellent school that provides top-rated and internationally recognized study programs. KIT ensures that all enrolled students will be presented with countless opportunities, numerous academic resources, and relevant local and international partnerships and connections.

5. Heian Jogakuin University

The Heian Jogakuin University was founded in the year 2000 in Kyoto, Japan, and it is also known as St. Agnes' University. The interesting fact why this university is recognized by two names is that its educational background can be traced through the establishment of St. Agnes' School in 1875. When taking this fact into account, it can be easily stated that this university is one of the oldest women's institutions in Japan, and it is known for its tradition and great educational experience.

6. Kyoto Koka Women’s University

Kyoto Koka Women's University is an all-exclusive female institution that generates competent individuals capable of contributing to society. The university has carefully selected the academic programs that would fit the interests of the majority of female students. These educational programs include child education, nursing, psychology, nursing, and career development. Moreover, the institute’s curriculum is based on a practiced-based learning approach ensuring that students will be equipped with the core skills and capabilities upon completing the program.

7. Kyoto Saga University of Arts

The Kyoto Saga University of Arts is a well-formed arts college that offers innovative and astonishing programs for talented students all around the world. This university is famous because of its manga and illustration programs. The university aims to continue developing facilities in order to create an inspiring space for student artists to learn and create.

8. Kyoto Pharmaceutical University

Founded in 1884, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University is one of the oldest educational institutions for pharmaceutical sciences in the country. It is known for its excellent academic and research programs in basic and clinical pharmacy that impart to students the knowledge, skills, and values that contribute to the improvement of pharmaceutical practice in society. Students take courses in ethics, foreign languages, mathematics, and statistics and gain practical education through research projects and internships in hospitals, pharmacies, and companies. 

9. Kyoto University of Education

Located in a culturally rich city filled with historical sites, the Kyoto University of Education was created after the merger of two former higher education institutions in order to establish an institution highly specialized in training professors. It offers degree programs in a wide variety of education areas, like languages, sciences, music, and arts. In order to graduate, students must complete a series of requirements that include volunteering, completing research projects, and participating in study-abroad programs.

10. Kyoto Bunkyo University

Kyoto Bunkyo University is a private university located in the city of Uji in Kyoto, Japan. The predecessor to the school was established in 1904. It began as a junior college in 1960 and expanded to a four-year college in 1996. Undergraduate and graduate programs in sociology, psychology, management, education, and economics are available at the university.

11. Hanazono University

Hanazono University is a private educational institution located in Kyoto, a city known as one of the world’s best student cities. The university was founded in 1872 and continues to educate its students based on the principles of Zen Buddhism, aiming to help them discover their purpose and develop their knowledge and skills to pursue it. Hanazono University has a retreat hall for students and staff to gather and meditate.

12. Kyoto Tachibana University

Kyoto Tachibana University used to be a handicraft school before it progressed to become a comprehensive university that offers education in numerous disciplines. The university aims to encourage and foster individuals by educating and fueling them with the necessary knowledge and skills. Situated in one of the largest cities in Japan, Kyoto Tachibana University continues to attract students worldwide.

13. Kyoto City University of Arts

The Kyoto City University of Arts is one of the oldest higher education institutions in Japan, specializing in music and arts. Its education and research studies are focused on excellence, cultural diversity, and creativity. The university offers dozens of programs that have a multidisciplinary approach since students must meet different requirements in order to graduate. These include performances, art projects, reports, and a thesis. It also offers unique degrees you won't find anywhere else, like the major in Nihonga, a Japanese traditional painting style.

14. Kyoto Prefectural University

The Kyoto Prefectural University was founded in 1949 in the suburbs of Kyoto, Japan, and it is a very attractive institute of education. This university focuses on providing new and developing programs from which students can benefit and help their country. Kyoto Prefectural University is best known for its programs in agriculture and is equipped with an exceptional university farm and library.

15. Otani University

Otani University is a very old and traditional institute that offers graduate-level studies. This institute was founded in 1901 in Kyoto, Japan, and originally opened as a seminary. Today, it serves as the center point of higher education in the area. It specializes in Buddhist Studies but offers a number of programs in education and philosophy.

