All 11 Colleges and Universities in Hiroshima

Are you looking for all the colleges and universities in Hiroshima? Here, we will go over the list of private and public universities and colleges in Hiroshima.

In our database, there are a total of 11 institutions in Hiroshima including Elisabeth University of Music, Hiroshima Bunkyo University, and Hiroshima Jogakuin University . Out of those institutions, 2 are public and 9 are private. Some examples of private universities in Hiroshima are Elisabeth University of Music, Hiroshima Bunkyo University, and Hiroshima Jogakuin University.

In these universities and colleges in Hiroshima, the total number of students is 28,833, and the total number of international students is 201.

1. Elisabeth University of Music

The Elisabeth University of Music is one of the most well-known music universities in the region of Hiroshima, Japan. This university was founded in 1963 and is focused on providing undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the fields of music and vocals. This university follows its slogan "cultivation of musicians with culture, ability, and charity" in order to educate students not just in music but also in culture and charity towards others.

2. Hiroshima Bunkyo University

Hiroshima Bunkyo University is a private institution that has two main pillars as the basis of its education: integrity and truth. Its founding principles consist of training respectable workers since human resources are the foundation of society, which will then foster its development. The university is divided into two faculties of education and human services that offer bachelor's and master's degrees in fields like nutrition, welfare, and global communication. However, it is best known for its degrees in education because of the high performance of graduates in national examinations and professional environments.

3. Hiroshima Jogakuin University

Founded more than a century ago, Hiroshima Jogakuin University is a women-only private institution and one of the first of this kind in Japan. It strives for providing a comprehensive education that will give female students the tools to become successful and responsible professionals that will serve society. It has a liberal arts approach and offers degrees in the fields of human life studies, language and culture, childhood education, nutrition and health, and many others. The university also has English-taught programs specially designed for international students in Global Studies and English Language and Culture.

4. Hijiyama University

Hijiyama University is a private university in Hiroshima, Japan. Its history dates back to 1939, but it was only in 1994 that it was officially recognized as a university. Undergraduate and graduate programs in cultural studies, communication, health sciences, education, and clinical psychology are available at the university. Students can also take advanced courses in Child Development and Education, as well as Fine Arts.

5. Hiroshima Kokusai Gakuin University

Hiroshima Kokusai Gakuin University provides a comprehensive and student-centered education that results in a more experienced and knowledgeable student upon graduating. The university extends its effort and offers a lot of employment opportunities to its graduates, thanks to its wide connections with numerous enterprises. Guided by its core values—gentleness, honesty, cooperation, and teamwork—Hiroshima Kokusai Gakuin University aims to produce professionals that are helpful to local communities.

6. Hiroshima University of Economics

The Hiroshima University of Economics is a private institution that provides world-class education with a practical approach to economics, business, and communication. The university aims to impart students with solid foundational knowledge in their chosen fields and develop strong presentation and personal skills that would help them thrive in modern society. The university also has a total of 19 sister schools around the world with which it conducts foreign exchange programs. 

7. Hiroshima City University

Located in the City of Peace, Hiroshima City University was founded with the objective of having a higher education institution that aligned with the values of the city. This is why the university's main objective is to provide an education that would play a part in the thriving of society and the building of peace. Divided into three faculties and four graduate schools, this university offers degree programs in international studies, arts, information sciences, and more. Students can also participate in research projects at the unique Hiroshima Peace Institute.

8. Hiroshima Shudo University

Hiroshima Shudo University (HSU) is a privately funded and operated higher education school in the Chugoku region of Honshu. Some of the study programs currently offered are commercial sciences, humanities, law, and economic sciences. The university aids students in developing their talents and skills to their fullest potential. It admits prospective students who are capable of being professionals and can contribute to the socio-economic growth of society.

9. Hiroshima Institute of Technology

Hiroshima Institute of Technology (HIT) was established in 1961 as a technical junior college. The university initially started offering a program in electronics, and over the next few years, it gradually expanded and began offering more diverse engineering programs. Today, HIT also provides academic programs in environmental studies and applied information science at the undergraduate level and several comprehensive master’s programs at the graduate level.

10. Prefectural University of Hiroshima

Prefectural University of Hiroshima (PUH) is a young public institution established in 2005. The university has several campuses in Hiroshima prefecture, where each location boasts of having a peaceful environment. Besides its learning site, PUH is a regionally recognized school that provides high standards of teaching and research. Several programs that currently admit local and international students are human culture and science, life and environmental sciences, and management and information systems.

11. Yasuda Women’s University

Yasuda Women's University continues to strive to develop professionals that are equipped with skills that meet society's demands. It offers a variety of courses ranging from humanities to pharmacy programs. The university is aware of the relevance of practical orientation in this generation's graduates, which is why it coordinates with international enterprises to support research collaborations.