All 21 Colleges and Universities in Jilin

Are you looking for all the colleges and universities in Jilin? Here, we will go over the list of private and public universities and colleges in Jilin.

In our database, there are a total of 21 institutions in Jilin including Baicheng Normal University, Beihua University, and Changchun Architecture and Civil Engineering College . Out of those institutions, 18 are public and 3 are private. Some of the public institutions are Baicheng Normal University, Beihua University, and Changchun Institute of Technology.

In these universities and colleges in Jilin, the total number of students is 262,836, and the total number of international students is 2,250.

1. Baicheng Normal University

Baicheng Normal University is the only provincial undergraduate college in the western part of Jilin province. The university has carried out an excellent relationship with universities all over the world to give students the proper training they need for their future careers. Baicheng Normal University highly focuses on deepening the characteristics of scientific research and expanding its reach internationally.

2. Beihua University

Beihua University was initially established in 1906 as Jilin Medical College. Three colleges merged in 1999, hence, the name was changed to Beihua University. Upon becoming a university after the merger, Beihua University now has three campuses.

3. Changchun Architecture and Civil Engineering College

Changchun Architecture and Civil Engineering College is a private university situated in Changchun. It is recognized by Jilin Province’s Department of Education. Aside from offering education degrees, they also provide on-campus facilities to students.

4. Changchun Institute of Technology

Changchun Institute of Technology was founded in 1951 through its three predecessors, the Changchun Surveying Geotechnical School, the Changchun Hydropower Engineering School, and the Changchun Civil Engineering and Architecture Advanced Vocational School. The institute specializes in Engineering undergraduate programs and offers multidisciplinary studies in Management, Science, Literature, and Arts. It currently has more than 16,000 full-time students.

5. Changchun Normal University

Changchun Normal University was formed to educate prospective students whose career path leads to the education industry. The school is the home of countless teachers who graduated and have successfully trained on campus. Even some of its lecturers are considered the best in the province of Jilin. In addition, it has received several recognitions and awards, giving the school an added advantage as one of the leading universities in the region.

6. Changchun University

Changchun University is located in Changchun, in the province of Jilin. The school is comprised of three campuses and has 17 institutions. It has around 50 programs available for different subjects, such as business, engineering, and sciences.

7. Changchun University of Chinese Medicine

Changchun University of Chinese Medicine (CCUCM) is an institution in Jilin, China. Changchun is Jilin's capital and one of Northeast China's most prominent cities. It is also leading in scientific research, being the home of several universities, including CCUCM. This university is ranked 706th in China by EduRank.

8. Changchun University of Science and Technology

Changchun University of Science and Technology (CUST) is a public center of learning. It is situated in China's awe-inspiring province of Jilin. Adding to this, CUST is famed for its specialization in optical-focused courses and programs.

9. Changchun University of Technology

Changchun University of Technology is a public institution that specializes in the fields of science and technology. Apart from these, the university also provides education in arts, management, and law. The university boasts top-notch facilities, the best of which is the Engineering Training Center.

10. Jilin Agricultural Science and Technology College

Although the Jilin Agricultural Science and Technology College specializes in the fields of agriculture and technology, they also offer excellent programs in other disciplines such as economics and medical sciences. The institution has also partnered with multiple institutions across the globe in its effort to provide a global education for students.

11. Jilin Agricultural University

Jilin Agricultural University was formed through the cooperation of the provincial government and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. The university focuses on agriculture and life sciences, crucial for rural development. However, it also offers courses in other fields, like medicine, industry, culture, management, laws, economics, etc. It is one of the first institutions in China to confer bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees.

12. Jilin Animation Institute

Jilin Animation Institute, also known as JAI, was established in 2000. It is a private institution located in Changchun, Jilin Province. JAI offers courses in management, engineering, arts, and literature, among others.

13. Jilin Engineering Normal University

Jilin Engineering Normal University was established in 1979. It is a higher-education institution. Jilin Engineering Normal University offers bachelor-degree programs and specialized in the area of engineering.

14. Jilin International Studies University

In 2007, Jilin International Studies University, a private higher education institute in Jilin province, was recognized as the only private school to be awarded as one of China’s key universities. This is the same level awarded by most public institutions in the country. Furthermore, the university offers several academic disciplines at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It is widely known for having outstanding study programs in the field of foreign studies, offering oriental, western, and European language studies, translation, and interpretation programs.

15. Jilin Normal University

Jilin Normal University was previously known as Siping Normal Institute. It was established in 1958 and is located in Siping. The programs being offered by the school are focused on teacher education.

16. Jilin University

Jilin University is considered one of the most prestigious academic institutes in China. It is internationally renowned for its research and instruction in the fields of science and technology. The university currently conducts several research projects in collaboration with international partners. To maintain this distinguished status, the university consistently invests in science laboratories, developing some of the world's most advanced centers right within its campus.

17. Jilin University of Arts

Jilin University of Arts is a specialized university offering a wide array of educational programs solely concentrating on the Arts discipline. Most of its programs are nationally and provincially recognized and are awarded the highest level. For many years, the university has cultivated several talented and outstanding professionals immensely popular in China and Asia's arts and entertainment industry. As an arts university, the school organizes art festivals and numerous exhibitions to showcase the talents of its students and, at the same time, continues to support and boost the country's arts industry.

18. Jilin University of Finance and Economics

Jilin University of Finance and Economics is a specialized public institution in Changchun, China. It was ranked 470th in China by EduRank. The university was previously known as Changchun Tax College until 2010. It is conveniently located in Jilin's capital and largest city, Changchun, an industrial town and a top producer of scientific research.

19. Northeast Electric Power University

One of the favored universities in the province of Jilin, China, is Northeast Electric Power University. The institution’s key feature is its unique teaching approach. The school aims to cultivate talented and skillful graduates by only employing highly qualified and well-trained instructors and professors. It has more than 1500 academic and administrative staff to support all enrolled students of the university.

20. Northeast Normal University

Northeast Normal University in Changchun, China, is a public institution and is the successor of the first university founded by the Communist Party. Several undergraduate and graduate programs, with some master's programs available in English, are offered at the institution. Some of its strengths include life science, ecology, and education.

21. Tonghua Normal University

Tonghua Normal University offers various programs to its students. The university is consistent in providing a high-quality theoretical foundation and practical training to the students. Tonghua Normal University ensures that its graduates can effectively contribute and use their skills in developing a better society.