16. Kyoto Notre Dame University

The Kyoto Notre Dame University is located in the suburbs of Kyoto, Japan, and it is home to 1365 students studying in different fields of psychology, language, and culture. Founded by the School Sisters of Notre Dame, this Christian university aims to impart both knowledge and values to its students.

17. Kyoto Seika Daigaku

Kyoto Seika University is a private university located in Kyoto, Japan. It was founded in 1968 by School Corporation Kyoto Seika Gakuen. The university is well-known for its art programs, particularly those in manga and anime. There are also programs in literature, history, language, and painting. Famous alumni include Naoto Oshima and Yoji Shinkawa, both artists and designers of internationally renowned video games.

18. Kyoto Women’s University

The Kyoto Women's University is an advanced all-women's university that was founded in 1949. It is located in Kyoto, Japan, and is focused on developing the talents and skills of the next generations. The university's main aim is to empower women to contribute positively to society through their work in the field of their choice.

19. Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

The Kyoto University of Foreign Studies is a very well-known university in its field, where it is recognized for its global tourism studies. This university was founded in 1959 in Kyoto, Japan, and serves as the cornerstone of foreign affairs education in this prefecture because its staff puts their maximum effort into growing the next Japanese experts in the field of foreign studies.

20. Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine

The Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine is a leading medical institution in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. The school offers doctor of medicine (MD) degrees, nursing, and graduate programs in medical sciences. It is an ideal school for aspiring students who want to pursue a degree in the medical field. It provides high-quality education, hands-on training, a comprehensive curriculum, and modern technologies and facilities.

21. Bukkyo University

Bukkyo University is a private Japanese university located in Kyoto. It was established in 1868 as a Buddhist research institute for monks in the Genkoin temples. Undergraduate and graduate programs in education, history, literature, social welfare, and Buddhist studies are available at the university. As their source of wisdom, Bukkyo University draws its primary inspiration from the teachings of Buddha and Reverend Honen.

22. Kyoto University of Advanced Science

Kyoto University of Advanced Science (KUAS) provides superior quality education, particularly in engineering studies. It also offers academic programs in humanities, medical sciences, bioenvironmental sciences, economics, and business administration. While most of its programs are taught in Japanese, few engineering programs are taught in English. KUAS guarantees that the quality of education and training provided are comparable with other renowned science and technology institutions in Japan.

23. Ritsumeikan University

Ritsumeikan University is a private institution in Kyoto that has been in the academic industry since 1859. Today, it is considered to be among the best institutions in Japan. Teachers and professionals across the globe highly recommend the school due to its academic excellence. Its best features include its vibrant learning environment, top-rated study programs, and student support, to name a few.

24. Doshisha University

Doshisha University was founded by Doshisha and Joseph Hardy Neesima in 1875. The university is deeply rooted in its Christian principles, and its curricula are aligned with its traditions and beliefs. It offers a broad spectrum of study programs at all levels. Theology, law, economics, engineering, and commerce are just a few academic disciplines currently offered. In addition, the institute has created several English-taught undergraduate and graduate programs explicitly designed for international students.

25. Ryukoku University

Ryukoku University was originally a Buddhist boarding school when it was established in 1639, over three centuries ago. Over the years, the university expanded and started offering a wide variety of study programs but still continues to embrace Buddhist principles and values. Its main goal is to educate and enlighten its students and train them to become individuals who continuously seek and share their knowledge with the world. 

26. Kyoto Sangyo University

Kyoto Sangyo University was founded in 1965 and is located in Kyoto, Japan. It offers Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral programs. Over 10 faculties for undergraduate-level education and 8 divisions for graduate-level education are present. Additionally, well-equipped facilities are home to different extracurricular clubs and societies for students. These extracurricular clubs and facilities include academics, interests, and sports.

27. Kyoto University

Kyoto University, a public university in Kyoto, Japan, was founded in 1897, making it one of the oldest academic institutions in the country. The university's founding principles "freedom from academic culture" serves as its guide in providing high-quality education to more than 22,000 students. As such, the university is one of the top universities in Japan, as assessed by reputable global ranking institutions.