All 16 Colleges and Universities in Kobe

Are you looking for all the colleges and universities in Kobe? Here, we will go over the list of private and public universities and colleges in Kobe.

In our database, there are a total of 16 institutions in Kobe including Kobe Shinwa Women’s University, Kobe International University, and Kobe Pharmaceutical University. Out of those institutions, 4 are public and 12 are private. Some of the public institutions are Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, Kobe Kaisei College, and Kobe City College of Nursing. Some examples of private universities in Kobe are Kobe Shinwa Women’s University, Kobe International University, and Kobe Pharmaceutical University.

University Name Location Type
Kobe Shinwa Women’s University Kobe, Japan Private
Kobe International University Kobe, Japan Private
Kobe Pharmaceutical University Kobe, Japan Private
Kobe Shoin Women’s University Kobe, Japan Private
Konan Women’s University Kobe, Japan Private
Kobe Design University Kobe, Japan Private
Kobe City University of Foreign Studies Kobe, Japan Public
Kobe Kaisei College Kobe, Japan Public
University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences Kobe, Japan Private
Kobe City College of Nursing Kobe, Japan Public
Kobe Gakuin University Kobe, Japan Private
Kobe Tokiwa University Kobe, Japan Private
Kobe Women’s University Kobe, Japan Private
Kobe University Kobe, Japan Public
Konan University Kobe, Japan Private
Kobe Institute of Computing Kobe, Japan Private

1. Kobe Shinwa Women’s University

Since its establishment, the Kobe Shinwa Women's University has been committed to educating socially active and independent women. The university ensures that women are given a chance to follow their life ambitions by engaging their professional skills closely in society. Throughout the years, the university has already uplifted thousands of women and has helped them find their purpose in a man-dominating community.

2. Kobe International University

Kobe International University (KIU) is a good higher education school that offers advanced economics and rehabilitation science programs. The university has generated countless professionals and experts, which has significantly contributed to the development of the local region. Aside from top-quality programs, KIU offers numerous on-campus and off-campus opportunities and provides students with countless academic resources.

3. Kobe Pharmaceutical University

Kobe Pharmaceutical University is a private Japanese university that is focused on pharmaceutical research, and it is one of the best institutions in this field. With over twenty thousand graduates to date, it is known for its high-quality education. This university was founded in 1949 in the city of Kobe as a woman's college but now serves as a stellar example of coeducation.

4. Kobe Shoin Women’s University

Kobe Shoin Women's University is a private women’s university in Nada Ward, Kobe, Japan. It was founded in 1892 by missionaries. Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral programs are available in a variety of faculties, including language and culture studies, liberal arts, human science, and psychology. Exchange students can also participate in study abroad programs at seven international institutions.

5. Konan Women’s University

Konan Women's University values purity, kindness, truth, and strength, as reflected in its motto and school logo. This private institution in Kobe, Japan, provides women with quality education at the undergraduate, master's, and doctorate levels. It also offers high school education and even began as a girls' high school in 1920 before becoming a full-fledged university in 1964. The university is comprised of five undergraduate faculties and five graduate programs. The disciplines covered are nursing, humanities, health sciences, global studies, and more.

6. Kobe Design University

Kobe Design University is one of the private institutions founded and managed by the Tanioka Gakuen Educational Foundation. It is strategically located in Kobe, a city bustling with opportunities for aspiring young artists. The university aims to mold the talents of these young dreamers by providing quality training and specialized courses for undergrads, master's, and doctorate students. The university is comprised of seven undergraduate departments and two graduate courses. Undergraduates may specialize in environmental design, manga design, image arts, and more.

7. Kobe City University of Foreign Studies

The Kobe City University of Foreign Studies is a public institution that was founded in 1949 in Kobe, Japan, and is mostly focused on the study of English, Chinese, Spanish, and Russian languages. The aim of this university is to educate multilingual students and make communication easier for them across different countries.

8. Kobe Kaisei College

Kobe Kaisei College, not to be confused with Kobe College or Kobe University, is a university exclusive to women and was founded in 1965. Its undergraduate faculties and departments are the Faculty of Contemporary Human Studies, Department of English Tourism, Department of Psychology and Children, and Faculty of Contemporary Human Studies.

9. University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences

The University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences is located in Kobe, Japan, and was founded in 1988. This university specializes in distribution-related fields and provides excellent programs in economics, management, and business. Its campus is well-equipped with great facilities to inspire learning in the students, including multiple lecture halls, seminar houses, and sports buildings.

10. Kobe City College of Nursing

Located in one of Japan's largest cities, Kobe City College of Nursing is a public university founded in 2006. This school offers Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral, and Post Graduate degree programs in Nursing, Philosophy, and Midwifery. Additionally, students can also take non-degree programs such as special lectures, practicums, and research courses. Its campus also has seven main buildings with open spaces for athletic and recreational purposes.

11. Kobe Gakuin University

Kobe Gakuin University is a private university located in Kobe, Japan. It was founded in 1966 with Nutrition as its sole field of study. The university currently offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs through nine faculties and seven graduate schools. Law, Economics, Business Administration, and Humanities are among the most popular majors at the university.

12. Kobe Tokiwa University

Kobe Tokiwa University was founded in 2008 and is located in Kobe, Japan. It has faculties for Health Sciences and Education. These faculties have departments for Medical Laboratory Medicine, Nursing, Radiology, Oral Health Sciences, and Child Education. Education here is offered at the undergraduate level with vocational training for young professionals.

13. Kobe Women’s University

Kobe Women's University was founded in 1940 and is located in Kobe, Japan. It offers undergraduate and graduate-level education. Additionally, programs and courses are divided into specialized faculties for Nursing, Psychology, Literature, and Home Economics. Aside from the main university and the graduate school, the school also has a Junior College for vocational training programs.

14. Kobe University

Kobe University is an influential and internationally recognized institution situated in Hyogo prefecture. The university envisions itself as the global hub for higher education and research in the coming years. By achieving this desired outcome, it continuously thrives on developing innovative and interdisciplinary programs that will help contribute to the socio-economic growth of society and aid in resolving current global issues in the community.

15. Konan University

Situated in Kobe, Hyogo, Konan University is a private higher education school that trains young students to become successful professionals in their chosen fields. The institute promises that obtaining a degree at the university will enhance students’ talents and core capabilities, develop a new skill set, and train them to be mentally and physically prepared. These preparations will aid students in getting high chances of success in their future endeavors.

16. Kobe Institute of Computing

Kobe Institute of Computing was founded in 1958 and is located in Kobe, Japan. It is a private university that offers undergraduate degrees and a Master's degree in Information Systems. These programs are separated into two schools: Graduate School and Vocational School. The facilities in both schools are top-notch, with lecture rooms, computer laboratories, study spaces, and seminar spaces found on campus.